This Week In Melvor Idle: Slaying Slayer Tasks

This week is a little late getting out. As a result, my gains are probably slightly higher than they have been in the last few weeks. These were my goals from last week.

  • Obtain 75m GP to purchase the Loot Container Stacking upgrade
  • 90 Slayer to take on the In to The Mists Dungeon
  • Level magic to 99

This week as a whole was a prep week. I needed to get to 90 slayer to be able to enter the second to last dungeon, Into the Mists. Before that, I wanted to unlock Loot Container Stacking so I could forgo the Amulet of Looting in favor of a necklace that gave stats to take on the higher level slayer tasks. I fletched my way to 75m GP by crafting more Dragon Javelins. Sadly, I’m still missing the Fletching Pet.

Once loot container stacking was unlocked I went to take on Elite Slayer tasks. These pit you against monsters between level 200-374. My damage reduction was more than enough on all sets to take on whatever was thrown at me. Slayer tasks are the majority of what I did this week with the occasional break to craft Holy Dust to refill my prayer points. I got my last level in Magic from doing just this.

I used my Slayer Coins to purchase the Necromancer set which gives and extra +8 summoning tablets per craft and grants +8% XP to summoning. This should make creating large batches of summoning tablets much easier. I also bought all of the Slayer equipment for Ranged, Magic, and Melee and a few upgrades for each. I figured I’m going to need to fully upgrade all of them fro 100% item completion so I better start working on it now. They are not as good as my current armor sets but the Elite upgrade provides +30% Slayer XP on each piece. If I didn’t need the damage reduction I could equip both pieces for an extra +60% XP for slayer. As it is, I can only keep one on but the difference is noticeable.

Slayer is up to level 94 now so I’m ready to take on Into the Mist next week!

Combat Skills

Attack 99/99 (+3)Strength 99/99 (+4)Defense 88/99 (+3)
Hitpoints 99/99 (+5)Ranged 94/99 (+6)Magic 99/99 (+1)
Prayer 107/99 (+5)Slayer 94/99 (+14)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

I got a whole lot of 99s this week. Attack, Strength, Magic, and Hitpoints are all now max level thanks to running so many Slayer Tasks this week. I’m hoping these stats are good enough to take on In to the Mist. Can I Idle Melvor? doesn’t have a listing for the last two dungeons so I’ll have to find out if I have enough health/damage reduction once I get in there.

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 107/99 (+0)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 100/99 (+1)
Cooking 108/99 (+2)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 105/99 (+2)
Thieving 95/99 (+0)Farming 114/99 (+0)Fletching 103/99 (+1)
Crafting 99/99 (+3)Runecrafting 93/99 (+0)Herblore 96/99 (+0)
Agility 99/99 (+0)Summoning 98/99 (+1)Astrology 80/99 (+1)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

I got Crafting to 99 this week. It doesn’t provide any benefits other than a Steam achievement because there’s nothing to craft after level 90. I got bored of Slayer tasks in the middle of the week and used all of the dragon hides I had collected so far to see if I could max the skill. I didn’t unlock the pet before getting to max level so I’ll have to revisit crafting at some point for that.

Completion Log: 64.62% (+2.21%)

Skills 97.58% (+2.85%)Mastery 36.02% (+1.42%)Items 60.04% (+7.28%)Monsters 74.07% (+12.96%)Pets 64.44% (+2.22%)

Per usual, Monster and Items granted me the most completion this week. That’s because I fought a slew of new monsters from the Elite Slayer tasks which dropped a bunch of items I haven’t seen before.

I unlocked the Strength pet this week: Lil Ron provides +3 hidden Stregth levels. Not too bad!

Goals for Next Week

  • Refill the food stocks
  • Refill the Rune stocks
  • Take on the In to the Mist Dungeon
  • Possibly take on the final dungeon

Food and Runes are running low after this week. I’ll need to spend a few days this week replenishing them before I can take on the new dungeon. Nature Runes in particular need refilled as I’ve been using them to create Holy Dust for Prayer Points.

I’m planning on running In to the Mist this week to see if I have enough stats to complete it. Depending on the requirements of the final dungeon, I’ll take that on as well!

