July 2022 Gaming Goals

June Recap

June started with the delivery of my Steam Deck. I tried a whole bunch of games on it but eventually settled in to playing Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. I thought I would be using the Steam Deck as a stand alone device for certain games but mostly I’ve been using it as an extension of my PC. I’ve been getting the maximum use out of the Steam Cloud Save feature which isn’t something I can say I’ve ever thought of as a feature of Steam.

I did finish Yonder this month and even stuck around long enough to get 100% of the Steam achievements done.

This quarters Steam Next Fest took place earlier this month. I had written a post about the demos I was excited to try but never got around to writing about them. I did try a whole bunch but only a few made it to the wish list with the expectation that they would probably “launch” in early access. So I’m sure I won’t see them popping up in my wish list for quite some time. My favorite demo this time around was Glitched.

Top 5 Games of June 2022

  1. Yonder
  2. Melvor Idle
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge
  4. Trove
  5. Summer In Mara

No surprise here, Yonder took the majority of my gaming time this month. Manic Time clocked 13 hours in total but that doesn’t account for the several hours I spent playing on the Deck. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good app that I can install on the Deck to track activity. I found ActivityWatch, which is an open source alternative to Manic Time with a Linux version. The only problem is installing on the Steam Deck is a pretty involved process and with the nature of Steam OS it’ll get wiped every time there’s an update. I suppose I could track my time manually but I’m more likely to guesstimate the hours.

We ended up playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge a few times this month. The first play through I completed with Greg. We ended up playing it again with the whole squad later that week. That time we took advantage of Remote play to get the other guys in who didn’t buy the game. There was a little lag but it wasn’t unplayable. 4 players was hectic enough, I can only image no one knows what’s going on when there’s 6 people playing!

Trove actually had a fairly big update at the end of the month. I spent some time checking out the new difficulty and biome and will probably put together a post about it soon.

July Gaming Goals

I’ve been considering doing away with the goals section of this post. I find myself playing less games where I feel like I can set long term goals. We’ll see how July shakes out but this may be the last of the goals for a while.

Play my turn in the Xcom Succession game: It’s over to me to step back in to the role as commander and hopefully not kill anyone…I’ll for sure be knocking this one out soon to keep the game moving!

Continue playing Cozy Grove daily: I picked this one up in the Steam Summer sale and it’s been the perfect game to play for a short bit in the morning before work. Time passes in the game in real time like Animal Crossing. So once all the quests are completed for the day I can put it away until the next day. Right now I’m 11 days in and each of my sessions has taken an hour or less.

Write 6 posts: I had a lot to write about in June and would like to continue that momentum in to July.

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