Audio Drama Sunday: Bringing it Back!

Three years later this feature is making a come back here on the blog. I didn’t realize I started this during Blaugsut 2019 until I went back to look at the previous posts. It ran for a whole 4 weeks before falling to the wayside. But I’m bringing it back!

Like I said in Friday’s post, I’ve been finding more time to listen to podcasts in this post-commute world I find myself in. Today I’d like to introduce two fiction podcasts I’ve listened to recently that I think are worth a exposing your ears to.

Forest 404

Forest 404 is set in the 24th century, after a data crash called The Cataclysm. Pan, our protagonist, is a young woman with a boring job sorting and deleting old sound files that survived the crash. She uncovers a set of sound recordings from the early 21st century that haunt her.

The story follows Pan after she finds a vibrant recording of a rain forest. It’s unlike anything she’s ever heard before. Pan sets out to find out what the recording is and why she’s never heard these sounds before. All while being chased by people who would rather the recordings not get out to the public.

Following each story episode is a short talk relating to something from the episode as well as a short soundscape recording. It’s an interesting mix of audio drama, informational podcast, and relaxing sounds that I haven’t run into before or since.


This audio drama invites your ears to visit Slumberland, a small island town in the US. Come along with Thomas Edward M, the freelance soundman. He’s been hired to meet the locals and record their oral histories for the town’s time capsule. The unfolding history of the town mixes folklore, paranormal, mystery and humor.

Slumberland is one of my new favorite shows as of late. It’s been ongoing since 2013 and released their 99th episode in May. I particularly like the use of an oral history project as a plot device to explain why these recordings exist. I’m also a fan of the setting being somewhere in the middle of one of the Great lakes.

It’s funny, quirky, a little bit spooky, and with episodes ranging from 4-35 minutes I was able to binged it in just under a month. New episodes don’t release consistently which is a bummer now that I’m caught up but I’m very much looking forward to the next installment of Thomas Edward M’s adventures in Slumberland.

This Week in Melvor Idle: 50% Completion

When thinking of ways to get more posts out for Blaugust I thought it might be fun to track my progress in Melvor week by week. Well, fun for me at least.This gives me a guaranteed easy post topic and will fill up the pesky weekend slot on Saturday. So it’s a win-win really. Well, again, at least for me.

I’ve been playing Melvor Idle on and off for the past year and a half. Mostly off until recently when I remembered it existed again in June. As I’ve said before, idle games are my guilty pleasure and Melvor Idle is basically Runescape without having to walk around or ever log off. It’s even published by Jagex now so it’s official.

At some point, I must have started my Standard character over though I’m not sure when or why. When I came back to the game in June this new character had been sitting doing nothing but had maxed out Woodcutting and Fishing. For all intents and purposes this is a new character.

In June, I also started a Hardcore character, which gets deleted on death, and an Adventure Mode character, which unlocks individual skills with money. It’s also restricted to leveling skills up only as high as it’s combat level. I have since relegated both of these characters for now to fishing while I focus on my Standard character. The hardcore character is fishing for Leaping Broad Fish which provide a tiny amount of Strength XP. The adventure mode character is fishing for whales which are a great money maker.

The ultimate goal on my Standard character is to get 100% Completion. This entails leveling up all of the skills to max, finding all the items in the game, facing off against all of the monsters, acquiring all of the pets, and maxing out all of the skill mastery. I hit 50% overall completion this week. Halfway there!

The Mastery system adds a secondary leveling system to individual items within a skill. Leveling the mastery up on an item applies permanent bonuses for that item. It’s also the completion category that’s going to take the longest.

Here’s where I stand right now skill wise:

Combat Skills

Attack 79/99Strength 95/99Defense 72/99
Hitpoints 80/99Ranged 74/99Magic 83/99
Prayer 86/99Slayer 64/99

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99Fishing 117/99Firemaking 99/99
Cooking 101/99Mining 105/99Smithing 102/99
Thieving 85/99Farming 111/99Fletching 99/99
Crafting 87/99Runecrafting 87/99Herblore 85/99
Agility 71/99Summoning 94/99Astrology 79/99
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.


My current project has been unlocking all of the Dungeon Boss pets. In addition to counting towards completion these pets also provide small passive bonuses. The first 9 dungeon bosses have a 1/350 chance of dropping a pet. So far, I’ve gotten the pet from the first 8 dungeons.