This Week In Melvor Idle: God Slayer

It turns out my goals from last week were unambitious

  • Level Ranged to 85
  • Run the Air God Dungeon until I’m out of Damage Reduction Potions
  • Try to acquire a full set of Ancient Armor from the Volcanic Cave

The damage reduction potions last for a long time. I was using them non-stop this week and only went through a thousand. That’s even with the Blade Echo Ring consuming 3 charges per attack. I was able to get the full Aeris set after 32 kills. Not to say that didn’t take a while, I was managing 4 kills an hour.

By far the biggest bottleneck was still prayer points but in the process of clearing the dungeon I got Prayer to level 99 which allows for two things. One, I could purchase the Prayer Skillcape which reduces prayer point costs by 50%. Two, I could use the Stone Skin prayer which doesn’t grant XP but does gives +3% damage reduction without worrying about XP loss.

After getting my Aeris set I needed level 85 Ranged to equip it. Most of the Hard Slayer tasks are magic monsters so I ran those until I had 85 Ranged. Once I could equip the Aeris set I almost had enough damage reduction to run the Water God Dungeon. I switched out my Agility course for a Rocky Waters obstacle. This gave me +50 health at the cost of 3% damage to monsters and 1% damage reduction. the extra health was all I needed with the new Aeris set to meet the damage reduction requirements of the Water God Dungeon without the need for my Infernal Cape’s Damage reduction. That allowed me to equip the prayer cape to stretch out my damage reduction.

The Water God Dungeon drops the Glacia set which is a magic armor set. It only took me 12 clears to obtain the full set. On run 6 I unlocked the dungeon pet, Norman, who provides -3% prayer point cost reduction!

With the full Glacia set in hand, I wanted to try my luck at the Earth dungeon. Before I did that, I purchased Expanded Knowledge from the shop for the -15% Herblore and Runecrafting interval. I was going to need a lot of runes for the next dungeon. I also went after the Elite Amulet of Magic which provided the extra 2% damage reduction I’d need to complete the Earth God Dungeon.

I ran the Earth God Dungeon 93 times before I acquired all the pieces of the Terran set. This is a melee set that’s even better than the upgraded Ancient Armor Set. For some reason, this dungeon was faster to clear than the first two. I was averaging between 6-8 clears an hour. The plate body was the hardest piece to get. By the time I had looted one of those I had already looted 52 boots and 31 gloves!

With the Earth God Dungeon completed I just had to complete the Fire God Dungeon at least once. The Ragnar armor set didn’t look much better than the Terran set so I didn’t feel the need to run it multiple times. Clearing it once allows me to purchase the Loot Container Stacking upgrade in the shop. This will let me kill normal monsters without having to equip an amulet of looting since all drops will stack in the loot container.

The rest of the week was spent trying to figure out the best way to make money to buy all of the new upgrades I had unlocked. After trying different thieving targets, I settled on crafting Dragon Javelins. With 99 Fletching granting double items per flecth, Perpetual Haste to decrease fletching time by 15%, and all of the Dragonite Bars I had sitting in inventory, it is by far the fastest way for me to generate GP.

Combat Skills

Attack 96/99 (+2)Strength 95/99 (+0)Defense 85/99 (+6)
Hitpoints 94/99 (+4)Ranged 88/99 (+5)Magic 98/99 (+4)
Prayer 102/99 (+4)Slayer 80/99 (+1)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

After this week I am running low on food. I have about 6,500 chicken soups left until I’m out of food stock. Knowing that I would need to make more food relatively soon and I needed 85 defense to equip the Terran set, I ran the Chicken Coop Dungeon until I hit 85 Defense. At the end of the run I had acquired 20k Raw Chicken. I should be set for a while on food after I cook all of that!

It was a nice surprise to get 99 prayer this week. I had no idea I was so close to maxing it and that prayer point reduction from the Skillcape really helps.

Magic is almost at level 99 so I’m sure I’ll be able to max that this coming week.

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 107/99 (+2)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 99/99 (+0)
Cooking 106/99 (+0)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 103/99 (+0)
Thieving 95/99 (+1)Farming 114/99 (+0)Fletching 102/99 (+1)
Crafting 96/99 (+0)Runecrafting 93/99 (+2)Herblore 96/99 (+0)
Agility 99/99 (+0)Summoning 97/99 (+0)Astrology 79/99 (+0)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

This week was mostly focused on combat so there wasn’t a whole lot of non-combat skilling going on. I did craft a ton of runes this week to take on the Earth God Dungeon which netted me 2 levels in that skill. Gathering the materials for Dragon Javelins netted me another 2 virtual levels in Woodcutting and one in Fletching. I’m hoping with all this fletching I’ve been doing I’ll unlock the pet soon!

