Back in the Hunting Groove

Monster Hunter: World_20180131195329

I’ve been a Monster Hunter fan since impulse buying Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. Since then my friend Jay and I have played every iteration of the game since on the 3DS. The 3DS as it turns out, is not my preferred way to play the series. Even with the XL version the screen felt too small and the controls we’re not ideal. So when I heard last year that Monster Hunter was coming to the PS4 and back to my TV I was estaic. And now that it finally released I can confidently say its almost everything I wanted it to be.

This has to be the most accessable Monster Hunter ever. I don’t have to go to a wiki to see what all these skills on my armor mean, what monster is weak against what, anf there is actually a list of combos to help you learn your weapon of choice.

Let me tell you though, there’s been a lot of changes since the good old Wii days. Tri took up the majority of my summer days that year. The multiplayer connection was so bad that I would only connect to my friends after hitting reconnect 10 or so times. Then once we all got connected we’d have o finish the quest as cast as possible or risk getting disconnected. I amt tell you how many times I’d be carving a monster after a 30 minute battle only to be disconnected and lose everything. Good times…

This led to a lot of my summer spent at Jay’s house in entirely different rooms yelling at each other to heal for hours on end only seeing each other when we broke for lunch. These days we live states a part so it’s a good thing the connection issues were solved in MH3U.

In fact I love everything about Monster Hunter World except the multiplayer. In the previous games there was a clear distinction between single player and multiplayer quests almost like there own separate campaigns. In fact you could play the previous games entirely in multiplayer and never touch the single player. MHW mixes them together and makes you play through the story to unlock the optional multiplayer quests. Which is kind of annoying when on release day you can’t go hunting monsters with your friends right off the bat. Last night I discovered that friends behind me in the story could still accept optional quests I posted for monsters they haven’t encountered yet. Which means only one of us really has to run through the majority of the story to get a decent amount of multiplayer quests. At least that’s how it seems right now. Maybe this will change later on.

I haven’t actually gotten all that far in the story. Yesterday I played the Pukei-Pukei for the first time and unlocked the desert area I think. The first few days were spent killing the Great Jagras over and over again to figure out which weapon spoke to me this time around. I usually main the long sword or switch axe but my two Monster Hunter buddies called those for our multiplayer hunts so I love decided to relearn my third favorite weapon, the gunlance and I’ve been enjoying it in single player so far. It’s slower and more defensive approach than the other weapons but it’s so satisfying when you get a long combo off and back step out of danger. As for my multiplayer weapon of choice I’ve settled on the hunting horn for two reasons. 1) Its fun to buff my friends and 2) it makes some pretty obnoxious noises.

This week I’m going to work on getting through more of the story. I’m excited to square off against the Barroth who has been one of my favorite fights over the years. I’ll have to see if he has any new tricks up his sleeve this time around.

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