I unlocked Ayyden (provides +2% slayer coins) from the Deep Sea Ship dungeon on Tuesday after 454 kills. Followed by Artic Yeti (+2% ammo preservation) from the Frozen Cave dungeon after 129 kills on Thursday.

Ayyden (left) Artic Yeti (right)

Much of my leveling over the last few weeks has revolved around getting my combat skills up to snuff to take on the next dungeon. The Deep Sea Ship was my excuse to get my Magic level up. There’s a rock-paper-scissors combat triangle in Melvor where Magic does more damage to Melee monsters, Ranged does more damage to Magic Monsters, and Melee does more damage to Ranged monsters.

I could have done the Deep Sea Ship with melee combat but since it’s filled with other melee monsters I figured this was a good opportunity to start leveling Magic. Training Magic led to the need to level up Runecrafting which lead to needing to leveling up Herblore so I could make potions to more efficiently craft runes to use for magic attacks. It was a whole thing. It took about two weeks but I’m happy at where my skill levels are now to continue to take on more dungeons.

The next Boss pet I’ll need is from the Dragons Den dungeon. This is another dungeon filled with Melee Monsters so it looks like Magic is the way to go again. However, the boss here, the Elder Dragon, can dish out more damage than I can auto heal for. So unless I want to run and heal manually I’ll need to start acquiring some sources of damage reduction.

Welcome to Blaugust!

I’m going to be that guy who welcomes everyone five days in to the event. But you know what? It’s within the first week so, technically, it still counts.

If you’ve been posting everyday so far, congrats you’ve almost made it to the end of week one. If you haven’t signed up yet, no worries! There’s still plenty of August and blogging to go so sign up!

Bel posted early this week that, this year, there have been more first time Blaugust participants signing up than years past. Twenty-two in total at the time of the post. That’s twenty-two whole new-to-me blogs to add to my RSS Reader.

Over the years, I’ve really appreciated how Blaugust has morphed from a posting challenge into a replacement for the Newbie Blogger Initiative. I started my blog during the last NBI and was pretty bummed when it didn’t come back the following year. I look forward to this event every year (this is my fourth time participating!) for the new bloggers it brings out, the new-to-me bloggers I’m introduced to, and the return of some bloggers who haven’t posted in a while.

So whether you just started your blog or have blogged for years: Welcome all of you event newbies!

My plans for this years Blaugust are a very much not plans. I am striving for the whole 31 posts but at this point I’m pretty happy with my 5 post streak. I managed to schedule out the first four at the end of July so now the real fun (and challenge) begins.

One feature I’m looking to bring back this month is Audio Drama Sunday. I used to be a huge audio drama fan per-pandemic but once I didn’t have a commute I struggled to find time to listen to them. Lately, I’ve been finding a bit more time and some new activities that pair well with podcast listening. Bringing this back will be good way to fill up those pesky weekend slots and get my thoughts down about what I’ve been listening to.

Other than that, it will be business as usual around here. I might even shoot for some of those new, fancy, Blaugchievements.

Oh look, here’s one now!

The Tables Have Turned Larry

I don’t have a particular attachment to the Alien franchise. I’ve seen some of the main line movies once or twice but couldn’t tell you what happened in them. Well, except for face huggers and xenonorphs of course. Alien vs Predator, now that I’ve seen several more times than I probably should . My middle school self just thought they were so cool. I was always more of a Predator fan though.

My main exposure to the Alien universe has been through Alien: Isolation. It was the first game I used the PS4’s Shareplay feature to play with a friend who had it. The game was dripping with atmosphere and tension. I have fond memories of hiding in lockers, fearing the sight of vents, and feeling general unease every time I heard the Alien, who we affectionately named “Larry”, walking around in the walls. Every time we thought we had finished Larry off he came back even meaner than before.We never did finish it but it’s still one of my favorite co-op experiences.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite lets me enact my revenge. No longer will I cower in fear. No longer will I run frantically to find a locker to hide in. We have guns now Larry and this time and we’re here to mow down your entire family!