The nice thing about completing all the God Dungeons this week is unlocking all the interval reduction upgrades for most of the non-combat skills. This will help crafting more things faster that I’ll need to complete the last two dungeons. It will also help when I’m in the Mastery farming stage of the game.

Completion Log: 64.62% (+3.58%)

Skills 94.73% (+1.14%)Mastery 34.60% (+0.49%)Items 54.76% (+4.17%)Monsters 61.11% (+9.88%)Pets 62.22% (+2.22%)

Once again, new monsters and items were the biggest contributes to completion this week. 3% Completion per week seems to be the average over the last few weeks. This is without specifically targeting completion so I’m sure I can get that number higher once I’m focusing more on completion.

I got Norman from the Water God Dungeon this week which was unexpected. The God Dungeon Pets drop chance is 1 in 150 and they take a long time to clear. Getting the rest will probably take a lot longer. I got luck with Norman and dropped him on my 6th run.

Goals for Next Week

  • Obtain 75m GP to purchase the Loot Container Stackingupgrade
  • 90 Slayer to take on the In to The Mists Dungeon
  • Level magic to 99

It looks like I’ll be doing a lot of Slayer tasks this week and the Loot Container Stacking will help immensely. The requirements for In to the Mists is 90 slayer. Unfortunatley, Can I Idle Melvor? doesn’t have to damage reduction requirements for this dungeon or the next one so I’ll have to do them manually and see what the damage is like. I’m not sure I’ll be completing this dungeon this week but I’m at least hoping to meet the Slayer Skill requirement.

Level 99 magic is kind of a give considering I have less than 50% left until its maxed but it’s nice to have easy goals too!

This Week In Melvor Idle: Aimless

I completed all of this weeks goals fairly early in the week:

  • Upgrade the Ancient Shield to the Dragon Fire Shield
  • Complete the Volcanic Cave 22 more times to unlock additional spells and dungeon
  • Acquire the pet for Volcanic Cave
  • Check out the Air God Dungeon

The Dragon Fire Shield took the longest as it needed 7,050 dragon bones to craft. That means 7,050 dragons had to be culled. I elected to fight Green Dragons to accomplish this as they do the least damage and take the least amount of prayer points to kill with my current set up.

After the Dragon Fire Shield was completed I went back to the Volcanic Cave to get the last completions to unlock the Ancient Magick spell book. This also unlocked a new dungeon: Infernal Stronghold. I also acquired the Volcanic Cave Pet after 411 completions. I opened the chests after getting the pet and looted Ancient Platelegs. I was able to upgrade these to (G) Ancient Platelegs for another boost in defense and damage reduction.

I went to check out the Air God Dungeon to see if I could complete it. With my new platelegs and some damage reduction potions I was able to finish it once. I have enough damage reduction to idle the dungeon now but it eats up prayer points quickly. That seems to be the bottleneck to combat right now. Completing the Air God Dungeon let me purchase Perpetual Haste from the shop which reduces the interval for Crafting and Fletching by 15%.

After my first completion of the Air God Dungeon I had a hard time deciding what to do next. I tried the Water God Dungeon but I didn’t have the damage reduction to idle it and it took way to long to complete it with manual healing. I died a few times in there before I gave up on it. I ran the Infernal Stronghold once to get the Infernal Cape which adds a bit more damage reduction.

At this point, I think I need to continue running the Volcanic Cave and try to look a full Ancient Armor set if I want to melee the next God Dungeons. However, those runs eat a ton of prayer points so I need a way to kill things faster. I think I found it in the high tier crafting rings.

See, after killing seven thousand Green Dragons I had a a lot of Green Dragon Hide. Rather than sell it I used it to craft Green D-Hide Bodies to level up crafting. At level 90 special rings unlock that augment your attacks. The one I think is the answer to my melee issue is the Ring of Blade Echoes. Every attack action performs 3 attacks, the first for full damage and the next two for 20% damage. If all 3 hit not only is this is an extra 40% damage boost but it also has an extra 30% chance to proc the Sunset Rapier‘s special attack which bleeds the target for 200% damage inflicted over 10 seconds. Sure procing the special on the second or third attack won’t do as much damage but it’s extra damage I didn’t have before.

