August Gaming Goals


In my rush of excitement to get my post out yesterday I forgot to mention that I’m participating in Blaugust 2016. This being a post about goals and all I think it still fits the bill. I’ll be attempting to post everyday this month. So far two down and 29 more to go!

I’m fully expecting No Man’s Sky to take up most of my gaming time this month. We’ll see how manhy of these I get to.

General Gaming

  • Play No Man’s Sky: It’s almost here!
  • Beat the third boss in Furi: Still really enjoying this game.
  • Continue to play Dark Souls 2: My friends like to watch me die over and over again.
  • Get 2 more gym badges in Alpha Sapphire: Oh Pokemon, I forgot how fun you were. I also forgot that you were a decently long game.


  • Use my 5 free days in Final Fantasy 14: I’ve been itching to play this and you can’t beat free stuff.
  • Try out Neverwinter on PS4: Its new and shiny an I remember it being kind of fun on PC. I really need to pick a class and stick with it. I’ve been through 4 characters already.


  • Beat 1 steam game: I’ve been slacking a didn’t really play any steam games last month.


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