Finishing Up fallen Earth’s Sector 1

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten into a nice rhythm with Fallen Earth. At first, I was playing it all of the time, but after a week and a half, I started to space my sessions out a bit more. I have this tendency to get really into a game and then abandon it a few weeks later. But I’ve done my best to stick with it and venture around. It’s not my main game but it is something I’m playing at least once a week. Having a friend along who is also playing has been helping me keep my interest.

My focus has shifted a bit from crafting all of the things to doing all of the quests. I was chasing the “You’re Dying’ quest around Sector 1 which serves as the main story quest to move the plot along. That is until I hit a spot where I could not reasonably survive so it was back to the towns to do quests and level up for me. My questing took me through Old Kingman, where bandits were holed up in an abandoned prison, it took me to Coppermine where bandits had holed up in a mine, it took me to Pass Chris where bandits probably were holed up in something. There’s a theme here in the Sector1 towns.

Watchtower also had a mine, also filled with bandits, but it was also being attacked by Sandworms. Lots and lots of sandworms. The main questline here had me looking around for the best way to get rid of the sandworms. We settled on sprinkling radioactive dust on them. Bad for the worms, probably also bad for the people of Watchtower.

Throughout my travels, I had acquired some better armor, a nice combat vest, a very protective blue, plaid shirt, and most recently a leather skirt that offered more protection than the pants I was wearing. I was also able to considerably upgrade my pistols. They can shoot actual bullets now instead of pellets.

The pistol path is rough for a character just starting out. I saw several people talking in global chat about how pistols were really for your second or even your third character. Not only do I have to craft two of every weapon upgrade but they eat through ammo like no other. But they look cool and do a decent clip of damage so I live the pistol lifestyle. I haven’t had too much of an ammo issue thus far the upgrades for the guns themselves are really what’s hard on my chips.

After Watchtower, I decided to take another crack at the “You’re Dying” quest. I ended up in an underground bunker filled with mutants. Apparently, these are sentient beings, not just grotesque cannon fodder. They trade, they talk, they even take people as slaves. But I was sent to mow them down, rescue some slaves, and take their stuff!

The Toro Bend facility is quite large and I died multiple times trying to complete various quests within it. There was a room where degraded clones kept spawning every few seconds. At one point I walked into the room and was chased around in a circle by 30 plus enemies until they backed me into a corner and sent me back to a respawn point.

Lucky for me, there were two other people in the place who also needed to complete the “You’re Dying” quest. Once we teamed up, everything was much easier to deal with. It’s like I’m playing a multiplayer game or something…

The next part of “You’re Dying” wants me to travel to Sector 2 and leave the barren desert behind. I’m approaching level 20 and I feel it’s the right time to leave. I’m constantly three to five levels higher than every enemy around me at any given time. I’m not sure if this is how the game was or if this is the result of the boosted XP from the Commander Aura everyone is getting. Either way, it doesn’t stop a couple level 15 mutants from chewing through my health bar.

I don’t remember much about Section 2 other than there are trees there and it looks a little better than Sector 1. I apparently made it all the way to Sector 3 before the shutdown but I don’t remember a difference between 2 and 3. I guess, I’ll see when I get there.

Road Tripping the Apocolypse

After going through most of the quests in Oilville I was level 13 and hardly gaining any experience from quests or mobs. It seems like after doing a few quests the experience drops off in a given area. I’m not sure if this is just how the game is or if it’s because of the boosted XP from Commander. While I’m striving to do a majority of quests in an area, when the quests are only giving 50-100xp it’s hard to justify after a while. So I set off to follow the story quests to see where they would lead me to. The hope was one of these storylines would drop me off in a town that was more appropriate for my level.

I had a few added to my journal as I leveled up. Two quests at level 5, one at level 7, and one at level 13. So far I’ve been following the “Build an ATV” quest around which led me to Oilville and then up to Old Kingman. But Old Kingman has a prison complex which Greg and I had a ton of fun doing the last time we played so I was waiting to quest through this area with him. So I picked up the “You’re Dying” questline which last saw me in Embry Crossroads siphoning DNA from all sorts of creatures to fix my own.