I’m also working on crafting the Ranged (Ring of Barrage) and Magic (Ring of Spirit Power) special rings as well. I purchased the Dungeon Set Swapping from the shop to see if taking advantage of the combat triangle match ups helps speeds up running God Dungeons manually.

Combat Skills

Attack 94/99 (+7)Strength 95/99 (+0)Defense 79/99 (+0)
Hitpoints 90/99 (+3)Ranged 83/99 (+0)Magic 94/99 (+2)
Prayer 98/99 (+4)Slayer 79/99 (+2)

Fighting all of those Green Dragons this week plus the 300+ Volcanic Cave runs boosted my Attack level up quite a bit. One of my overarching goals has been getting Attack to 99 for the best base melee accuracy and now I’m only 5 levels away from it. Level 98 Prayer snuck up on me this week. I didn’t realize I was anywhere close to maxing this skill but it makes sense since prayer is used no matter what combat style I’m fighting with.

There was a point this week where I was out of ideas of what to pursue next. I went to the Highlands Slayer area to fight Griffin’s since they were a decent level for leveling my Attack skill, didn’t do a ton of damage per hit, and used very little prayer points to kill. They also drop Dragon Claw Fragments which are used to craft the Dragon Claw, an item I didn’t have yet. I didn’t realize that just fighting in a Slayer area awarded Slayer skill XP. I thought the monsters had to be part of a Slayer Task to count but apparently not.

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99 (+0)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 99/99 (+0)
Cooking 106/99 (+0)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 103/99 (+1)
Thieving 94/99 (+2)Farming 114/99 (+0)Fletching 100/99 (+1)
Crafting 96/99 (+7)Runecrafting 91/99 (+1)Herblore 96/99 (+0)
Agility 99/99 (+0)Summoning 97/99 (+0)Astrology 79/99 (+0)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

I did a lot of Crafting this week and it shows. 7 levels gained this week and I think I have enough Green Dragon hides to max out the skill. I also did a fair bit of Thieving this week to generate some GP for the shop upgrades I purchased this week. The Thieving mastery pool is now above 95% which gives me +100 stealth to make thieving easier and triple the chance to get a unique NPC item from Thieving. I used this to acquire the Amulet of Incantation which speeds up Alt Magic cast times and subsequently allow me to generate more prayer points quicker with Blessed Offering spell.

Completion Log: 61.04% (+3.22%)

Skills 94.73% (+1.19%)Mastery 34.60% (+1.47%)Items 54.76% (+3.20%)Monsters 61.11% (+8.02%)Pets 60.00% (+2.22%)

Completion is still chugging along with another 3% gained this week. Again, most of this came from fighting new monsters in the Infernal Stronghold, the Air God Dungeon, and the Water God Dungeon.

I acquired Mac, the Volcanic Cave Pet, which provides +1% damage to slayer are monsters.

Goals for Next Week

  • Level Ranged to 85
  • Run the Air God Dungeon until I’m out of Damage Reduction Potions
  • Try to aquire a full set of Ancient Armor from the Volcanic Cave

I’m planning on another Combat oriented week. I think the new rings will help cut down on prayer points spent and with the Amulet of Incantation I’ll be able to generate more prayer points faster. The Air God Dungeon drops the Aeirs God Set. From my first run I got the Aeris God Boots which provide a good boost to Ranged damage and grant much needed damage reduction for my Ranged set. However I need 85 Ranged to wear them. I’m hoping the rest of the set is Ranged oriented to replace my mis-match of Ancient and Black D-Hide armor. We’ll see how many runs I can get in on that dungeon before my Damage Reduction potions run out, I might even get luck and get the dungeon pet!

