So how about that New World?

New World launched this week. You don’t need me to tell you that but I’m doing it anyways.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to stop in this week on account of next week I hardly be able to play at all. But alas, Tuesday morning rolled around and I just couldn’t resist picking it up. A $40 price tag is exactly that sweet spot for me for I’ll buy this and give it a go. Any more and I would have been waiting to the blogs and reviews before dipping my toes in.

I didn’t play in any of the betas. By the time I got around to remembering there was an open beta earlier this month it was already over. I haven’t really followed the news about it either. I remember when it was announced, I remember a beta last year and reading some blog posts about it, and that’s about as invested as I was in it. But when the new Western MMO launch happens you just got to be there.

And I got the full experience! I knew there was going to be queues but man, those were some queues right? I knew for sure I wasn’t getting in Tuesday, I got home from work late and figured by the time I got through the queue it would be way to late to actually enjoy playing. I woke up earlier than usual Wednesday, figuring I might be able to beat the crowd and dable a bit before work. Unfortunately I was met with server maintenance! I was able to get in right as the servers came back up that morning and run through some of the tutorial quests.

Thursday night I decided to brave the queue for a chance to play. When I got online I was only 67 deep and that number was slowly going down. Right until it was stuck at 17 players for 2 hours…..Today I was off from work and woke up with my wife in the wee hours of the morning and beat the crowd.

Not today queue, not today.

Having no previous experience with the game everything was new and shiny, sort of. I keep getting the impression that I’m playing a weird, piecemeal, game that doesn’t quite all go together but it kind of works. The gathering and crafting feels like a hold over from a survival crafting game. The supply crates on the map feel straight out of a Battle Royale. The combat feels like an early access souls-like knock off/ Oh and there’s also this whole open world faction PVP thing you can just completely ignore but seems like kind of the focus of the whole thing.

But like I said, the whole thing kind of works for me.

Relatively speaking, I haven’t put that much time into it. I’ve played for a total of 6 hours and I’m still very much in the honeymoon phase. I’m taking it slow and taking it all in as I go. I’ve been trying all of the weapons to see which one I like the best. So far, I’m a fan of the rapier, ice gauntlet, and war hammer.

I’ve been following along with the main questline at a steady clip. I chose my faction and everything: Go Team Purple!

To be completely being honest though, the majority of my time spent in New World has been doing manual labor.

I can’t help myself. I think playing Runescape at a young age (and much more recently) instilled a compulsion to mine and chop trees. Especially, when the mining and cutting of the trees has level that goes up…it’s a problem, probably. But I’ve been happily swinging away at them gathering those materials and bringing them back to town to engage with the crafting system that also has levels attached to it.

Oh and there’s fishing which I haven’t even looked into yet. I’m going to be a very happy camper in New World even if I never swing a sword again.

Chasing Goals in Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe for a good month an a half now with no stopping in sight. In fact, it’s the only game I’ve been playing over that time period. I’m still a bit suprised how much it’s grabbed me but I think it’s come down to two things.: My friends are still playing it and I can consistelntly find new goals to work towards.

The former has been a great way to keep my interest since I have people to discuss the game with and maybe even compete a little bit. The later is really what keeps me going though. Warframe is such a big game with so much content that I’ll have goals to work towards for a while.

So far I’ve acomplished:

  1. Finding and upgrading a few weapons I like and can use effectively for the rest of the game
  2. Finding a Warframe I really like to play. Gauss is just so much fun to play. Gotta go fast!
  3. Crafting an Archwing Launcher to I can fly around the open world areas.
  4. Unlocking the Archgun Deployer so I can use a giant gun to shoot things anywhere.
  5. Building a Railjack.
  6. Completing a lot of the story quests.
  7. Achieving Mastery Rank 15.

I’ve managed to do all of this since I’ve been back in the game. Some of them have been easy and some of them, like the Archgun Deployer, involved a 2 week reputation grind to get. But all of it has been enjoyable content to do.

Next up on goals to chase are:

  1. Completing all of Nightwave
  2. Completing the remaining story quests
  3. Chasing down the parts to Octavia Prime
  4. Collecting all of the Plague Star Blueprints before the event ends.

I’m sure I’ll find more to chase after as I continue to play but for now this is my current list of goals in the game. I especially what to catch up on the story quests as the next major story piece comes out in a few months.

