My 5 Nostalgic Spots of Runescape

One of my first goals was to give myself a healthy dose of nostalgia by visiting my old haunts from 2007. Being a free player at the time I spent a lot of time a very small section of the Runescape map. Thanks to Old School Runescape I can visit these locations as they were and as I remembered them.

The Lumbridge Cow Fields

What I remember most fondly doing here is collecting cow hides and making the run to Al Kharid to tan them and train crafting. I didn’t care to do that this time around and used these cows to train my combat stats up to 30 or so. It’s a bussling hub on the Free Worlds where only the fastest clickers can claim a cow before the guy with the bow tags it. Looking at things now, I think the Lumbridge Castle Bank may have been a quicker run than going all the way down to the Al Kharid bank.

The Karamja Docks

For some reason I have a very vivid memory of spending a Thanksgiving morning here fishing for lobsters. I couldn’t be bothered to run all the way back to Draynor Village to bank raw lobsters so I’d wait for someone to start a fire and I’d cook them until I had a full inventory. Then I’d take the ship back to Port Sarim and sell them to the fish shop. It would net me a thousand gold or so and I’d rinse and repeat this to train fishing and make some cash. There’s now a bank deposit box in Port Sarim but I still used the old method for nostalgia’s sake and made me just enough money when I needed it.

The Top of The Wizards Tower

My go to place to train Magic. there’s a level 82 lesser demon up here that has quite a bit of health. The demon is locked in a cage so he can’t hurt you. Unfortunately, that also means you weren’t able to get loot unless you had runes for Telekenetic Hand. I once again found myself here not only for the screenshot but also to train my magic up for a quest.

The Hill Giant Lair

I used to stand int his exact spot, bow in hand, ready to click on the next giant to appear. They couldn’t get around the bones so I was free to hit them without any risk. I haven’t touched my Range skill yet this time so I’ve spent the majority of my time here training my melee combat stats to 40.

The 3 Coal Rock Spawn in the Dwarven Mines

I had quite a high mining level back in the day. I want to say it was around 70 but I’m not 100% sure. I mined mostly coal because it sold well and was relatively quick to get once my mining was high enough. I used to have to fight bots for every node and would usually mine it before them. It was then a short walk to one of the banks in Falador and then back to this spot. I made the trip here to get coal to make some steel items. The bots weren’t here and I could mine in peace.

The Willow Trees of Draynor Village

There’s no telling how much time I spent here. In fact, this is probably the place I spent the most time my first go round in Runescape. For whatever reason woodcutting appealed to me. It was my favorite skill in the game even though it was releatively hands off. The main problem in for free accounts and woodcutting is that once you reach level 30 there isn’t anything but Willows to cut until you hit level 60 and can cut Yews. Yews were my biggest long term goal because they sold really well. I funded all of my cosmetics from cutting yew logs. One summer, I decided I was going to get the Guthix Trimmed Rune armor set. I had to gather 1,000 logs to sell for enough gold. So there I was me and the bots cutting yew logs outside of Varrock.

I think I eventually figured out I could make more money cutting Willow trees than Yews because they were faster to collect and there was less time running to the bank. So back to Draynor I went and there I stayed until my last log out. By the time I stopped playing Runescape I had level 88 woodcutting. It was my crowning achievement of my account at the time. The Runelite Calculator says it would take 60k willow logs to go from level 60-88 from cutting willow logs. Like I said, who knows how much time I spent there.

Woodcutting doesn’t interest me as much this time around. There’s so much more I want to explore once I get a membership. But I did get my woodcutting to 30 just so I could take a screenshot in Draynor Village.

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