Backlogged: Summer In Mara

Platform: PC

Time to Finish: 25.6 hours

After I finished up Yonder I was looking for a similar game to play. Prideful Sloth has another game called Grow and while it looked interesting it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. So it was off to the internet to see what other people were recommending. I kept coming across recommendations for Summer at Mara. It had no combat, a vibrant art style, some farming, some exploration, and a lot of fetch quests. Sounds like Yonder to me!

Summer at Mara just happened to be on sale at the time I was looking for something new to play. I thought about waiting for the Steam Summer Sale but $10 was a good price point for me. It helped that it was bundled with the OST and one of their other games, Deiland, which is Deck verified.

Things I Liked:

Story: Unlike Yonder, Summer at Mara’s quests are much more story heavy. There is a main story which revolves around the main character, Koa.

Koa, lives on an island in the middle of the ocean with her grandmother where they run a little farm together and take care of the island. Unfortunately, after the tutorial, Koa’s grandmother passes and she’s left alone on the island. She repairs her grandmother’s old boat and sets off to explore the rest of Mara.

There’s a whole host of supporting characters along the way. Each have their own sub plots and lengthy quest lines that intermingle with one another. I found these side quests much more interesting than the main story line and loved seeing all the characters interact with one another.

Quests: There’s just something about this that tickles my brain in all the right ways. This is another game full of fetch quests. You’re either bringing an item from one character to another, growing or crafting items a character needs, or going out and finding someone who sells the needed item. I found myself saying I’ll just do one more quest before I save for the night..over and over again.

Exploration: The exploration aspect of this game is done just right. At first you’re only able to sail to a few islands around the main town. As the story progresses you’re given the opportunity to upgrade the boat which opens up a bit more of the map. There are a few quests that can’t be completed until you find the right crafting material so every time I unlocked more locations I had a reason to visit each one to find the right items.

The map isn’t that large either. It never felt like a pain to get from one end to the other once I unlocked all of the locations. Once I built up enough money I was able to use the fast travel system to get around even faster. This is more of a convenience than a necessity and I would have been fine without it.

Summer Vibes: The colorful graphics, the island settings, the music, and the writing all make this game feel like a summer vacation. It’s so bright and cozy. The perfect game to play for the summer and probably even better to play in the winter.

The Flow: The more I got in to this game the more I started to developed a routine for each day. Summer in Mara has an energy and time which work together to limit how much you can do in a day. My daily routine was to harvest crops that were ready, plant new ones and water them, feed the animals, set out to the main town, Qälis, to buy more seeds and sell items as needed, run around doing quests until about 17:00, then return home to feed the animals again, craft anything needed for quests, and sleep.

Things That Could Have Been Better:

Controller Support: This seemed like it would be a good game to play with a controller. I was playing with an Xbox One controller until I unlocked the boat. When I got in the boat I was pretty confused why I couldn’t get the boat to move. Up until then, everything had been working flawlessly. As it turns out, the right bumper is suppose to be the button to sprint and accelerate. I wasn’t aware that there was even a sprint option until that point.

Apparently the fix is to start the game and then connect the controller via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, my computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth receiver. At least the keyboard and mouse controls weren’t bad.

XCOM 2 Blogger Succession Game: Operation Spider Walk

We seem to be in a much better spot than the last time I was in command. The pips on the Avatar Project have been greatly reduced and we have a much better supply of resources and…supplies. There wasn’t a whole lot to do on the Avenger. The Shadow Chamber was working on a project decoding data fragments from the last Codex experiment which took up all other research.

Without much to do on the ship I went to go check out the Geoscape situation. With the Avatar Project progress reduced for now I felt like I had a few more options this time around. Eastern Europe needed contacted and we were just under the required amount of Intel. West Asian had a Life signs location that also awarded intel so I flew the Avenger over than to scan. Halfway through my 4 day scan the Shadow Chamber project completed.

From the Shadow Chamber project, we learned that the alien overseers known as the Elders have a gnarly medical condition that makes their muscles rapidly atrophy. They’ve been scooping up species from the worlds they visit trying to find a cure. They’ve stopped on Earth to see if there’s something in humans that might be able to cure them.

So that’s nice. Nothing like a little Alien/Human experimentation am I right?