I do still wonder how long Warframe will continue to hold my attention. I’m notorious for getting really in to games for a short period and then moving on to something else. I think it will continue to hold my interest as long as I have things to work towards and people to play with!

Dusting off Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe off and on for…let’s see…5 years now? 5 years that sounds about right. In those 5 years I haven’t gotten very far and have clocked around 250 hours according to Steam. But I still like coming back to warframe every once and a while to see what’s new and make a little more progress.

Usually what happens is someone in my friend group gets the urge to play. Then we’ll all go down the Warframe rabbit whole for a week or two and subsequently leave the game on the shelf for months or years on end. This time around, we’re making a bit more of a concerted effort to stick with the game for a few months and see how that feels.

For the past 2 weeks now I’ve been trying to play Warframe a bit every day and find something to work on. It’s one of those games that has so much to do and so many systems to work on that if I don’t have a clear goal in mind I get lost. My goal right now is to get rid of my Kuva Lich who I accidently made last summer. It’s a charming enemy that not only steals rewards from missions on the planet it controls but constantly taunts me while it’s doing it….

Like everything in Warframe, the process for excommunicating the thing is a bit convoluted. It’s a good thing such an amazing wiki exists and there’s countless informative websites and videos out there. From what I understand, in order to kill the Lich I need specific mods for a weapon called a Parazon. These mods are obtained from Requiem Relics which are awarded sometimes during Kuva Siphon missions and always at the end of a Kuva Flood mission. There are eight of these special mods but only 3 are needed to kill the lich. Except you don’t know which three you need.

In order to find out the right mods you have 2 options: kill thralls during missions on the Lich’s controlled planet or trial and error every time your lich comes to visit on one of these missions. I went with the first option and killed enough thralls over several missions to see which mods I needed on my Parazon. At this point I had gathered 6 out of 8 of the Parzon mods and of course the two I didn’t have were the ones I needed…

Once I had the mods I needed the real fun begins. The mods need to be in a certain order for it to actually kill the Lich. This is the stage of the process I’m on now. Basically, I have to run missions on the planet it controls and kill thralls until it’s angry enough to come after me on the mission. Every time it loses a third of it’s health I get the chance to stab it with the Parazon. If the first mod is in the correct position then the fight continues until you hit the lich with the wrong mod in the wrong spot. At which point it disappears and you have to run more missions to piss it off and try again.

On top of all of that, there’s now a Rail Jack portion which I haven’t even looked in to.

The whole thing has been quite the project but I’ve been doing a little everyday so I don’t get burnt out on it. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading about the mechanics of damage in Warframe, how to build weapons, how to build warframes and I’m getting a better handle on how the game works overall. It’s definitely made things more enjoyable than it has been in the past. I can see myself sticking with it for a while as long as I have another goal to work towards.

Of course, now that I’ve said that I’ll probably drop it next week.

Max Level in New Genesis

Over the weekend, I hit level 20 on my Techer main class. This is currently where the max level stands in New Genesis. Getting there didn’t take all that long, just over 3 weeks of pretty casual play. There were some days where I spent hours killing mobs and doing quests but the majority of my play time has been to log in, do the dailies/weeklies, and then log off. The hardest parts of the whole leveling experience was finding/upgrading gear to hit the required Battle Power to move the story along and unlock new zones.

Now that I’m here at level 20 there isn’t a whole lot I want to do on this character. That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything else I could be doing.

I could get my sub class up to level 20 but I’m not sure how this would benefit my character. Skill points are acquired by doing instanced Cocoons instead of leveling up. I’ve done all the Cocoons already so my main class and my sub class have all the skill points they need. I think hitting 20 on my sub class would boost the damage of my secondary weapon, the Rod. I hardly use the rod since I can cast just find with the wand and still dish out melee damage without having to weapon swap.

I could go out and look for rare weapon and armor drops. The problem with this is that my gear is just fine at the moment. All of the 4 star weapons and armor can be bought off the market for dirt cheap. We’re talking like 1,000 Metesa cheap. The 4 star armor is a bit more expensive but not by much. The rarity comes in the form of Fixa attributes which add additional stats to a weapon or armor. For now, these stats seem pretty minimal and since I’m not much of a min-maxer I’m not too motivated to go out and look for these right now.

