November Gaming Goals Galore!

Kluwes A'llond 10/23/2016 21:20:38

Wow it’s November already. I don’t have anything clever to say about November, it’s a pretty boring month. Ok so I do love a good parade and the majestic event that is the Westminster Dog Show.  Now that it’s November 1st I’m sure everywhere will be switching gears to Christmas everything. Actually I think they’ve already started playing Christmas music, at least the neighbors have.

October Goals Reveiw

I played a lot of Final Fantasy 14 in October. I got my Dragoon to 50, I got my Bard to 50, I got and apartment, and I finally installed Heavensward. Everything else I planned to do in October kind of fell by the wayside. It was a busier time than I thought it’d be. I think I’m about halfway done with Final Fantasy

November Goals


Beat 2.XX content get into 3.XX content


Beat Final Fantasy 1

Play more God Eater Resurrection

Play More Guild Wars

Complete a full run of One Way Heroics


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