Tygan has given us a new objective: Use the skulljack on a codex to breach the alien network. This has also opened up available research slots now that the Shadow Chamber work is done for now. I opted for the alien data cache research to boos our intel supply. When that was completed there was an opportunity to have the Archon Autopsy research which I took. That gave our Rangers a nice weapons upgrade for their machetes. After that I began researching powered armor, I have a feeling we’re going to need it sooner rather than later.

One of our main objectives was to upgrade the Shadow Chamber. We had enough resources so I kicked that off. Engineering then informed me we were out of power capacity. A room just opened up so I set out to build another power relay.

Over in the Geoscape I was able to finish scanning for the intel and even made it down south to collect some more supplies. With enough intel in hand I popped on over to East Europe to make contact and that’s when the new mission arrive.

Honestly, I think that’s the longest I’ve gone in the Geoscape portion before a mission alert.

Operation Walking Spider

I was worried going in to this mission since the difficulty was “Very Difficult”. On top of that it’s also an extract the VIP type mission and the few of those I’ve done have had some nasty surprises the closer I got to extraction. I was very much hoping our high level soldiers would carry me to victory so I assembled the best we had available.

As it turns out, the mission itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It started off with a Codex and two ADVENT soldiers. I had Rakuno shove the skulljack into it’s head and hacked the alien network. Magi and Endalia took care of the codex afterwards while Black Widow and Bookahnerk took out the ADVENT soilders.

So far so good. I started advancing forward a little and that’s when this guy showed up.

I always love to hear “We’ve never run into this alien type before.”

The cutscene hyped this new alien type up. After one round of playing ring-around-the-rosie while it teleported around the building we were on top of and a bit on Mind Control shenanigans the squad made short work of it.

With no enemies in sight, I started moving the squad and the VIP up towards extractions. I pushed Rankuno up just a bit too far from everyone and was spotted by 2 vipers and a Gatekeeper. Magi picked off the two Vipers leaving Naithan and Rankuno the only ones close enough to deal with the Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper looks like a little ball of fun doesn’t it?

This is the first time I’ve encountered this enemy type. I have to say I was a bit worried when it started resurrecting people to fight for it. Rankuno got a full clip into this thing and had. it on the ropes. Looking to finish it off I sent Naithan to wack it with the new and imporved Fusion Blade.

It apparently explodes when it dies. Sorry Naithin…I somehow always manage to get your character injured.

After the explosion Naithan and Rankuno were sitting at half health but no enemies to be seen. The squad made one more push to extraction. At this point, I was expecting something real bad to show up. maybe a Sectopod or something. But all that was waiting for us an ADVENT Officer and two soldiers. Easily the least threatening group of the mission.

Endalia and Maji picked off the solider and Bookanerk took down the officer and we all everyone made it out.


Overall the mission went as smooth as it could have. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the return screen though. Unfortunately, that little Gatekeeper self destruct incident leaves Naithan Wounded for 5 Days anmd Rakuno Gravely Wounded for 8 days.

Endalia did receive a promotion though! I went with the Serial perk which refunds an action for every kill made with a Sniper Rifle. It seemed better than Fan Fire which just lets you fire the pistol 3 times at a target.

We even got a bit of loot and a shiny new Avatar Corpse. I’m sure Tygan is just dying to do the autopsy on that one.

Up next is UnwiseOwl, good luck commander!

July 2022 Recap

The summer is in full swing which means there’s a little less time for playing games and a little more time spent outside. It’s been super nice here in North East Ohio this month and we’ve been getting out to enjoy the weather whenever we can.

It’s sad to see July go since we’ll only have another few weeks of summer. But it’s always exciting to see August 1st roll around with the kickoff of Blaugust! I’ve got 2 posts scheduled and the rest I’ll be winging.

Top 5 Games in July

  1. Melvor Idle
  2. Summer in Mara
  3. Generation Zero
  4. Farm Together
  5. Fallen Earth

July was all about two games for me: Melvor Idle and Summer at Mara.

After finishing up Yonder in June I was looking for something like it that I could dive into. Apparently I hadn’t quite had my fill of fetch quests. Summer at Mara came highly recommended from the internet and I was able to scoop it up just before the Steam Sale ended. I managed to beat the game a few days before the end of the month. I figured I’d save my Backlogged post on it for Blaugust!

Melvor Idle quietly suck it’s way on to my top 5 games in June after I remembered it was on my phone. I hadn’t played in months and I started slowly getting back in to it. Now it’s become a daily game for me to check in on periodically. This month I’ve been tackling some of the earlier dungeons and working catching my Ranged and Magic skills up to my Melee skills.

