A Bit of Filler


I read Belghast’s post this morning about just writing and a topic might jump out at you. That’s an approach I should take more often. Even if it doesn’t lead to something riveting  at least I’m sitting down and interacting with my blog.

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel like writing. Normally, I brush these days off and say I’ll have something to write tomorrow which sometimes work but most of the time leads to very long periods of inactivity for me.

The main reason I like events like Blaugust and Blapril is that it’s a little added pressure to sit down and write. I’ve mentioned it before but after I have a few days straight of writing I start feeling like a blogger instead of a guy who writes blog posts sometimes.


I’ve struggled with motivation and consistency since I started this thing. You would think I’d hang it up. The fact is, that I like it here and I like the fact that it’s here when I want to use it. It enhances my hobby and gives me a creative outlet I wouldn’t normally have. Even if that creative outlet is simply writing about what I did the following night. I’m going to test out this “filler” approach and see where it leads. If nothing else I think it will keep me interested in writing.


I’ve been making decent progress through Tales of Berseria. I’m past the point I put the game down last time so everything now is new to me. It’s very relaxing and engaging at the same time. When I sit down to play, I get the same feeling when bingeing a good show. The story isn’t ground-breaking but it’s got the familiar tropes I know and love. I don’t need a story to be wholely original to enjoy it. Tropes are tropes for a reason: because they work. The game is mostly cut scenes anyways. Many of which are filler themselves. Actually, a lot of the skits and cut-aways don’t advance the story but do focus on characterization. That’s what I liked about Zestiria too: by the end all of the characters had they’re own arcs and relationships to the group. It wasn’t just a story about the main character but the party members goals too.

The combat is as complex or as simple as you want it to be. I’ve opted for the simpler route playing on normal and not worrying about the intricacies of status effects and chaining effects. Just let me hit stuff and let me look cool while doing it and I’m happy. Just like Tales of Zestiria, I’m still getting tutorials for combat systems after 12 hours of playing. There’s a lot of systems to dig into here but for the most part as long as I use artes that match up to an enemies weakness I’m good to go!



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