I could go and hunt Gigantix but that seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Gigantixs are a special type of boss that spawns in the exploration zones when it rains. To actually do any damage to them you need to be level 20 but the game doesn’t actually tell you that. They also scale off of player proximity so what happens is you have characters of all levels running to these things which jacks up their power and makes them really hard to kill. It’s essentially a public DPS check on a really short timer. From what I’ve seen, people who are actively hunting these things are also not very pleasant….

I was thinking about just switching my main class to Force to try that out but the skill system doesn’t quite let you do that. Switching Force from a sub class to main class doesn’t reset the skill points I already invested in the tree. So skills that were good for the sub class would leave the main class lacking. Of course, I could buy a second skill tree for $5 but I’m not inclined to do that right now. I’d rather make a second character while I have the slots.

And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do next. I’m curious how long it will take this time around to get another character to level 20. Since I can share metesa, gear, and upgrade materials between characters it should be much easier to pass the Battle Power restrictions and open up new zones. This does mean I’ll need to do the cacoons again, get all of the fast travel points again, and do the main quest again but I don’t think that will be too bad.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis First Impressions

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis this week. Sure, it has it’s issues, lag being the main one, but I’ve played Trove long enough that lag doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s release since I played the beta and I’ve logged on every day since it’s been out. Something I can’t say often about any game. What makes things even better is that the squad has started playing as well!

After the beta I was torn between a few main classes to play: Fighter, Techer, or Force. I ended up going with Techer as my main class as it has a mix of support, melee, and ranged techniques. I haven’t felt the need to re-roll which is a good sign that I’m enjoying the class. The main mechanic of the class revolves around matching elemental attacks to the enemies weaknesses and throwing out a damage boost/incoming damage reduction buff. I chose Force as my sub class which gave me access to some close range AoE spells and a skill tree to keep my PP (mana) up. So far, I’m really enjoying the playstyle.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism that there isn’t enough content right now which I personally find is a non issue. Jumping in to the original PSO2 last year was a nightmare of menus, systems within systems, and really weird controls. There was a ton of content but so much that I didn’t want to sift through it all. I bounced pretty hard after a week or so. In New Genesis, there’s a lot less going on all the time and I can actually sit down and learn the few systems that are in place. The skill tree isn’t huge and for the most part I understand what each one does and how it would impact my character. The weapon upgrade system has some quirks but is understandable overall. The map is on the small side but the zones are varied enough that I don’t feel like I’m seeing the same things as I go through it.

I’m about 10 hours in and feel like I have a good thing going with this game.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s issues. The lag is the biggest one hands down. Those first few days I couldn’t even follow the people I was playing with around because they’d be rubberbanding all over the place. Menus would take a long time to load. Sometimes, enemies will just stand there and not take any damage until things catch up and they’re just dead. It’s gotten better over the last week but it’s still there.

The other issue I’ve run in to is materials not respawning when the daily quests reset. If you collect too many materials in a zone and tomorrows daily quest happens to be getting those materials in said zone, you’re out of luck. It seems like materials are on a 24 hour timer from when you collect them rather than with the daily reset. This has lead me to not collect resources out in the world until I get the daily quest to do so. I’m hoping this get’s resolved because it’s terrible system when you need those resources to upgrade things.

I’ve also seen reports that there’s a bug that takes large amounts of currency when you teleport with the quick travel system. I personally haven’t experienced it but there’s enough posts on the subreddit about it that I’m constantly checking my in game wallet. The game is a week old though so hopefully all the issues will be ironed out in time.

Overall, I really like this game and hope to be here for a while. Plus it looks gorgeous!

Back to Planet Calypso

I arrived back on Planet Calypso much the same way that I left it the first time. Being ferried by some one else. Except this time it was Greg and not some one my friend paid to pick me up.

Planet Calypso is the largest planet in Entropia Universe. As far as I can tell, the map here is about twice as big as Arkadia or Next Island. It’s also the most popular planet in the game and I believe where it all started. I distinctly remember those “MMOs you should play in (insert year here)” lists always having Planet Calypso and not Entropia Universe listed. There might have been some ads too that said Planet Calypso as well but I’m not quite sure.

The planet also boast the largest economy in the game. Often, I’ve seen suggestions of taking goods from one planet back to Calypso to sell because the market is bigger. A dangerous proposition as Space is an open lootable PVP zone. Go figure….

Like all of the other planets, Calypso has it’s beginner quests that give you free stuff. Guns, mining probes, a healing device. All things I’ve seen before and don’t seem to a lot of use to me now. But in a game such as this one does not forgo free stuff. So I ran around to different NPC’s with the exclamation marks to pick up my free goodies.