The next quest for “You’re Dying” took me up to Rest Stop which is right above Old Kingman. As it turns out, the town of Rest Stop is overrun by creatures called Festering Rotters. I was able to wade through the festering hordes and find only two people left in the whole place: a woman worried her husband hasn’t come back from rounding up sheep and another clone of Lifenet Technicahian Grahm. Grahm tells me that there’ a malfunctioning Lifenet facility in the mine just out of Rest Stop that’s spitting out bad worker clones. Once the clones degrade they become the festering rotters. Which explains why there were so, so, so, many all over the place. There’s also a sample of Alpha Clone DNA down there that will help fix my own DNA.

Shut off the Lifenet Pod and get the Alpha Clone DNA from a mine crawling with crazy clones. What could go wrong?

Not much actually. This quest was pretty smooth to get through. There were two long corridors, the closest branch lead to the quest room the other one lead to nowhere, I checked….In the quest room, I had to run around and find a keycard and a fuse box to turn on the freezers. Once the freezer was on and the Lifenet station was shut down I was able to grab the Alpha DNA and track back out of the cave to give the news to Grahm.

Grahm sends me on my way to get some more Alpha DNA samples to a town far to the north called Trumble. On my way up I made sure to hit every fast travel LifeNet station so I didn’t have to make the journey multiple times. Fallen Earth has a big map and the towns are few and far between with not much in the middle. This is great for giving it that barren wasteland post-apocalyptic feel but not so great for traversing the map. I even made a detour over to the Trailer Park life net station to the east so could hit it later.

Trumble is where the road trip ended. I found my limit of mobs I could fight at my current level and with my equipment. These guys were level 15 and no joke. I could handle one but as soon as another one aggroed on me it was lights out. It turns out Old Kingman was the town I needed to be in right now. So I fast traveled back and got working on crafting some new medium pistols. Hopefully, the adventures through Old Kingman will be just the right difficulty.

Out From Boneclaw

Before I get into today’s post I just wanted to give a little public service announcement to anyone who wants to start playing Fallen Earth. It seems that not all accounts are getting the Commander benefits that allow you to gain XP and ap faster, halve harvesting time, and, most importantly, lets you craft 30 items at once. I learned this the hard way when my first character could only craft 3 things. I’m not sure if it’s related but my first character was created on my old GamersFirst account. I created a new account and a new character and had Commander and all of the associated rewards.

Commander’s Aura is the green one.

You can check that your character has commander status in the buff bar (The green one in the picture above) and a star in the upper left corner of the character information as pictured below

Commander Star in the upper left corner

It seems to vary from person to person what each account is receiving. Some people have been getting dune buggy’s and ATVs without the commander status while others have been getting commander status without all the extras. Just double-check your account/character has Commander status because it will make things so much easier!

The next stop on the Fallen Earth adventure leads to the town of Embry Crossroads. Once I reached level 5, a quest popped into my journal to go talk to Grahm the Lifenet Technician in Embr. The Lifenet stations serve as teleports/fast travel for a small fee as well as respawn locations. They aren’t in every town but they’re close enough to the surrounding towns that it’s not too bad to get from place to place.

Grahm informed me that my DNA is degrading and he needs DNA samples to repair it. Apparently, while most of my character’s DNA is mammalian there are also bits of other DNA in there too. So I set out to kill more of the local wildlife and extract DNA from them. This particular quest has a 30 minute time so the samples don’t expire. It was more than enough time to get everything and return to Grahm.

The other quest that pushes you towards Embry Crossroads is the one to build an ATV. While I’ve upgraded my trusty horse, the ATV would, theoretically, let me get places faster. Though I seem to remember vehicles only going faster on roads while horses can off-road at a decent clip. I started this quest and ran a few errands for people around town to get some parts. There are only so many parts I can get in Embry so I’ll need to leave the town and travel some more before I can craft it. I’m not sure how necessary doing this quest is though. My account already has an ATV in the garage so I’m not sure if the quest ATV is any faster or has inventory slots. We’ll see once I craft it but right now it’s not a priority.