This Week In Melvor Idle: Entering the Volcanic Cave

Last week, I predicted that this week would be another round of preparing for the Volcanic Cave Dungeon and it almost was. That is until last night when I finished crafting the last of my Damage Reduction IV potions and decided to see how well I would fair in the dungeon with my setup

I completed all of my goals for the week which were:

  • Gather materials for the Agility obstacles I want so I can gear the buffs towards combat.
  • Get the Damage Reduction Potion to Mastery Rank 90 so I can create Damage Reduction Potion IV
  • Gather enough materials to make a lot of Damage Reduction Potion IV
  • Restock Food Supply

I knocked out a few of these easier Agility obstacles early in the week and chose ones more geared towards combat. The higher level ones require a fair bit of Slayer coins to purchase which I had used up last week when tuning the course for XP and leveling up Agility to 99.

My current Agility passives. There’s room for improvement but I’m happy with it for now.

I wasn’t originally planning on pursuing Slayer tasks this week but I’m glad I did. Not only did I acquire enough slayer coins to purchase some more Agility obstacles but I also looted a pair of Paladin Gloves which grant 4% damage reduction. The Dragon Gloves I was wearing offered no damage reduction but had a slight boost to damage stats. I figured I could take the a little hit in the damage department for a nice boost to damage reduction. This is what prompted me to try my luck at the Volcanic Cave to see if I was able to idle through it.

The Volcanic Cave Dungeon is the first of the Elite dungeons. The jump in the Highest Combat Level Monster between the previous dungeon, Dragons Den ( Highest Level 272), and the Volcanic Cave (Highest Level 677) is significant. Clearing the Volcanic Cave once awards a Fire Cape for every completion and unlocks 4 additional God Dungeons, Air, Walter, Earth, and Fire. I was surprised to find it also awards a lore book, A Tale of the Past, a future’s prophecy, which is 1 of 3 books. If you follow the wiki link you can see there’s a lot contained in that little book!

Clearing the Volcanic Dungeon 100 times unlocks the Infernal Stronghold Dungeon as well as spells form the Ancient Magicks spell book.

This dungeon is tough. With 35% damage reduction and 920 hp I was able to idle through and let auto eat heal me but just barely. The boss, Malcs, The Guardian of Melvor, has a max hit on one of its abilities that hits me for 338 health. Auto eat stops kicking in at 368 so I have very little damage reduction to spare. Malcs doesn’t have a normal attack (thank goodness because it would hit for 662!) but has two special attacks instead. There’s a 70% chance it will use Razor-Sharp claws which is that big attack that does 338 damage twice and it has a 30% chance to use Dragonbreath does 39×30 damage over 2.9 seconds. Dragonsbreath won’t out right kill me but it chews through my food supply like no other.

I was able to get away with doing this dungeon without using my Damage Reduction potions. Instead I opted for Melee Accuracy Potions so I could get more hits in and thus complete the dungeon quicker with melee. Even with the Accuracy potions, whetstones, melee prayers, and +12 attack level necklace, I only have a 53% chance to hit Malcs on every attack. As a result, this dungeon run uses up a massive amount of resources, Prayer Points and food in particular. With 100k prayer points I was only able to idle this dungeon for about 2 hours which resulted in 78 kills on Malcs and drained of 1k whales form my food supply. I’ll have to get the additional 22 kills this week to unlock the new dungeon and spells.

I opened the dungeon chests after my run last night instead of waiting until I get the pet to open all of the dungeon chests. I was hoping to get a piece of Ancient Armor to add to my melee setup. I lucked out and got an Ancient Shield which can be upgrade 3 times to the Dragon Fire Shield which offers more defense, damage reduction, +30 hitpoints, and 30% damage reduction from that pesky Dragonsbreath skill. That should make runs on the Volcanic Cave a bit easier.

Combat Skills

Attack 87/99 (+4)Strength 95/99 (+0)Defense 79/99 (+2)
Hitpoints 87/99 (+3)Ranged 83/99 (+6)Magic 92/99 (+2)
Prayer 94/99 (+3)Slayer 77/99 (+4)

There was a ton of opportunities to level up combat this week. Resupplying the food stocks required Raw Chicken which can be obtained in large quantities by running the Chicken Coop Dungeon and opening the chests. I leveled up Defense this way while I collected my chests for chickens.

I did a bit of active Slayer where I changed my equipment set to match the weakness of my Slayer task monsters. Most of the monsters were Magic based so I eventually left the Ranged set on and collected some levels there.