I tried to pay attention to the story being told. But honestly, I can’t remember a lick of it. I left off getting something off a beached boat for someone for some reason. I’m usually the read every quest or line of dialoge guy but Entropia’s writing isn’t’ doing it for me. Next time I go back to questing I’ll make an effort to pay more attention. If it’s anything like the last two planets I don’t think I’m missing out on too much. Maybe some fun dialogue here or there. Besides, shooting different shaped, sci-fi, slot machines is the real entertainment here right?

Speaking of hunting, Calypso does have a nice feature of the Codex. The Codex is a little progress bar that fills up depending on how many and what maturity level of mobs you’ve killed. Once a rank has been filled up, you get to choose a reward that is x amount of PED to a skill. This makes targeting skills/professions you want to level up easier. As the rank increases, the amount of mobs needing killed to fill it up increases but so does the reward. This replaces the old iron missions that I saw on Arkadia. I can’t decide if filling up a percentage bar is as satisfying as killing 5000 caraboks but the rewards are certainly better. I’ve been using mine towards the Paramedic Profession so I can use auto loot pills one day.

It’s worth noting that Next Island had this too but I totally forgot to write about it….plus I didn’t have much experience with it there.

We’ve been on Calypso for about a month now but I haven’t been playing nearly as much as I was in March. By far, the most interesting thing we’ve did was a team hunt with eight or so other players.

There was an event running a few weeks ago where Marcimex came to the surface. Typically, these guys are hard to get to and there’s some sort of boss you need to kill before you can get to where they spawn. For this event they were just in a field ready to be shot at. So Greg gathered up his friends list and we went out there with low powered weapons to hunt these things.

The idea is everyone was using weapons that did about the same DPS. Loot in this game is based on damage done so this spreads the loot out evenly. The bigger creatures can lead to bigger drops and you can potentially get more than you would taking one down by yourself. We were out there for a few hours, it was cool seeing other people in the game in a large party setting and we even got a few decent drops. I don’t think it was enough to cover the costs of what was spent (because why would it be?) but it was something a bit different to do.

Entropia’s new game smell and the initial curiosity I had for it is starting to wear off. I find my self logging in on my own less and less. I guess the novelty of it all is wearing off. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of the game in the last 3 months. There’s still pet taming I haven’t tried out yet and two more planets I haven’t visited so there are at least a few more posts to come.

Beta Vibes

I spent some time this weekend in the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis “Closed” Beta. Closed to those, it seems, who were willing to not only install the Xbox Insider App but risk downloading PSO2: NG from the Windows Store again.

It was just around this time last year that I was looking forward to playing PSO2. From the lack of follow up posts, I can tell you I didn’t stick with it very long. I wanted to like the game but I found every time I logged in I was bombarded with information and decisions that had to be made. After a few weeks, I never found my groove with it, uninstalled it, and never came back.

I didn’t have much interest in New Genesis for the longest time either. I thought it was just a re-release of PSO2 with updated graphics. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I went back and figured out it was a different game entirely. That intrigued me. And the fact that it was open world instead of lobby based. So I got my Xbox insider app, signed up for the beta, and marked my calendar.

After spending a few hours on Saturday with it I’ll say I’m impressed. New Genesis is the exact kind of Phantasy Start game I want to be playing. The game looks and runs great on my machine. The movement feels almost as good as Warframe. And the open world is giving me a bit of Guild Wars 2 vibes. Most importantly, I felt way less anxious starting this game up than I ever did with PSO2. The little guided quest line was enough to get a feel for the game, a feel for the class, and left me wanting to play more. I wasn’t constantly reading tutorials and having system upon system thrown at me and I appreciated that.

The first character I made was a C.A.S.T. Hunter. I played through the initial quest line with him until I got to the end and was tasked with talking to a bunch of NPC’s for some more side quests. At that point I was around level 10 and had been to enough zones to know that I wanted to continue playing the game but I also wanted to try out the rest of the classes while I could. I didn’t want to spend too much time with it and sate my interest prematurely.

You’re limited to 3 character slots per server but you can buy more. Thankfully, I had 20,000 of the premium currency on my account when I logged in which was plenty to unlock three more slots and create a character for every class. While I enjoyed the Hunter class a big sword seems a bit boring flavor wise for me. My top three classes are Techer, the melee and magic hybrid class, Force, the all magic class, and Fighter, a melee class with fist weapons. Ok, honestly, I just want to be a big robot that punches things with that last one….