Most of the quests here focus on Blade Dancers yet again. This time, they’ve set up a base called the Junk Fortress and have been raiding the town for supplies. None of the NPC’s are happy about it. I made multiple trips to the Junk Fortress to take out specific people aka bosses, recover stolen medical supplies, and find a womans sister. The sister didn’t want to come back home and wanted to stay with the Blade Dancers. So my character was perfectly rational and my only decision was to shoot her…

There are some faction quests as well for the Bankers in Embry. They run the bank, bet you didn’t see that one coming. The quests reward reputation to the Banker faction. I’m not quite sure if I can do anything with it yet. There are some crafting-centered quests here too that will give some nice recipe books if you don’t have them already.

My personal favorite quest here was “Collection Call” where Ricky Vargas asks you to go around town and kill people who haven’t paid their debts. There’s no build-up to this, no reason you should do what this guy says, but this is the wasteland and when some random guy in a side alley says he’ll pay you 70 chips to kill 3 people, you just gotta do it.

After all of the questing and gathering I did here I was able to upgrade a couple pieces of clothing with Armor crafting. I was also able to make a new set of pistols. These are actual handguns that shoot bullets and not the pellet guns I’ve been using for the last 10 levels. They do offer a DPS boost but also take a new type of ammo. The ammo materials aren’t too hard to require so I was able to make two thousand rounds with the materials in my inventory.

November 2021 Gaming Goals

Wow it’s been a looooong time since I’ve done one of these. The last one was in March of this year which tracks. This year has been very light in the posts department. In fact, this will be the 33rd post this year which is way down from last year’s 88. I just didn’t make time for it, even though one of my goals was to do exactly that!

But I’m feeling the urge now to write and I’m hoping to keep it up. How many times have I said that over the years? It also helps that I’m super excited to write about Fallen Earth now that it’s back. This month is going to be pretty light on goals since I don’t see myself playing much else besides Fallen Earth.

November Gaming Goals

Reach Sector 2 in Fallen Earth: I’m not sure how long this is going to take to do. I don’t think it will take all month but with the way I’m playing currently it might. I’m still stopping to read and pick up all of the quests and I can’t stop myself from clicking on every, single, gathering node on my travels.

Work on some more Steel Path in Warframe: I played a lot of Warframe in the last few months here. New World, vacation, and now Fallen Earth caused me to lose the momentum I had with the game. While I don’t think I’ll be playing on my own anytime soon I am hoping to work on getting through more of the Steel Path mode with friends when they want to play.

Dipping the Feet Back in Fallen Earth

I spent my weekend running around the wasteland, shooting at coyotes and bandits, and stopping every few feet to pick up rocks. Yep, this is only the kind of experience Fallen Earth can give.

You can’t tell by looking at the blog but I was quite fond of Fallen Earth back when I was playing it in 2019. Apparently, I only felt the need to write one blog post at a time. The only other post was 8 months later right before the game shut down. But now it’s back and I plan on writing about it a lot more while I make my way through the Wasteland again.

Last time I played I just got out of the first sector, The Plateau, before I stopped playing. It looks like there are 9 areas in total so I didn’t really see that much of the game the first time around. But with everything being free in “Fallen Earth Classic” I intend to see it all. Or at least more of it than I did last time…it all depends on how long it keeps my interest I suppose.

One of the things I’m doing differently is taking on all of the quests in each town. Who knows how long the game will be around and if I’ll ever get to do them again. It will slow down the journey considerably I’m sure but it will also give me some time to collect a lot of materials while I run around doing quests. And since the game is about shooting things and crafting I think it’ll be just fine.

My starter town of choice was Boneclaw which is described as a combat-focused town. There are two other starting areas, Midway, which has a crafting focus, and Clinton Farm, which has a support focus. The last time played I think I started in Midway so I wanted something different and getting into some combat right away sounded fun at the time.

Boneclaw is a town of outcasts. The Slaughter Kings are at war with the Blade Dancers and they seem to be competing over territory here. Since the Slaughter Kings are the ones doling out the quests, my side in the conflict was chosen for me. With Boneclaw being a combat-focused town and all I was tasked with killing lots of things. Blade Dancers, giant ants, coyotes, giant scorpions, prairie chickens. If it breathes near Boneclaw, I’ve probably killed it.

