Trove Sunrise is Live

It’s always a pleasant surprise when Trove gets a major update. Since it was squired by Gamigo I just assume every update is it’s last and yet here we are in 2022. Last week, Trove released it’s Sunrise update which brings a new class, a new biome, a new difficulty tier, and a new tier of gem to power up your classes. You can read the full patch notes here.

As is tradition, the new class can not be obtained by using a class coin which means the few that have been sitting in my inventory for years will continue to gather dust. Trove has a habit of making each new class difficult to obtain gating them behind large resource grinds unless, of course, you just want to buy it.

The Solarian is a physical damage bow class with a Phoenix companion. I can’t comment on how hard this one is to obtain as I don’t have an interest in crafting it right now. I suppose I could have trialed it but I’m not exactly hurting for classes right now. It does look cool though.

The Sundered Uplands is a new biome that’s been added to Adventure Worlds. This is a multi leveled biome with flying restrictions and slightly tougher enemies. The Flight Suppression Field is an interesting gimmick. It forces you to slow down a bit while running or, more likely, jumping from dungeon to dungeon. If it gent’s too annoying there is a scroll that can be bought at the outposts to turn it off for a bit along with a bunch of other temporary buffs.

Both the new class and the new biome are nice additions but what I was really interested in was the Crystal Gems and the Uber-11 difficulty worlds.

Crystal Gems are a new tier of gem above the old Stellar Gems. These gems can be leveled up to 30 where their predecessors stopped at 25. But fear not, you don’t have to re-level all of your gems. There’s a Crystal Gem Converter in the shop that will convert one max level Stellar Gem to a level 25 Crystal gem.

The catch is that they’re expensive. One converter will run you 15,000 cubits or 1,500 credits ($10 yikes!). If you’re playing everyday without the Patron Pass you can obtain 900 cubits a day. That’s roughly one gem converter every 2 and a half weeks. With 12 gems to convert we’re looking at just shy of 7 months to get all of your gems converted for one class. Good luck if you want to do that for more than one class, I sure don’t. With patron it’s a bit better. You can get 1 gem converter every 8 days and you’re looking at 3 months to get all gems converted.

Or you could pay $120…

You could argue that you might find some nice Crystal Gems along the way and you can level them up yourself. But for those of us who have spent our career in Trove perfecting our gems and getting the stats just so it’s going to be quicker to get the converters than start over from scratch.

I had 45k cubits sitting unused in the store so I was able to get all of my Chaos Gems up to Crystal tier and increase my light on my Shadow Hunter. Which brings us to our last and final addition with this update. Uber-11 world difficulty.

To get in to Uber-11 30,000 PR and 6,000 light are required. Before I converted my Chaos Gems I was sitting around 5.5k light on my Shadow Hunter. I was able to push it over 6k to be able to check out Uber-11.

I learned quickly that the 6k light was a bare minimum. I was expecting a difficulty spike but I wasn’t expecting to do almost zero damage to regular mobs and no damage at all to bosses. Light in Trove is basically armor penetration. You can have all the damage in the world but if you can’t get through their armor it doesn’t matter.

This was a bit frustrating I wanted to be able to do the new content without putting in more work than I already had in old content. Looks like I’ll be needing to go back to delving for Crystal 4 gear if I’m going to be able to kill anything in the new difficulty tier. I guess in a way that’s a good thing as it gives me something to work towards

Sunrise brings a good chunk of content to Trove and I’m glad the game is still seeing updates. I’m personally not interested in playing much at these days but when I do inevitably get back in to it I’ll have plenty to do!

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