The squad picked up Generation Zero in the Steam Summer Sale. We played it a few times this month and it is a blast. The game itself isn’t bad but I’ve been having so much fun running down robots and beating them with a baseball bat. Sure there are guns, and sure it’s suppose to be a stealth game, but it’s so statisfying. Also if you hit a car enough times with a baseball bat you can blow up all your friends. We’ve even got a video of our first play session here.

Good times.

June Gaming Goals

I’m still deciding on whether to keep including this goals section but it seems wrong to leave June’s goals hanging.

Play My Turn in the XCOM Succession game: I did this at the last minute, and by last minute I mean yesterday afternoon. I was really trying to knock this one out in the begginign of the month but wasn’t able to. The post for it will be up tomorrow!

Continue playing Cozy Grove daily: This hasn’t exactly been a daily thing for me like I thought it would be. It’s more of an every couple day thing. It’s the perfect game for the Steam Deck but it also feels like the only game I’ve been playing on the Steam Deck so I was trying out some other games when I had the chance. I’m still looking forward to playing more of this but I’m not sure how much more right now.

Write 6 posts: Well I didn’t quite make this one. My post count for July was 3. No worries though, I’ve got a whole month of potential blogging ahead of me.

Blaugust 2022 Draws Near

We’re more than halfway through July which can only mean one thing: Blaugust is right around the corner! In fact, Bel put the Blaugust 2022 introduction post up last week.

If you’ve never heard or Blaugust it’s a month long, community event where bloggers strive to post, on average, one post a day through the month of August. There’s more to it and some extras this time as well. For all those additional details I encourage you to read the introduction post. And if you haven’t already, sign up and join the Blaugust Discord.

If you’re a new blogger or thinking about starting a blog this is an amazing event to jump start your blog. The community is quite active during the event and it’s fun to see so much content flying around. Especially from new bloggers! There are always a number of wonderful mentors who are always willing to help and answer questions.

If you’re an old blogger who hasn’t posted in a while Blaugust is also a great time to jump back in. I find myself coming back year after year for the community and extra helping of motivation.

As always, I’m looking to post all 31 days but from past years I know this isn’t always possible. It’s a fun challenge either way.

I can’t believe this will be my fifth Blaugust!

Trove Sunrise is Live

It’s always a pleasant surprise when Trove gets a major update. Since it was squired by Gamigo I just assume every update is it’s last and yet here we are in 2022. Last week, Trove released it’s Sunrise update which brings a new class, a new biome, a new difficulty tier, and a new tier of gem to power up your classes. You can read the full patch notes here.

As is tradition, the new class can not be obtained by using a class coin which means the few that have been sitting in my inventory for years will continue to gather dust. Trove has a habit of making each new class difficult to obtain gating them behind large resource grinds unless, of course, you just want to buy it.

The Solarian is a physical damage bow class with a Phoenix companion. I can’t comment on how hard this one is to obtain as I don’t have an interest in crafting it right now. I suppose I could have trialed it but I’m not exactly hurting for classes right now. It does look cool though.

The Sundered Uplands is a new biome that’s been added to Adventure Worlds. This is a multi leveled biome with flying restrictions and slightly tougher enemies. The Flight Suppression Field is an interesting gimmick. It forces you to slow down a bit while running or, more likely, jumping from dungeon to dungeon. If it gent’s too annoying there is a scroll that can be bought at the outposts to turn it off for a bit along with a bunch of other temporary buffs.

Both the new class and the new biome are nice additions but what I was really interested in was the Crystal Gems and the Uber-11 difficulty worlds.

Crystal Gems are a new tier of gem above the old Stellar Gems. These gems can be leveled up to 30 where their predecessors stopped at 25. But fear not, you don’t have to re-level all of your gems. There’s a Crystal Gem Converter in the shop that will convert one max level Stellar Gem to a level 25 Crystal gem.

The catch is that they’re expensive. One converter will run you 15,000 cubits or 1,500 credits ($10 yikes!). If you’re playing everyday without the Patron Pass you can obtain 900 cubits a day. That’s roughly one gem converter every 2 and a half weeks. With 9 gems to convert we’re looking at just shy of 5 months to get all of your gems converted for one class. Good luck if you want to do that for more than one class, I sure don’t. With patron it’s a bit better. You can get 1 gem converter every 8 days and you’re looking at 2 and a half months to get all gems converted.