I also wanted to make sure that my gathering trade skills were always leveled up at all times. Since Fallen Earth is all about scavenging around to build your items it’s important to be able to gather at every node you see. Geology was easy, there were a whole lot of copper veins right outside Boneclaw and I needed the copper anyway to make ammo for my pistols. Nature proved to be a little bit of a challenge to get going. Every so often I would run into a level 1 node but most were 15+. It turns out that skinning prairie chickens are a really good way to level it up early on. There’s plenty of prairie chickens and they only require 1 nature to skin!

Salvaging took the longest to level up. Almost everything out there was level 15 or higher. Every so often I would get lucky and find a level 1 node. It doesn’t help that the level 1 nodes don’t look any different visually from the level 45 nodes so finding them was a challenge. It took me until I was almost done with all of the quests in Boneclaw to level up.

After finishing everything up that I could it was on to Embry Crossroads to continue the story and find out why my clone is dying and why this time it will be for good.

Fallen Earth Is Back!

There is some hope though. While the game in its current form is being taken offline there are plans to continue working on a new version. It’s hard to say how this will play out. I’m giving it a 50% chance that Fallen Earth will return to us. I personally hope it does. Fallen Earth is such a unique game in the MMO space I think a fresh coat of paint and better server performance could do it some good. I also think reworking the free to play model would also help in the future. When your game has such a heavy focus on crafting, it’s frustrating when you can only craft 2 items at a time that take 15+ minutes without paying.

Kluwes- Spetember 5.2019

This was the last post I wrote about Fallen Earth about a month before the game was taken offline with the promise of bringing it back in a sort of Fallen Earth 2.0. The game went dormant at the end of 2019 and the longer we went without any news about the rerelease. In fact, there wasn’t much news at all. Most of the news at the time coming out of Little Orbit was about APB Reloaded and another game they were working on. After a while, I kind of forgot about the game as a whole.

But, much to my surprise last week there was a tease from Matt Scott that Fallen Earth Classic had a nice ring to it. Then a few days later it was happening soon. Then the servers went live yesterday. And well…I’m back on a horse riding around the post-apocalyptic wasteland again.

Fallen Earth Classic, as the name implies, isn’t a total revamp of the game. It’s a re-release of the game as it was before it shut down. Along with the game being relaunched the server was also upgraded which means pottentially less lag. But the best part about all of this is that it’s absolutely free. Everyone gets the highest tier sub which is fantastic as it makes the so much more playable. So honestly, I’m really happy with what the re-released Fallen Earth has to offer right now.

I think it’s awesome that Little Orbit brought this version of the game back online at all let alone for free. Sure, part of me wonders if this is a test run to gauge actual demand for a refund. I could see someone saying “Look we gave it ways for free and no one is playing it”. Even if it is, I’m going to enjoy as much of the game as I can while it’s around. Second chances don’t usually come around for these types of things. Well, official ones anyway.

Xcom 2 Succession Game: Operation Massive Mountain

My third appearance as the commander did not go as planned. I’ll tell you that right now.

One of the most interesting things about this succession game for me is playing this game, that I have relatively little experience with, in chunks. So much changes in between the turns and while I do take the time to re-read past commander’s posts I never know quite what I’m about to jump into. Plus every turn becomes harder than the last as the game advances and the play becomes more complicated as more options are opened up and more equipment is available.

We’re now beyond the point any of my single-player Xcom 2 games have gone over the years so I’m really going in blind now. It’s definitely been a unique experience so far.

As as I loaded up the save and jumped back into the game, I had to decide what to do. I knew what the main objective for us right now was thanks to Magi:

“…once the Power Relay is done our first priority should be to unlock the upgraded Comms Station so that we can make contact with West Africa and take care of that stuff over there!”

The Power Relay had only 6 days to go so I was hoping I could squeak past the 6 days with a supply cache scan without triggering a mission. After 2 days, the Muton research was completed. This gave us an advanced grenade launcher which I promptly built. I also started research into Psionisc because the description said it would have a lot of use in the field. How true this is I don’t know but it sure sounded good.