Time will tell how much I’ll latch on to New Genesis. My friends are interested which is a huge plus. I’m excited now and I’m hoping that excitement carries into June for the release. Maybe by then I’ll figure out where it stashed my screenshots……

Next Island and Ancient Greece

This is the second post attempting to sum up everything I’ve done in Entropia since March.

Next Island was our next stop on the tour of Entropia Universe. There awaited beaches, roving hordes of monkeys, and the end of my mentoring. This is where most of April was spent.

Next Island was a colony set up to be a utopia built on science and reason. Separate from Earth and far away from all of it’s problems. A colony ship was sent, and this “First Wave” was sent with a bunch of robots to help set up the colony. The second wave was suppose to bring more people. They never came and the robots went about building anyway.

First off, I want to say that the writing on Next Island is much better than Arkadia. The quests have some humor to them and there’s a lot more exposition to set up the planet. Some time’s there’s too much but overall it’s a much better written set of quests. My favorite of which is Helen’s Super Epic Hunting Adventure.

Go forth and kill 10 boar. No! That’s way too easy! Go forth and kill 25 boar! No! There’s nothing epic about that! Kill 25 boar and 17 papoo! But not the smart talking papoo like Sebastian, of course.

Go forth and slay 63 Mutant Boar and 63 dumb papoo! And by dumb I mean mute because it’s rude to judge the intelligence of a creature you can’t even talk to. 

Helen Venture

Words to live by for sure.

Next Island’s native wildlife include mostly, you guessed it, Papoos and Boars. There’s Red Papoos, and Yellow Papoos, and Grey Papoos. And then there’s village boars, mutant boars, sand boars…ect.

But then there’s also GIANT elemental drakes and snakes. So you get some variety.

Next Island has a bunch of different wave events. Once you walk in to the area the wave event starts and you better hope you have enough ammo to get through it. It spawns ever increasing amounts of creatures at various levels. You would think this would culminate in a boss fight but we only found one wave event with an actual boss. The rest just kind of ended. Pretty anti-climatic.

I watched Greg lose 100 PED killing these birds….

The issue for me with Next Island is there wasn’t really much I could do at my level. Mobs that I can kill on my own either take to many shots for the loot they give or don’t have good enough spawns to make hunting there enjoyable. I think once I have some more levels on me, Greg and I could come back here for sure. I also noticed a decent size community here. I even logged on one weekend to see a giant Hide and Seek community run event going on in chat.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is a sub area on Next Island that can be accessed by a teleporter in Orpheus Cave. Much like Next Island, it doesn’t feature a whole lot to do for a player at my level but it does feature some pretty landscapes and cities. With Greg along, I did get to see some of the native wild life. Mainly, Cyclops and Minotaurs.

We didn’t stick in Ancient Greece long but we did stay long enough to grab a few teleporters if we wanted to visit again. I also ran a quest chain which gave me a nice beginner unlimited sword for when I want to train melee.

Finishing Mentoring

The whole reason we came to Next Island this early was for me to get the Atlas armor when I finished the Mentoring program. When we arrived I was at about 95% completed so I just needed to get out there and hunt for a bit to fil it up . It was a bit slow to fill since the aforementioned level problems for me here but I did manage to fill it up after a few Papoo hunts.

When you’re ready to graduate there’s a button you have to press on the mentoring menu. The mentor then has to log in to approve it and once approved both parties get their rewards. The rewards for the disciples are much better than for the mentors. I think that’s to encourage new players to link up with old ones when starting out.

Like everything in this game so far nothing goes right the first time. I clicked my button, Greg approved it, I saw a nice flashy congratulations animation. I opened my inventory to find….a Pixie Armor set….That’s the set you get if you finish mentoring on Calypso and it looks terrible. Apparently this happens so often there’s forum posts about it dating back years. .

So I did something I’ve never had to do in an online game before: I put in a support ticket. Which was an adventure all on it’s own. I was descriptive as can be and armed with screenshots and time stamps. Only to get through the whole thing only to be told there was an error and to contact support….Attempt number two went through though adnd 3 days later my garish Pixie armor was replaced with my sleek Atlas Armor


Leaving Arkadia for the Moon

Since it’s been a bit since my last Entropia post I’m going to try and summarize the events of the last month in two posts. This is the first.

