Dragon Slayer: Slaying the Dragon!

Once inside the Crandor Volcano there’s a little dungeon here filled with skeletons. They do attack on site but aren’t hitting hard enough to be a serious threat. I leapt over a wall to face Elvarg himself!

Unfortunately for me, my combat stats were not high enough. I barely got a hit in, and when I did it was for very little damage. I go halfway through my food inventory before I bailed. Leaping back over the wall I made a mad dash for the entrance. Except I dropped into the top of a volcano apparently without a rope so I couldn’t escape the way I came. I ran further into the dungeon only to find more agressive creatures and even some level 82 lesser demons on the way. My food was running out and I was on the verge of dying.

I managed to find a safe spot in between two camps of creatures and used my home teleport to escape back to Lumbridge.I needed to level up my combat stats as 30 strength, Attack, and Defense wasn’t cutting it. I headed to the only place I knew to do some decent leveling, the Hill giant lair.

I ended up spending a lot of time here. I switched my attack style to controlled so that I would gain experience for attack, stregth, and defense all at the same time. The goal was to get everything up to level 40 so I could wield a Rune weapon.

I got everything up to 35 before I decided the controlled lifestyle was not for me. I know that I’m leveling 3 skills at once but it also feels painfully slow. I resorted to leveling up my combat skills individually. I started with Attack until I hit 40 and went over to the Grand Exchange to buy a Rune scimitar. I went back down to the lair to level up strength. Thanks to the increased damage from the rune weapon I was able to kill things more quickly and the last 5 levels of strength weren’t too bad. Finally, I finished off defense which went even quicker thanks to the rune weapon and increased strength. Runelite actually has a loot tracker which also counts the number of monsters you’ve killed. I ended up killing around 350 Hill Giants before I hit 40 in my melee stats.

I headed back to Port Sarim to catch my ride back to Crandor only to find my boat had another whole in it…I made some more nails got some more planks and went back. Only to find I can’t repair the hole so how do I get back to Crandor?

It turns out, since I ran so far into the Crandor Jungle I unlocked a short cut from Karamja to Crandor via the volcano in Karamja. I had to run past 2 lesser demons but they didn’t get a hit in before I lept over the wall to face Elvarg again.

With the higher combat stats and the upgraded weapon I was actually doing damage this time. I brought a full inventory of cooked lobsters which I was quickly eating through. I was getting down to my last lobster when I got the last hit on Elvarg. It was close but I got him!

I returned to Oziach with Elvarg’s head as proof I slayed the dragon. I can now wear the Green D’hide body and the Rune Breast plate.

With Dragon Slayer completed and no sign of my interest in Runescape dwindling it’s time to get a membership.

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