This Week in Melvor Idle: 50% Completion

When thinking of ways to get more posts out for Blaugust I thought it might be fun to track my progress in Melvor week by week. Well, fun for me at least.This gives me a guaranteed easy post topic and will fill up the pesky weekend slot on Saturday. So it’s a win-win really. Well, again, at least for me.

I’ve been playing Melvor Idle on and off for the past year and a half. Mostly off until recently when I remembered it existed again in June. As I’ve said before, idle games are my guilty pleasure and Melvor Idle is basically Runescape without having to walk around or ever log off. It’s even published by Jagex now so it’s official.

At some point, I must have started my Standard character over though I’m not sure when or why. When I came back to the game in June this new character had been sitting doing nothing but had maxed out Woodcutting and Fishing. For all intents and purposes this is a new character.

In June, I also started a Hardcore character, which gets deleted on death, and an Adventure Mode character, which unlocks individual skills with money. It’s also restricted to leveling skills up only as high as it’s combat level. I have since relegated both of these characters for now to fishing while I focus on my Standard character. The hardcore character is fishing for Leaping Broad Fish which provide a tiny amount of Strength XP. The adventure mode character is fishing for whales which are a great money maker.

The ultimate goal on my Standard character is to get 100% Completion. This entails leveling up all of the skills to max, finding all the items in the game, facing off against all of the monsters, acquiring all of the pets, and maxing out all of the skill mastery. I hit 50% overall completion this week. Halfway there!

The Mastery system adds a secondary leveling system to individual items within a skill. Leveling the mastery up on an item applies permanent bonuses for that item. It’s also the completion category that’s going to take the longest.

Here’s where I stand right now skill wise:

Combat Skills

Attack 79/99Strength 95/99Defense 72/99
Hitpoints 80/99Ranged 74/99Magic 83/99
Prayer 86/99Slayer 64/99

Non-Combat Skills

Woodcutting 105/99Fishing 117/99Firemaking 99/99
Cooking 101/99Mining 105/99Smithing 102/99
Thieving 85/99Farming 111/99Fletching 99/99
Crafting 87/99Runecrafting 87/99Herblore 85/99
Agility 71/99Summoning 94/99Astrology 79/99
All skills over 99 are virtual levels based on additional experience gained after level 99 cap.


My current project has been unlocking all of the Dungeon Boss pets. In addition to counting towards completion these pets also provide small passive bonuses. The first 9 dungeon bosses have a 1/350 chance of dropping a pet. So far, I’ve gotten the pet from the first 8 dungeons.

I unlocked Ayyden (provides +2% slayer coins) from the Deep Sea Ship dungeon on Tuesday after 454 kills. Followed by Artic Yeti (+2% ammo preservation) from the Frozen Cave dungeon after 129 kills on Thursday.

Ayyden (left) Artic Yeti (right)

Much of my leveling over the last few weeks has revolved around getting my combat skills up to snuff to take on the next dungeon. The Deep Sea Ship was my excuse to get my Magic level up. There’s a rock-paper-scissors combat triangle in Melvor where Magic does more damage to Melee monsters, Ranged does more damage to Magic Monsters, and Melee does more damage to Ranged monsters.

I could have done the Deep Sea Ship with melee combat but since it’s filled with other melee monsters I figured this was a good opportunity to start leveling Magic. Training Magic led to the need to level up Runecrafting which lead to needing to leveling up Herblore so I could make potions to more efficiently craft runes to use for magic attacks. It was a whole thing. It took about two weeks but I’m happy at where my skill levels are now to continue to take on more dungeons.

The next Boss pet I’ll need is from the Dragons Den dungeon. This is another dungeon filled with Melee Monsters so it looks like Magic is the way to go again. However, the boss here, the Elder Dragon, can dish out more damage than I can auto heal for. So unless I want to run and heal manually I’ll need to start acquiring some sources of damage reduction.

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