The whole reason we started on Arkadia was to fill up the Mentoring experience as quickly as possible. The rewards are too good to pass up: an armor set with some nice stats and a vehicle. The mentor doesn’t get much, I think Greg got some gloves or something.

Once my mentoring experience was around 95% we planned to leave Arkadia behind and go over to the planet of Next Island. So when I completed my mentoring I would get the reward armor from Next Island. I thought the Atlas armor looked the coolest.

Once I was around 93% we left the Carabok fields and headed over to Akaas so Greg could show me instances. With instances, instead of killing mobs outside, you get to kill mobs inside. And for that privilege you need to craft/buy a key to enter the instance. Luckily, it’s only one key per person.

Oh, and you also enter the area through the head a giant snake.

As with most things in Entropia, it’s not exactly user friendly to get in there. Greg and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to start the thing. It involves talking to NPCs and then a door in the correct order otherwise you get a 2 minute loading screen that can’t be closed out of until it fails to load anything….

Once inside, the structure of the instance is kill creatures in the room to unlock the next room. After a certain amount of rooms you go down a level. Lather, rinse, repeat until you get to the ground floor with the big boss! Kill the boss, open the chests and leave. It’s basically a dungeon.

The levels of the mobs and the density of them increase depending on the level of instance door you open. What makes instances different is the monsters don’t drop any loot. All of the loot is given at the end. I believe the split is based on damage dealt. I assume so anyways, There’s a nice little score board that tells you how much damage each player in the instance is doing. So it’s either there for that or just so you can yell at your friends for not pulling their weight.

The highest we went was the Akaas 3 door. That one was rough for me since I couldn’t do enough damage to clear out mobs fast on my own. Greg definitely carried me through that one. I did end up looting an actual item from the chest that run: a mind force chip worth about 12 PED. I got lucky though for doing so little damage over all.

After finishing up the Akaas instances we headed off to the Arkadian Underground to take a look and the mobs there and run some different instances. These instances were much the same as the Akaas instances but they had cool Sci-Fi tunnels. They were also a lot shorter, taking about 5 minutes to complete.

We also took a look at some of the mobs in the Underground. I have to hand it to Entropia, it has some of the most interesting creatures.

Like this one:

And this one

The Underground was our last activity on Arkadia. We got is Greg’s ship and flew to the Arkadia Moon. Which really didn’t have a lot to do. There were some creatures we could hunt but weren’t really worth it. There’s also a daily quest there which awards 2 PED of universal ammo. That’s not a ton but it’s something.

The daily also awards pieces to a Hazmat suit. The way you get the quest to even start this is talking to an NPC choosing a very specific set of conversation topics before he let’s you start it. This quest has to be run 18 days in a row to get the full hazmat suit. I ran it once and that was enough for me.

This is the most exciting thing I did on the Arkadia Moon

We didn’t stay there long before leaving for a Next Island. Where my mentoring armor awaits me!

Eight Thousand Caraboks

This is a Carabok.

For the last two weeks, when I’m not out and about with Greg, you can find me in the carabok fields outside of Celeste Quarry. There, the caraboks spawn in the hundreds, as far as the draw distance can display.

The caraboks are small, defeneless creatures, with 10hp. But they’re also level 4 which makes them great for leveling skills on the cheap. And right now, leveling skills is my top priority.

As far as I can tell, skills experience is rewarded sometimes on hit but always on a kill and they’re awarded semi randomly. Based on the weapon used, there’s a pool of skills that can gain xp. These assortment of skills in turn level up Professions which are sort of like classes but are mostly just more skills.

For example hunting with a laser rifle will guve xp for skills related to the laser rifle and hunting. Once enough points are obtained in those skills The professions related to laser rifle hit and damage will level up. But there are also skills shared by various professions so sometimes I’ll see a BLP weapon profession level up without every using that weapon type. The Profession levels seem more important than the individual skills as they determine what equipment can be used effectively.

At this time, Planet Arkadia still has the classic Entropia missions. These ask you to hunt x number of creatures. Once turned in, they award skill points and offer the next tier of the mission which is to kill more of that creature.

The carabok started out with a mission to kill 75, then 400, then 5000….and now I’m here on the kill 10000 missions with 3,000 more hunted.

I know the spawns, I know where to look for more when there are too many people on my ureent hunting ground, I can spot a carabok from a mile away.

I’ve become one with the carabok.