Or you could pay $90…

You could argue that you might find some nice Crystal Gems along the way and you can level them up yourself. But for those of us who have spent our career in Trove perfecting our gems and getting the stats just so it’s going to be quicker to get the converters than start over from scratch.

I had 45k cubits sitting unused in the store so I was able to get all of my Chaos Gems up to Crystal tier and increase my light on my Shadow Hunter. Which brings us to our last and final addition with this update. Uber-11 world difficulty.

To get in to Uber-11 30,000 PR and 6,000 light are required. Before I converted my Chaos Gems I was sitting around 5.5k light on my Shadow Hunter. I was able to push it over 6k to be able to check out Uber-11.

I learned quickly that the 6k light was a bare minimum. I was expecting a difficulty spike but I wasn’t expecting to do almost zero damage to regular mobs and no damage at all to bosses. Light in Trove is basically armor penetration. You can have all the damage in the world but if you can’t get through their armor it doesn’t matter.

This was a bit frustrating I wanted to be able to do the new content without putting in more work than I already had in old content. Looks like I’ll be needing to go back to delving for Crystal 4 gear if I’m going to be able to kill anything in the new difficulty tier. I guess in a way that’s a good thing as it gives me something to work towards

Sunrise brings a good chunk of content to Trove and I’m glad the game is still seeing updates. I’m personally not interested in playing much at these days but when I do inevitably get back in to it I’ll have plenty to do!

July 2022 Gaming Goals

June Recap

June started with the delivery of my Steam Deck. I tried a whole bunch of games on it but eventually settled in to playing Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. I thought I would be using the Steam Deck as a stand alone device for certain games but mostly I’ve been using it as an extension of my PC. I’ve been getting the maximum use out of the Steam Cloud Save feature which isn’t something I can say I’ve ever thought of as a feature of Steam.

I did finish Yonder this month and even stuck around long enough to get 100% of the Steam achievements done.

This quarters Steam Next Fest took place earlier this month. I had written a post about the demos I was excited to try but never got around to writing about them. I did try a whole bunch but only a few made it to the wish list with the expectation that they would probably “launch” in early access. So I’m sure I won’t see them popping up in my wish list for quite some time. My favorite demo this time around was Glitched.

Top 5 Games of June 2022

  1. Yonder
  2. Melvor Idle
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge
  4. Trove
  5. Summer In Mara

No surprise here, Yonder took the majority of my gaming time this month. Manic Time clocked 13 hours in total but that doesn’t account for the several hours I spent playing on the Deck. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good app that I can install on the Deck to track activity. I found ActivityWatch, which is an open source alternative to Manic Time with a Linux version. The only problem is installing on the Steam Deck is a pretty involved process and with the nature of Steam OS it’ll get wiped every time there’s an update. I suppose I could track my time manually but I’m more likely to guesstimate the hours.

We ended up playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge a few times this month. The first play through I completed with Greg. We ended up playing it again with the whole squad later that week. That time we took advantage of Remote play to get the other guys in who didn’t buy the game. There was a little lag but it wasn’t unplayable. 4 players was hectic enough, I can only image no one knows what’s going on when there’s 6 people playing!

Trove actually had a fairly big update at the end of the month. I spent some time checking out the new difficulty and biome and will probably put together a post about it soon.

July Gaming Goals

I’ve been considering doing away with the goals section of this post. I find myself playing less games where I feel like I can set long term goals. We’ll see how July shakes out but this may be the last of the goals for a while.

Play my turn in the Xcom Succession game: It’s over to me to step back in to the role as commander and hopefully not kill anyone…I’ll for sure be knocking this one out soon to keep the game moving!

Continue playing Cozy Grove daily: I picked this one up in the Steam Summer sale and it’s been the perfect game to play for a short bit in the morning before work. Time passes in the game in real time like Animal Crossing. So once all the quests are completed for the day I can put it away until the next day. Right now I’m 11 days in and each of my sessions has taken an hour or less.

Write 6 posts: I had a lot to write about in June and would like to continue that momentum in to July.