Hello, hi, and welcome to Many Welps!

And You Are?…

I’m Kluwes, player of games and writer of blogs.   The majority of my gaming time is spent playing Co-Op games with my group of friends but I always have a single-player game or two in the mix

When I’m not gaming/writing, I’m probably reading, catching up on a podcast, or adventuring in the real world with my other half.

You can also find me on Twitch every Saturday night streaming with my friends on WelpSquadTV

What You’ll See Here:

What started out as an MMO blog has turned into more of a general-purpose gaming blog. I write a lot about what my friends and I have been up to. Sometimes,  I’ll even conjure up something thought-provoking.

I also started this blog with the goal of going through my backlog. That goal has since shifted into going through my Steam backlog. You can see the list of games I’ve finished via the Games Beaten page. You can see the posts in the order that I’ve finished them under the Backlogged tab.

Contact: kluwes123@gmail.com