Blaugust 2022 Draws Near

We’re more than halfway through July which can only mean one thing: Blaugust is right around the corner! In fact, Bel put the Blaugust 2022 introduction post up last week.

If you’ve never heard or Blaugust it’s a month long, community event where bloggers strive to post, on average, one post a day through the month of August. There’s more to it and some extras this time as well. For all those additional details I encourage you to read the introduction post. And if you haven’t already, sign up and join the Blaugust Discord.

If you’re a new blogger or thinking about starting a blog this is an amazing event to jump start your blog. The community is quite active during the event and it’s fun to see so much content flying around. Especially from new bloggers! There are always a number of wonderful mentors who are always willing to help and answer questions.

If you’re an old blogger who hasn’t posted in a while Blaugust is also a great time to jump back in. I find myself coming back year after year for the community and extra helping of motivation.

As always, I’m looking to post all 31 days but from past years I know this isn’t always possible. It’s a fun challenge either way.

I can’t believe this will be my fifth Blaugust!

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