I needed a ton of Long Horns to make Damage Reduction potions which required killing a lot of Raging Horned Elites in the Desolate Plains. I got most of my Attack levels here this week.

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99 (+0)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 99/99 (+0)
Cooking 106/99 (+5)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 102/99 (+0)
Thieving 92/99 (+2)Farming 114/99 (+0)Fletching 99/99 (+0)
Crafting 89/99 (+2)Runecrafting 90/99 (+0)Herblore 96/99 (+5)
Agility 99/99 (+0)Summoning 97/99 (+2)Astrology 79/99 (+0)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

The question for this week was how to get enough mastery pool XP in Herblore to level up the Damage Reduction potion from 1-90 without using any resources to craft them. That’s because the resources are hard to come by and I didn’t want to waste them on the lower tiers of the Damage Reduction potion. I did this by first crafting enough Herblore Potions to get 99 mastery, then used those potions to craft enough Melee Accuracy potions to get 99 mastery on that item too. Once those were done, I had enough in the mastery pool to get the Damage Reduction potion up to 90 mastery and instantly start crafting tier IV potions. Thanks to 63% chance to reuse crafting materials and the Herblore Potions which have a 6% chance to produce a random tier of the potion your crafting I turned 1.500 long horns into 5,000 Damage Reduction Potion IVs.

Completion Log: 57.82% (+2.94%)

Skills 93.54% (+2.41%)Mastery 33.13% (+0.78%)Items 51.56% (+3.21%)Monsters 53.09% (+10.50%)Pets 57.78% (+0%)

This week saw a huge gain of almost 3% overall completion. I must have fought more Slayer monsters I’ve never seen before than I thought. Also, the additional 8 monsters in the Volcanic Cave probably helped that as well. I’m guessing the item completion gains came from this as well. There was also a lot of levels gained this week across various skills.

Goals for Next Week

  • Upgrade the Ancient Shield to the Dragon Fire Shield
  • Complete the Volcanic Cave 22 more times to unlock additional spells and dungeon
  • Acquire the pet for Volcanic Cave
  • Check out the Air God Dungeon

This Week in Melvor Idle: Preparation for Volcanic Cave

This week was pretty boring in the world of Melvor. I decided to get Agility, one of the less exciting but extremely helpful skills, maxed and out of the way. As I talked about last week, Agility provides a huge amount of passive bonuses. At level 99, the Passive Pillar slot is unlocked which provides even more bonuses. The idea here is to customize your Agility course to maximize passive buffs and debuffs to suit what you’re setting out to do. I figured I’d get this out of the way now so I could have access to all of the obstacles and the Passive Pillar to take me through the rest of the game.

Now the trick is gathering up all of the materials again to slot the correct obstacles for the buffs I want.

Combat Skills

Attack 82/99 (+0)Strength 95/99 (+0)Defense 77/99 (+0)
Hitpoints 84/99 (+0)Ranged 77/99 (+0)Magic 90/99 (+0)
Prayer 91/99 (+0)Slayer 73/99 (+0)

I didn’t fight a single thing this week. I didn’t even Item Alchemy enough items to raise Magic up a level.

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99 (+0)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 99/99 (+0)
Cooking 101/99 (+0)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 102/99 (+0)
Thieving 90/99 (+3)Farming 114/99 (+0)Fletching 99/99 (+0)
Crafting 87/99 (+0)Runecrafting 90/99 (+0)Herblore 91/99 (+1)
Agility 99/99 (+14)Summoning 95/99 (+0)Astrology 79/99 (+0)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

Agility is a necessary but boring skill to level up. To make things quicker I crafted thousands of “Performance Enhancing Potion IV” to make sure I didn’t run out before I hit max level. The potion grants -8% Agility Interval so it took 8% less time than it would have. I also equipped the Firemaking Skill Cape, Ancient Ring of Skills, and the Book of Scholars for a 16% XP increase. Sure, the Book of Scholars also gives -15% GP but Agility wasn’t going to make me a lot of money anyways.

Along the way, I tried to create a course that maximized completion time and XP. Every time an obstacle hit 99 mastery I looked for another obstacle to swap for it. Usually, this would be an obstacle with more XP and less time to complete but not always. There were some obstacles that I didn’t remove just because they are kind of a pain to get materials for.