I held my breath and hit scan again hoping to make the next 4 days pass uneventfully.

It was not meant to be. 2 days shy of the Power Relay a trio of missions appeared and I had a choice between them.

This, again, was an easy choice. Two of the three missions had the difficulty rating of Difficult while one had the rating of Moderate. The Moderate one, besides being “easier” also seemed to have better rewards at least in the short term. Completing this mission would get us another engineer to use to get some help on excavating the Shielding Power Relay.

Operation Massive Mountain

The Team

  • Easha “Silentdeath” Dust Feather – Ranger
  • Tessa “Endalia” Hastjarjanto – Sharpshooter
  • Sofia “Black Widow” Vasilyeva – Specialist
  • Naithin “Naithin” Nahilin – Ranger
  • Marinia “Volcano” Schneider – Grenadier
  • Geoff “Doesn’t Have a Nickname” Mason – Grenaider

The Objectives

  • Neutralize all enemy targets
  • Recover Processing Facility Schematics

The team entered “Roach Station” (a lovely name by the way) with no enemies in sight. The console we needed to hack was in a small building not too far from the landing area. Of course, we couldn’t see much in or around the building as it was just out of range. The team was spread out but moved up at around the same time to cover as much ground as possible to find the lurking aliens we’d need to take out.

It didn’t take long. As Mason use some old wooden pallets as cover an ADVENT Stun Lancer and a freaking robot walked into view. They spotted Mason and the first fight began.

I noticed my grenadiers were equipped with….well…grenades so I decided to give them a go. Mason threw a flash bang and, to probably no one surprise but my own, only the ADVENT stun lancer was affected while the ADVENT MEC was unphased. It’s one of those moments where I went “Oh that was dumb” of course the robot wouldn’t be affected by a flash bang. But the Volcano was up next and she whipped a frag grenade at both enemies which did some damage and blew up all their cover!

While this engagement is going on I figured I’d have Naithin go do Ranger stuff and try to sneak into the building, hack the console, and mozy on back to the group to clean up the remaining enemy units.

Endalia and SilentDeath move in from the flanks to assist the grenadiers with the assault. Endalia faces off and gets decent hits on both enemies. The soldier is almost dead and the ADVENT MEC has just under half health. Silentdeath moves up and finishes off the soldier with a solid machete slash. At this point, the ADVENT MEC starts retreating.

Right into the path of Naithin….so much for sneaking in. The team all moves up to give Naithin support and take the building by force.

Once everyone arrived the ADVENT MEC runs into the building and reveals there were two mutons on either side of the door! Might have been a good thing Naithin was discovered after all.

While the team took potshots at the mutons I was able to use Black Widows drone to hack the console without going into the building. Which was my first and last moment of strategic genius of the mission. The team was to take down the mutons with relative ease but that pesky ADVENT MEC kept running away. It ran out of the back door of the building and revealed even more friends: a Naga and a Codex. Since we were on opposite sides of the building I figured I’d have the team group up in overwatch and shoot all the enemies as they inevitably walked through the building to get to us.

Seemed like a good plan until the ADVENT MEC hit us all with a frag grenade. It didn’t hurt as much as it could have but it did blow up everyone’s cover. Revenge for early perhaps?

And this is where the fight starts to break down. The Naga grabs Silentdeath from the other end of the building. The Codex can apparently teleport inside the building and start shooting at us. I’m not sure if the teleport canceled out the overwatch or the frag hitting everyone but no one took a shot. Endalia sniped the MEC and finally put it down. Neither of the grenadiers could hit the Codex through the open window and I did not account for the turrets on top of the building joining the fight.

Black Widow had to aggressively heal Silentdeath before the naga could deal a final blow. The Codex teleported from the building behind the whole team which ended up being its undoing. Naithin walked over and finished it off with a quick slash. The MVP goes to Mason though. On a 33% shot on the full health Naga, he makes the shot, hits, and does a crit, which drops the Naga and ends the mission.

After the Mission:

I was super excited to complete another successful mission without losing any units. That is until I saw the squad screen after the mission:

Ya, that looks bad. While no one was lost several were injured for the next few days. The worst off being Silentdeath who is out for the next month. Surprisingly, Corporal Geoff Mason was the only one to make it out of the encounter unscathed. Unfortunately, Naithin came out of this mission with Reduced Will which means more susceptible to panic and Psionic attacks.

