Dragon Slayer: Building a Boat

The next steps in Dragon Slayer is to find a boat to take you to Crandor where you can find Elvarg, the dragon. It just so happens there’s a man in Port Sarim looking to off load a broken boat. He’ll even throw in a Cabin Boy free of charge. For the low price of 2,000 gold I became the proud owner of the Lady Lumbridge.

Now, the Lady Lumbridge has one major repair to be done. There’s a hole in the hull so it’s not going anywhere until it’s fixed. Fortunately this only requires 3 wood planks and 90 steel nails to plug up the whole.

This is one of the points where I’m glad I’m not playing an Ironman accoutn. Steel nails aren’t hard to come by. I did need to bring my smithing up 3 levels to be able to craft the nails which was easy enough. But planks on the otherhand would have been terrible to get in free to play. They can only be found towards the top of the map in the Wilderness, an open pvp zone. So I opted to buy them off the Grand Exchange. With planks and nails in hand I went to fix the boat.

With a functional ship I just needed a captian to actually sail the thing. None of the captains in Port Sarim will go anywhere near Crandor. Lucky for me, there’s a retired captain, Ned, who now owns a rope shop in Draynor Village. He’s looking for any excuse to sail again and takes little convincing to take part in such a dangerous journey. I went back to the bank, took out an entire inventory of food, and set sail for Crandor.

On the way, we’re treated to a little cut scene. As we get closer to Crandor, fire starts raining down from the sky. The boat catches fire, the cabin boy is lit ablaze, and the ship crashes onto the shore of Crandor island. I quickly made the run to the top of the volcano Elvarg lives in and climbed down.

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