It took me until Thursday to max out Agility. The rest of the week was spent getting enough GP and materials to buy the Pillar of Combat.

Completion Log: 54.88% (+0.8%)

Skills 91.13% (+0.79%)Mastery 32.35% (+1.96%)Items 48.53% (+1.25%)Monsters 42.59% (+0%)Pets 57.78% (+0%)

Completion didn’t go up too much this week. I did get a few items from Thieving that I haven’t found yet. The Training Shield which grants +3% Combat XP and adds 3% of my maximum hit to my minimum hit. I also found the Chef’s Spoon which grants +1% Cooking XP and Mastery XP as well as +2% chance to successfully cook and item.

Goals for Next Week

  • Gather materials for the Agility obstacles I want so I can gear the buffs towards combat.
  • Get the Damage Reduction Potion to Mastery Rank 90 so I can create Damage Reduction Potion IV
  • Gather enough materials to make a lot of Damage Reduction Potion IV
  • Restock Food Supply

Next week will be more preparation to take on the Volcanic Cave Dungeon. I don’t think setting up the Agility course will take too much time. I plan on using the Herblore Mastery pool to boost the Damage Reduction Potion up. The materials are hard enough to come by that I want to be making the strongest version of the potion right off the bat. This will probably entail creating a bunch of other potions to get fill up the mastery pool. I’ll have to figure out which one would be most beneficial to have a lot of. Once that’s done I’ll have to go out and get the materials for crafting the potion, mainly the Long Horns, the eyes are easy to come by. Finally, I’ll need to restock my food supply before I take on the dungeon. I’m running pretty low right now and I might be out after fighting a bunch of Raging Horned Elites for their horns.

This Week In Melvor Idle: The Quest for Damage Reduction

As I mentioned last week, one of my short term goals right now is to obtain all of the dungeon boss pets. Currently, I have 7 pets out of 8 from the lower tier dungeons. The last pet I need is from the Dragons Den Dungeon which is what I spent most of this week preparing for.

In order to farm the dungeon without baby sitting my health bar I have to make sure my max health can withstand any dungeon monster’s max hit. To help with this, there is an auto-eat perk which can be upgraded three times from the shop. Once fully upgraded, auto-eat kicks in when your health is at or below 40% Hitpoints and the consumed food fills up your HP to at least 80%. So 40% of my max health needs to be higher than a given monsters’ max hit in order to idle the dungeon. As long as I have enough food equipped the dungeon can be farmed endlessly.

What happens when the max hit of a monster is higher than 40% of your health? There are two options, get more health or get some damage reduction. That’s where I found myself this week with the Elder Dragon boss. It’s max hit is 470 which would mean my health would need to be at least 1175 to have auto-eat kick in. The max level for HP is 99 which would leave me at 990 health without. I’d need some serious bonus HP before I could effectively farm this boss. Not to mention, I’d need to get my Hitpoints up 15 levels which would take a while.

This is where Damage Reduction comes in. Up until this point, I didn’t have any equipment that provided damage reduction so I wasn’t paying little attention to the stat. Since I wanted to take a shot at this dungeon this week I went over to the fantastic Melvor Idle Wiki to figure out where I could get some DR.

The easiest thing I could do was upgrade my armor. I’ve stubled on this option before but thought it was more of a cosmetic thing riffing on Runescape’s gilded armor variations. It turns out these provide a huge stat boost as well a bunch of damage reduction once fully upgraded. I was able to upgrade my Dragon Armor set to the (G) Dragon Armor set and my Black D-hide set to the (G) Black D-hide set. That set me up for success with Melee and Ranged attack styles. I still needed something for Magic which I planned on using for that attack style for the Dragons Den.

Unlike Melee and Range, the magic armor set with damage reduction comes from the Runecrafting skill rather than upgrading existing armor. I had three out of four pieces of the Fire Expert set and needed to hit 90 Runecrafting before I could obtain the last piece.

You might be wondering, how do you know how much damage reduction you need before you can take on the dungeon? Well, you could do the math and figure out what percentage of the max hit you need to reduce by to equal 40% of your current health. Or you can head over to Can I Idle Melvor? which does the math for you. It shows you how much damage reduction or HP is needed with your current stats and combat style for each dungeon as well as Slayer Tiers. I needed at least 25% Damage Reduction to take on the Dragons Den with Magic which is what most of the week was spent working towards.

