GTFO: Purification Complete

Purification was the last mission we needed to complete to finish the second tier of the current Rundown. While I’ve tried the other two with the squad before I wasn’t there when they finally beat them. So it was nice to be able to complete one before I got dragged down to the thrid rung.

The objective on Purification is to find 4 power cells, power up the generators and get out. When the level begins, most everything is covered in fog. As more generators are powered up the fog starts to dissipate from the map.

The map starts in a very large, very foggy room. It’s filled with a number of little sleepers and a few big ones. We opted for a second turret over a bio tracker so taking out the room stealthy was not an option. You can barely see the little guys and there’s so many big guys we decided the best option was to trigger the whole room. Turrets out, mines deployed, guns blazing it takes a good bit of ammo to clear it out but seems to be the best strategy we’ve found. We grabbed the power cell in here and headed to the next room.

The second room is the main hub of the map. This is where the generators are located and the branching paths to the rest of the rooms. It’s slightly annoying to get around to to the giant trench that runs around the whole room and only one or two spots to cross safely. I definalty fell into the trench more than a few times…

The next door is a security door with enemies pounding on it. We set up a turret and two mines which made short work of anything that came out. At this point we’re hurting for ammo and tool refills but finding nothing. Typically, in this branch there’s a scout we end up having to deal with. We got lucky this time and the scout spawned in a room we didn’t need to go through, or so we thought. Turns out there’s a second scout that spawns a bit further down. We’ve found that the Hel Rifle makes the scouts way less dangerous. One shot to the head takes it out usually and we don’t have to deal with a scout alarm. We found the next power cell and headed back to the main hub.

The second is easier. There aren’t any scouts or many enemies. Which is good because we’re all low on ammo. Nothing eventful happens in these rooms and we quietly escape with the third power cell.

The last door is located in the hub room but down a ladder. If you don’t have 3 power cells the bottom of the ladder is filled with fog and will cause infection quickly if you go down there. This door is actually really easy. You can set up mines at the botton some c-foam and a turret at the top of the ladder and watch all the enemies die without firing to many bullets.

There was a scout in these clusters of rooms. I accidentally triggered it at probably the worst time. There’s never a good time to accidentally trigger a scout but when most everyone has 10%-0% ammo it’s usually a game over. Somehow we survived though and ended up finding some ammo packs and crawling our way back to the hub.

Placing all 4 power cells in the generators causes the lights to turn off. Who would have guessed? This leads to a group scan as enemies start pouring into the room. The first time we ever did Purification we assumed we’d need to run to the end and defend extraction totally missing the first group scan by the generators.

This time we knew better. We sealed up the doors as best we could leading to us. Placed the mines at as many doors as we could and started the scan. Nothing got to us on the first scan.

We ran back to the extraction point which has a very long group scan. Lucky for us it was in the same spot we usually trigger the first room so we were well versed in defending that spot. It was an easy finish.

Overall,Purification was probably my least favorite on this tier of the rundown. Once you know the general lay out and how to approach some rooms it’s not difficult. But it also doesn’t bring anything knew to the table mechanics wise and there isn’t anything all that interesting about it. Plus, it takes a long time. Our clear time was an hour and a half. Getting to the third door take about an hour so a failure on Purification is so denominational.

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