Hopping on the Comic Book Bandwagon

Screenshot (7)I didn’t get a lot of gaming in this last week on account of I had family in town. So there’s not much to write about on that front. We did go see Spider-Man: Homecoming which was I think was the first Marvel Movie I’ve watched since Age of Ultron in 2015.

I like the Marvel Cinimatic Universe but I’ve fallen woefully behind. I think I’ve seen 2 Iron mans, 1 thor, and 0 Captain America movies. I’ve seen both Avengers though but missed Civil War. Luckily I knew what Civil War was about before going to see Spider-Man otherwise I would have been a little bit lost.

I can’t pass up a Spider-man movie not since the first one came out in 2002. Toby Maguire will forever be my favorite Peter Parker, if we just convientently forget about the third movie. But every time I go to see Spidey on the big screen I’m never disappointed.

I was never a comic book fan as a kid. I learned all about the big name super heroes through their respective cartoon runs from the 90s. Since I didn’t have cable these were the only cartoons I watched because they hit the network stations on saturday mornings complete with a healthy dose of power rangers.

In fact, it didn’t even occur to me that comic books were still being written until a few years ago. After seeing Guardians of th Galaxy in 2014 I looked into the whole comic book thing and was suprised to find that, yes, comic books never went away. So I plunged into a whole new realm of media consumtion. I read everything I could get my hands on from the library and even wrote a few reviews for a now defunct comic book site. They paid me in comics though!

I discoverd Comixology was basically the Steam of digital comics, complete with thousands of series and sales all the time. I read nothing but graphic novels and trade paper beacks that year and it was amazing. Then I sort of lost intrest and forgot about them as a whole until I saw Spider-Man.

It looks like Marvel’s big marketing machine actually worked on me. Not Only have I been trying to catch up on the MCU as of late but I’ve also fallen back in love with comics. So much that I’ve subscribed for a year to Marvel Unlimited, sort of like a netflix for marvel comics with thousands of backlogged digital issues all the way up until 6 months ago. The nice thing is all those series I started in 2014 I can actually finish without paying for each and every issue.

Right now I’m following a reading order for the Avengers series from 2004 all the way until 6 months ago. I wish DC had an unlimited service too but sadly they don’t. But the local library and surrounding libraries have so much to offer from both DC, Marvel and the indie publishers. It just sucks waiting for them to come in!

I know I’m a bandwagon comic book fan but I don’t care its so much fun to read in a different medium. There’s just some stories that are better told in comics and graphic novels than they would be in tv, film, or books. It’s also such a pretty medium with each artist bringing their own ascetic to each book they work on. I haven’t decided if I like the serialized nature of the books though. On the one hand cliff hangers build up suspense and anticipation for the next issue but on the other hand I really want to know what happens next right now and not a month from now.

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