I Guess I’m Playing Elder Scrolls Online Now?

I’ve been searching for a new game to play for a whilenow. So much so that I was going to write a whole post about the few games I was deciding between. Then Friday happened and I had to make some decisions about what I really wanted to play.

ESO was alreading on the list of games I was leaning towards. . I’ve kept it perpetually installed because it’s giant (98 GB). It stares at me from my desktop waiting patiently to be played again. Over the years, I have tried over and over to get in to it but never made it too far. The classes confuse me and the combat is weird. But I love the story teliing and the world exploration so every once and a while I will boot it up to see if this time is the time it sticks.

The ongoing Quakecon Sale on Steam cemented my decision. The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle, which includes the latest expansion and all of the previous ones, was 35% off. Sure I could have just played the base game, which I already own, but I figured it wasn’t that expensive to pick the whole game up all at once.

This also solves one of the issues I have with MMOs I’ve repeatedly tried to get into: doing the same starter zones over again. With High Isle, and the Complete Collection in general, I can start somewhere I’ve never been before. In this case, creating a new character and skipping the tutorial, something I’ve also done a few times over the years, plops you right in to the latest expansion.

I was originally planning on starting in the base game once again but, like I said, skipping the tutorial doesn’t give you a choice. I was curious about starting other places so I did go back and play the tutorial on another character. It’s completely changed since the last time I played it. For the better, I might add. At the end, you can pick to start in any of the Chapters but the character I wanted to play was already in High Isle.

That’s where my journey begins this time around. I’m helping Lady Arabell Davaux find the missing delegates to a peace conference that’s being held on High Isle. Thanks to the few times I’ve run the base game starting zones I know what the Three Banners War is which, so far, seems to be the only prerequsit to follow the story.

Starting at the end may seem like an odd choice. I was going to jump back to the base game to get the whole story but High Isle is so pretty. I wanted to get out there and see more of it as soon as I arrived.

The plan is to push through and see if I can get used to the combat enough to really get in to the game (as long as I’m having fun of course). I have a habit of jumping ship when things are too different. Sometimes I want to play a new game without having to learn something new you know? But I have also found that sticking things out for just a little bit, even if their weird, can help get me over that hump and find enjoyment. Which is where I’m heading with ESO right now. The classes and combat are starting to make more sense now that I’ve been playing for a few days.

We shall see how this goes, I could be playing for a few more days or it could become my new game. only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Playing Elder Scrolls Online Now?

  1. Grim Reefer September 14, 2022 / 3:20 pm

    I do not recommend starting with the base game when trying to first get into ESO. It is the oldest most out of date content. Start with a region you enjoyed from the TES games and play the zone story. Also the overland game can get a bit too easy, but fear not, once u get to 50 veteran content can be extremely challenging (excluding base game veteran content).

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  2. Jon October 10, 2022 / 10:32 pm

    I haven’t played for a year or so, but in my experience you need only two things to get a good grasp on combat:
    1. A good rotation. This should include “over-time” type abilities to tick away while your direct skills are on cool-down. Try to figure out the CD so that you have optimum uptime on your abilities. There are tons of build websites to help with this.
    2. Weave. Weave, weave, weave. Watch some videos and practice on easy mobs until you really get a handle on it. Not only does it add a little (or a lot, depending) damage to your rotation, but regular attacks are free and heavy attacks restore resources. An absolute must for longer fights where you’ll find yourself quickly running out of stamina/Magicka if you aren’t careful.
    Everything else is about responding quickly (stop standing in red!) or knowing mechanics.


  3. Brek Erickson January 19, 2023 / 9:18 am

    Honestly, ESO is one of the most rewarding MMOs out there once you kind of get off feel for it. (Speaking strictly of the playing experience, which is ironic because the actual reward structure can be kind of butt sometimes). There’s a little something for everybody and I feel like every aspect of the game is done well. Just want to bop around and do quests and get lost in story mode? Big PvPer who enjoys expensive and comprehensive PVP modes? Hardcore raider looking for a challenge? Casual raider looking for something easy but fun? It’s all there. Do not get me started on the crafting, housing and just overall customization options of the game.


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