I Only PVP Socially

20200414184202_1.jpgNow that I’m playing more Hunt: Showdown I’ve been thinking more about my relationship with PVP games. If you would have asked me a week ago I would have told you I avoid them and I’m a PVE carebear all the way. But that’s not entirely true. When I reflect back, some of my best gaming memories come from PVP with friends. And that’s the key: I find myself only enjoying these types of games with friends.

My first encounter with PVP was in the wilds of Runescape. A zone you could go to fight other people and then lose most of your stuff when you died. I don’t remember if there was another reason to go into that zone.I spent very little time there. I do remember going in there with one of my friends and a friend of a friend and getting killed by a said friend of a friend….that was probably my last visit.

Then there was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. All the kids were playing it, seriously. That’s all my circle of friends talked about for months. All we did in our free time. During this time, I went to a friend’s birthday party who’s parents ha rented out one of those gaming arena’s with 50 or so gaming desktops inside. It was a lock-in where we played this game for probably 15 hours straight.  This is the game that taught me a) I’m not great at aiming and b) I get really tensed up when playing against other people. This still persists today and I recognize that I make bad gameplay decisions because of it.

College was the year of League of Legends with my friends. Long nights of matches against randoms. When we had enough people we’d play 5v5 against each other. We’d watch the LCS together on the weekends. I never did get into the ranked mode and I rarely played solo queue.

Most recently, I played a lot of Apex and Battlefield 5 last year with the boys. Up until playing Hunt: Showdown this past week I don’t think I’ve touched a PVP game in months.

I haven’t found a PVP game I’ve gotten enjoyment out of on my own. Part of this is that I don’t want to get yelled at people online for poor performance. It’s not something that I particularly enjoy. It helps to know I have one person on my team I know. I love League of Legends but I can’t play it on my own without turning off all the chat options. The other part is I get overly frustrated on my own. It literally brings out the worst in me and I’m not sure why. I lose at PVE games I’m fine but the second I get beat by another player my temper flares up. Which is weird because I don’t consider myself a highly competitive person.

The little part of my brain that always wants to take up new hobbies is fixating on finding a PVP game on my own. I thought of maybe trying to get back into Black Desert or some sort of PVE mixed with PVP game and try to take a calm approach to it. But I also know that in a week or two that feeling will probably pass.

Hunt: Showdown First Impressions


20200411135715_1.jpgNext on the list of games that are outside my normal genre we have Hunt: Showdown. Or as I like to call it Bayou Zombie Simulator 2020. Greg has wanted this game for a while and its made for duos so I figured I’d try it out too.

First impressions: wow I suck at this but it’s fun! I can best describe this as a mini-battle royale with some PVE and mostly PVP. Each match has players hunting for clues to find the bounties. Which are very large creatures with tons of health. As you find clues, areas on the map are greyed out to show you where the bounties aren’t. The ultimate goal is to kill the bounty, grab the coins it drops and run to extraction before anyone can take you out.


This is not my typical cup of tea but it has a lot of things I like. First and foremost it’s a duos game. There’s an option to allow teams of 3 to join your match but you can leave that unchecked. Matches are a mix of two-man teams and solo players. Second, it’s set in the 1890s. When’s the last time you played a game set in that time period? Ok fine, Red Dead Redemption 2 was 1899 but still, it’s a unique setting. The time period also means that the gunplay is a lot slower. We’re talking some guns can fire 1 round and then have to reload. Which is a plus for me, I’m terrible at FPS games but the slower gunplay gives me a fighting chance. Third, there are a ton of unlocks not only at the character level but at the account level too. I’m getting new guns and perks left and right. Yay progression!


Hunt: Showdown has features I’ve never seen in games before. Like the fact that if your character dies in a match they’re dead for good. You lose all the equipment and guns on them too. Hunters and weapons are cheap so it’s not so bad but it’s always in the back of your mind if you want to stay and fight or extract and keep your stuff. Also, everything makes a unique noise. Run through the woods and twigs will snap under your feet. Run past some crows they’ll take off and make a really loud noise. Sound is almost more useful than what you can see when you’re trying to find other players.

I will admit, I’m surprised that I want to play more of this game. I thought for sure I would play it and return it before the two-hour mark. But I’m having so much fun with it. We managed to extract a bounty once which skyrocketed our account levels and I’ve been getting better at aiming and hitting targets. There’s a lot to learn and I hope it remains as fun as it is in these early stages.