I was able to obtain 26% damage reduction with my Magic equipment and spent most of Friday and this morning taking on this dungeon.

The Elder Dragon’s Max hit Reduced to 347 with my 26% damage reduction.

Combat Skills

Attack 82/99 (+3)Strength 95/99 (+0)Defense 77/99 (+5)
Hitpoints 84/99 (+4)Ranged 77/99 (+3)Magic 91/99 (+8
Prayer 91/99 (+5)Slayer 73/99 (+9)

Crafting a bunch of damage reduction potions was ne of my earlier ideas to get more damage reduction. After getting Herblore up to level 90 I realized I needed Large Horns for the recipe. They drop from monsters in the Desolate Plains which requires level 70 Slayer. Early in the week I decided to try get Slayer up to par to take on the Raging Horned Elites. The drop rate for horns was a little slow for my liking so I decided to pursue other options to increase damage reduction.

Over the course of leveling slayer I was able to increase my other combat stats a fair bit. Defense and Prayer I got a whopping 5 levels in this week!

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99 (+0)Fishing 117/99 (+0)Firemaking 99/99 (+0)
Cooking 101/99 (+0)Mining 105/99 (+0)Smithing 102/99 (+0)
Thieving 87/99 (+2)Farming 114/99 (+3)Fletching 99/99 (+0)
Crafting 87/99 (+0)Runecrafting 90/99 (+3)Herblore 90/99 (+5)
Agility 85/99 (+14)Summoning 95/99 (+1)Astrology 79/99 (+0)
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.

Agility was the other source of damage reduction I looked in to. Agility is a skill that provides bonus stats in the form of an obstacle course . Agility is leveled up by running the course which nets you a small amount of GP and XP for each obstacle completed. Unlike Runescape, you can’t fail these obstacles so it’s effectively a slow money printing skill with added bonus stats. Every 10 levels, another obstacle can be built to provide additional bonusues. Some obsacle’s provide both positive and negative effects.

Looking through my course, the Spike Trap obstacle provided two negative effects -40 hitpoints and -2% damage reduction. That whole category of obstacles only have negative effects and this one was the lesser of all evils. Getting an obstacle to 99 mastery halves it’s negative effects so my plan was to run the course until either the Spike Trap was at 99 mastery or I had enough in the mastery pool to level it to 99. I ended up doing the latter but not before gaining another 15 levels in Agility.

I continued to tweak my course where I could to either increase my health or add some more DR. My course now includes the following obstacles:

  • Lake Swim: +3% Damage to All Monsters, +1% Damage reduction
  • Raft Building: +2% damage to All Monsters, +20 Maximum Hitpoints
  • Ice Jump: +10% chance to Preserve Resources in Skills, +10% Food Healing Value, +5% Chance to Double items Globally. +2- Maximum Hitpoints, +10 Mining Node Hitpoints, +10% Slayer Coins, +5% Slayer Skill XP.

In the event I need more health, I can swap out the Lake Swim for Rocky Waters which would provide an additional +50 Hitpoints.


I unlocked Harley while writing this post! Yep, this is the boss pet from Dragons Den so that goal is complete.

Now I’ll have to figure out how to get my stats high enough to take on the Volcanic Cave. I’ll either need 37% damage reduction or 980 health to take this on. This should be an fun challenge to star figuring out week!

I also unlocked the HP pet Finn, the Cat (+10 Maximum HP) and the Summoning pet, Tim the Wolf, which provides +1 shard cost reduction when creating familiars.

Completion Log: 54.08%

Skills 91.13% (+2.72%)Mastery 30.39% (+1.46%)Items 48.53% (+2.04%)Monsters 42.59% (+3.08%)Pets 57.78% (+6.67%)

My biggest win for the Completion Log this week was getting 100% Farming Mastery. This means all items in the Farming skill have been leveled to 99 mastery rank. This is probably the easiest 100% mastery to get since Farming runs along side whatever else you’re working on. It took 238 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 22 seconds to complete!.

Goals for Next Week

  • Figure out the best way to either get more damage reduction or more health to take on the Volcanic Cave Dungeon.

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to take on the Volcanic Cave this week. I have a feeling this will be more of a preparation week.