Starting Dragon Slayer

The cap stone goal and my personal requirement for subscribing to Runescape was getting Dragon Slayer done. Dragon Slayer is one of those Runescape quest that has many sub-quests to complete and fairly high skill level requirements. To even start the quest you need 32 quest points. Which means you need to complete almost all of the free quests.

I ended up completing all the free quest except for the Shield of Arrav. I skipped SOA for now because it requires another player to complete and I didn’t want to deal with that right now…a social gamer I am not right now.

The first task is to obtain the Anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio in the Lumbridge Castle. This was simple enough. I talked to the Duke, told him I was going to Crandor to slay the dragon and he gave me the shield. Step one done.

Next, the Champions Guild Guildmaster task you with obtaining 3 pieces of a map that will allow you to navigate to Crandor by ship. These map pieces were split up and given to 3 different people so no one would be able to get there. One’s held Melzar the Mad, who lives in a maze, another held by Lozar who was unfortunately killed by goblins not to long ago, and the last held by Thalazar in a magic room beneath the Ice Mountain.

So I set off to Melzar’s Maze. The maze is in a building that requires you to kill monsters to get keys to go to the next room. Only one door on each floor is correct. If you choose the wrong door your sent back to the beginning. At first this was frustrating because I thought the keys were dropped randomly. But it turns out there is a special monster on each floor that looks different from the others. Like a rat with a long tail or a skeleton with a round shield instead of a square one. Once I figured that out it was mostly trial and error until I got to the bottom of the Maze. The toughest enemy was a level 82 Lesser Demon but it could be “safespotted” with magic by getting it stuck on the wall. Cheesey but effective.

Then it was off to the Goblin Village to see if they had the next piece of the map. Unfortunately, it’s held by a goblin that’s currently in jail in Port Sarim. So down I go to the port to speak with Wormbrain. He says he’ll sell it to me for 10k gold. That’s not going to happen since I have about 3k to my name right now. The other option is to just kill him but since he’s in jail I won’t be able to get the map piece he drops unless I have Teleknetic Grab. This is a level 33 Magic spell and my magic is currently 15. So I decided to leave this one and move on to Thalzar’s map piece for now.

Time to walk back up the map to Ice Mountain and speak to the Oracle. There’s a door that will need specific items to open in order to get to the chest this map piece is in. There’s a riddle the Oracle gives you to figure out the items needed. It’s an unfired bow, a Wizards Mind Bomb, a piece of silk, and a lobster pot. All of these are on opposite sides of the map. The Wizards Mind bomb can be bought at the pub in Falador. The unfired bowl can be made but it requires clay which is at the bottom of the map in Rimmington. I already had a lobster pot and the piece of silk was in Al Kharid to the far east on the map.

After a lot of trekking around I finally assembled all the pieces. Went down to the door in the dwarven mines put all of the items in. Or so I thought…I accidenty drank the wizards Mind Bomb instead of using it on the door. So one more trek up to Falador to get another one. Lucky for me, the items still counted as in the door when I returned. I was worried I’d have to go around and gather everything again which would not have been pleasant.

So now, I had one piece left which I needed either 10k or level 33 Magic to obtain. So I bought a whole bunch of Runes in Varrock and wend to the Wizards Tower near Draynor. And there I took potshots at a lesser demon in a cage for 18 levels along with 3-5 other people at any given time.

Now all of this may sound a bit annoying but this is something I actually like about Runescape questing. Every quest takes time, whether that’s travel time, time collecting items, or time leveling up to complete the next task. It makes each quest feel like it’s own adventure.

After an hour of 2 of leveling I went back, killed Wormbrain, grabbed the map, and assembled all the pieces. Now it was time to find a captain and a ship to take me to Crandor.

*I got done writing the post and realized I had 1 screenshot I could use….oops.

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