It turns out when you return with most of your squad injured the game advises you to pick up some more soldiers as our ranks are thinning out. I didn’t really think it was that bad until I looked at our Armory:

We don’t have enough soldiers to field a full team for the next mission if it were to start right now. Luckily, it looks like we have some heavy hitters coming back in just a few days’ time. I’m looking at you Maji, Black Widow, and Bookahnerk. I’m hoping the squad will have a few days’ rests before the next mission pops.

There was some good news though. The Valcano and Black Widow both earned a promotion this mission. For the Grenadier I chose Suppression to add a nice debuff to her tool kit. I picked up Covering Fire for Black Widow to keep the Battle Medic side going strong. There’s also the fact that any enemy action causes triggering Overwatch which also seems really helpful.

Karen Peterson, the new engineer, was put straight to work on the Sheilding Power Coil project which should speed that up a bit.

UnwiseOwl is up next!

So how about that New World?

New World launched this week. You don’t need me to tell you that but I’m doing it anyways.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to stop in this week on account of next week I hardly be able to play at all. But alas, Tuesday morning rolled around and I just couldn’t resist picking it up. A $40 price tag is exactly that sweet spot for me for I’ll buy this and give it a go. Any more and I would have been waiting to the blogs and reviews before dipping my toes in.

I didn’t play in any of the betas. By the time I got around to remembering there was an open beta earlier this month it was already over. I haven’t really followed the news about it either. I remember when it was announced, I remember a beta last year and reading some blog posts about it, and that’s about as invested as I was in it. But when the new Western MMO launch happens you just got to be there.

And I got the full experience! I knew there was going to be queues but man, those were some queues right? I knew for sure I wasn’t getting in Tuesday, I got home from work late and figured by the time I got through the queue it would be way to late to actually enjoy playing. I woke up earlier than usual Wednesday, figuring I might be able to beat the crowd and dable a bit before work. Unfortunately I was met with server maintenance! I was able to get in right as the servers came back up that morning and run through some of the tutorial quests.

Thursday night I decided to brave the queue for a chance to play. When I got online I was only 67 deep and that number was slowly going down. Right until it was stuck at 17 players for 2 hours…..Today I was off from work and woke up with my wife in the wee hours of the morning and beat the crowd.

Not today queue, not today.

Having no previous experience with the game everything was new and shiny, sort of. I keep getting the impression that I’m playing a weird, piecemeal, game that doesn’t quite all go together but it kind of works. The gathering and crafting feels like a hold over from a survival crafting game. The supply crates on the map feel straight out of a Battle Royale. The combat feels like an early access souls-like knock off/ Oh and there’s also this whole open world faction PVP thing you can just completely ignore but seems like kind of the focus of the whole thing.

But like I said, the whole thing kind of works for me.

Relatively speaking, I haven’t put that much time into it. I’ve played for a total of 6 hours and I’m still very much in the honeymoon phase. I’m taking it slow and taking it all in as I go. I’ve been trying all of the weapons to see which one I like the best. So far, I’m a fan of the rapier, ice gauntlet, and war hammer.

I’ve been following along with the main questline at a steady clip. I chose my faction and everything: Go Team Purple!

To be completely being honest though, the majority of my time spent in New World has been doing manual labor.

I can’t help myself. I think playing Runescape at a young age (and much more recently) instilled a compulsion to mine and chop trees. Especially, when the mining and cutting of the trees has level that goes up…it’s a problem, probably. But I’ve been happily swinging away at them gathering those materials and bringing them back to town to engage with the crafting system that also has levels attached to it.

Oh and there’s fishing which I haven’t even looked into yet. I’m going to be a very happy camper in New World even if I never swing a sword again.

Chasing Goals in Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe for a good month an a half now with no stopping in sight. In fact, it’s the only game I’ve been playing over that time period. I’m still a bit suprised how much it’s grabbed me but I think it’s come down to two things.: My friends are still playing it and I can consistelntly find new goals to work towards.

