FFXIV: Wait, There’s a Dungeon Here?

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This weekend I put some quality time into Final Fantasy 14. It helps that Jay actually resubbed, it’s always been more fun with friends to talk to. Over the course of the weekend I got my Dragoon to level 35 and did the next job quest. What a surprise, I got another jump for my level 35 skill.

As I played most of the main scenario with my White Mage it was really easy to replace questing with queuing for dungeons when my level was too low to continue the story. The ques were short and I wanted to save the quests for my other classes who couldn’t get into dungeons as quickly, unfortunately this led to missing some functionalities of the game including dungeons, logs, and the Golden Saucer.

Halfway through leveling my Dragoon I realized that the quests with the + symbol next to them unlocked something in the game. This has been really helpful in picking which quest I should do right now and which ones I can save until later. This weekend as I was trying to advance my rank in the Maelstrom for an apartment, the Grand Company hunting log stumped me. I was supposed to kill three different monsters in Halatali. After looking at the map, it turned out Halatali was a dungeon and not a region. I assumed I had unlocked all the dungeons up to this point, my White Mage is almost at the end of the 2.0 story but it turns out I missed a couple of them.

So I took to Google in search of a way to unlock this dungeon. It turns out it was a quest in the Waking Sands at it was as simple as running to the dungeon and talking to the guy outside. The dungeons only level 20,  I always thought there was a big gap in between Copperbell Mines (17) and The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak (24). Now I know why, I just missed it by a mile. I also unlocked Dzemael Darkhold, a level 44 dungeon. It’s a good thing I was doing quests in the area or I would have missed this one as well.  After taking a look at a list of dungeons in A Realm Reborn it turns out I’m missing a few more dungeons. Guess I’ll be unlocking those as well this week.



FFXIV-Another Dragoon is Born

Kluwes A'llond 09/21/2016 10:27:40
Kluwes A’llond 09/21/2016 10:27:40

I buckled down and actually got the Dragoon Job Crystal this week. Last week I was so excited that my lancer finally hit 30 and I’d be able to move on to the Dragoon life but apparently I hadn’t leveled my Marauder up to 15 yet. Which is weird because I could have sworn  I had every class to at least 15 most of them to 20. So I took up the axe and finished getting all the medals for the Yo-Kai event minions and slowly but surely getting to level 15.

It’s always fun to change job titles. Dragoon just sounds so much better than lancer,and now I can jump around like a mad man. The best part of not being a lancer anymore is that the lancer class story is over. I mean, it wasn’t terrible but compared to some of the other class quests it was a little boring. Just a lot of go show me some courage, courage is super important for a lancer, and this guild is pathetic I’ll give you a real challenge and so on and so forth.


The quest to get the Dragoon job crystal doesn’t give me much hope for the Dragoon job quests having a better story. Actually when I completed the quest I was kind of wondering whether i really wanted to be a Dragoon after all. The quest has you gather information about a thief and this thief turns out to a mysterious Black Dragoon who is apparently the best of the best when it comes to Dragooning. I’ not so sure that I want to join an organization who’s best member is a their it seems a little shady….good thing poking monsters with spears is so much fun.

On a side note, Heavensward finally arrived from good ol’ Amazon. It took a little longer than usual but it’s here now. The problem is I want to take the dragoon through it because I feel like a DPS is going to be more fun than a healer to do Main Scenario Quests with. I guess I could always get the last 2 levels on my Bard but I’ve heard not so great things about the job after Wander’s Minuet. Decisions, decisions.