The former has been a great way to keep my interest since I have people to discuss the game with and maybe even compete a little bit. The later is really what keeps me going though. Warframe is such a big game with so much content that I’ll have goals to work towards for a while.

So far I’ve acomplished:

  1. Finding and upgrading a few weapons I like and can use effectively for the rest of the game
  2. Finding a Warframe I really like to play. Gauss is just so much fun to play. Gotta go fast!
  3. Crafting an Archwing Launcher to I can fly around the open world areas.
  4. Unlocking the Archgun Deployer so I can use a giant gun to shoot things anywhere.
  5. Building a Railjack.
  6. Completing a lot of the story quests.
  7. Achieving Mastery Rank 15.

I’ve managed to do all of this since I’ve been back in the game. Some of them have been easy and some of them, like the Archgun Deployer, involved a 2 week reputation grind to get. But all of it has been enjoyable content to do.

Next up on goals to chase are:

  1. Completing all of Nightwave
  2. Completing the remaining story quests
  3. Chasing down the parts to Octavia Prime
  4. Collecting all of the Plague Star Blueprints before the event ends.

I’m sure I’ll find more to chase after as I continue to play but for now this is my current list of goals in the game. I especially what to catch up on the story quests as the next major story piece comes out in a few months.

I do still wonder how long Warframe will continue to hold my attention. I’m notorious for getting really in to games for a short period and then moving on to something else. I think it will continue to hold my interest as long as I have things to work towards and people to play with!

Dusting off Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe off and on for…let’s see…5 years now? 5 years that sounds about right. In those 5 years I haven’t gotten very far and have clocked around 250 hours according to Steam. But I still like coming back to warframe every once and a while to see what’s new and make a little more progress.

Usually what happens is someone in my friend group gets the urge to play. Then we’ll all go down the Warframe rabbit whole for a week or two and subsequently leave the game on the shelf for months or years on end. This time around, we’re making a bit more of a concerted effort to stick with the game for a few months and see how that feels.

For the past 2 weeks now I’ve been trying to play Warframe a bit every day and find something to work on. It’s one of those games that has so much to do and so many systems to work on that if I don’t have a clear goal in mind I get lost. My goal right now is to get rid of my Kuva Lich who I accidently made last summer. It’s a charming enemy that not only steals rewards from missions on the planet it controls but constantly taunts me while it’s doing it….

Like everything in Warframe, the process for excommunicating the thing is a bit convoluted. It’s a good thing such an amazing wiki exists and there’s countless informative websites and videos out there. From what I understand, in order to kill the Lich I need specific mods for a weapon called a Parazon. These mods are obtained from Requiem Relics which are awarded sometimes during Kuva Siphon missions and always at the end of a Kuva Flood mission. There are eight of these special mods but only 3 are needed to kill the lich. Except you don’t know which three you need.

In order to find out the right mods you have 2 options: kill thralls during missions on the Lich’s controlled planet or trial and error every time your lich comes to visit on one of these missions. I went with the first option and killed enough thralls over several missions to see which mods I needed on my Parazon. At this point I had gathered 6 out of 8 of the Parzon mods and of course the two I didn’t have were the ones I needed…

Once I had the mods I needed the real fun begins. The mods need to be in a certain order for it to actually kill the Lich. This is the stage of the process I’m on now. Basically, I have to run missions on the planet it controls and kill thralls until it’s angry enough to come after me on the mission. Every time it loses a third of it’s health I get the chance to stab it with the Parazon. If the first mod is in the correct position then the fight continues until you hit the lich with the wrong mod in the wrong spot. At which point it disappears and you have to run more missions to piss it off and try again.

On top of all of that, there’s now a Rail Jack portion which I haven’t even looked in to.

The whole thing has been quite the project but I’ve been doing a little everyday so I don’t get burnt out on it. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading about the mechanics of damage in Warframe, how to build weapons, how to build warframes and I’m getting a better handle on how the game works overall. It’s definitely made things more enjoyable than it has been in the past. I can see myself sticking with it for a while as long as I have another goal to work towards.

Of course, now that I’ve said that I’ll probably drop it next week.