A Visit to Wimblewick and Bobbintoff

I have one more quest to complete in the Grasslands area. A sailor is looking for his missing crew and he’s given me some hints as to where they could be. Surprisingly, they are not marked on the mini map or glowing off in the distance brighter than the sun so it appears I’ll actually have to look for them. I’ve run around the area a few times and come to the conclusion that they aren’t in the Grasslands and I’ll need to venture out to a new zone.

Yonder has quite a few boxes to tick for each zone. The main ones tracked on the map are mist cleared, farm progress, Sprites found, quests completed, and trees planted which increase the happiness of the region. The happier the region the more bonuses for that region. Every region seems to have the same bonuses: 1.5x harvest, 1.5x animal sightings, and 1.5x faster farm production. I’m already past the 75% happiness for the last bonus in the Grasslands so it’s probably time to move on anyways.

But where to go? I intended to follow the main story and I did for a time. I ended up  in the town of Wimblewick where Rex, the Ferryman was looking for some help to fix his ferry. He sent me to the Carpenters Guild to get some supplies for the repairs. Instead of pointing me in the right direction for materials Agatha Woodgrain inducted me in to the Carpenters Guild with quite a few wood related puns. Then told me to go make the materials myself. Lucky for me, I had most of the raw materials I needed and any extra bits were all readily available at the trader close by. Like I mentioned last time, I had to do one quest to go from novice Carpenter to Master Carpenter so now I’m an expert. Materials in hand, I made my way back to Rex to fix the boat.

With the ferry fixed, Rex can take me across the way to the Old Kingdom in the Radiant Sands. This is where the next step of the main quest line lies. But I somehow ended up wandering down south to the Hearthwind Vale and doing some exploring instead.

Oh is it now?

I arrived in the town of Bobbintoff, which is just a fantastic name for a town,  as the sun was setting. Upon entering, Kit, one of my collected Sprites who looks like a stylized Baby Yoda, let me know that it was Halloween. It’s currently Fall on the Island so this seems to be a seasonal event of some sort. I had a choice to make: dress as up as a Witch or a Vampire Butler (seems oddly specific. I had to go with the Vampire Butler to see what that was about.

Nothing says Vampire Butler like a bowler hat.

Once I donned the costume, I went to each door to trick or treat. Some of the residents were confused, some gave me mysterious candy, and some just weren’t home to celebrate. There were also some green jack-o-lanterns that gave out mysterious candy as well. Having knocked on every door and found every jack-o-lantern I had around 50 mysterious candy rattling around in my backpack. I found a vendor in town who trades candy for some spooky accessories. 50 it seems was not enough to purchase everything so it looks like I’ll need to stop in Bobbintoff next Fall to collect the rest.

I’m getting the feeling some of the spookier residents don’t know it’s Halloween

During the day, Bobbintoff is home to the Tailors Guild. I became a novice Tailor by inquiring with the Guildmaster. It looks like these recipes will be a bit harder to make since they require different color dyes. The trader in town sells only one of each dye so I’ll have to stop back when their inventory refreshes. Whenever that might be. I put all of my collected resources into crafting Tailor’s Kits and Leather Straps which put me around 700 Value, I’m holding out for buying more dye so I can craft some more fashion items. If I’m going to be a Master Tailor after this I have to look good after all.
I think my next stop will be popping over to the Radiant Sands and picking the story back up to see where that leads. Hopefully I’ll have enough Sprites to clear out some murk over there and keep the story going. If not, I’m sure I’ll find myself back in Hearthwind Vale before too long!

Wandering Around Yonder

According to my last and only save file, I last played Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles in 2017. I thought I had written a post about it at some point but when I went back to read it there was no post to be found published, in drafts, or otherwise. I must have not gotten around to it. I do remember I was going to call it something like Fetch Quest: The Game though. That’s what has stuck with me over the years when I think of Yonder. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I remember it being enjoyable actually. Enough to want to give it another shot a few years later.

I didn’t intentionally set out to start another play-through. I was going through my library and looking at Verified games for the Steam Deck. Right there at the bottom of the list was Yonder. I just wanted to see how it would run (it runs great by the way). I started a new game, because there was no way I was picking up a 4 year old save and went through the little tutorial. Then I got to the first area and started to remember a bit more about the game. I did a quest or two, chopped down a few trees and before I knew it an hour had passed and didn’t want to put it down.

Gemea’s Fall Damage Prevention Kit

Yonder is a game about exploration. It has some trading, farming, crafting, and resource gathering in it as well but at it’s heart it’s about exploring the world the world, collecting things, and finding little Sprites scattered aroudn the world.. There is no combat, it’s just you, your tools, and the needy inhabitants of Gemea who can’t be bothered to do things like pick up sticks from the ground or talk to the trader standing next to them. Nope, that’s my job! Happy to do it!

The majority of my time has been running from place to place sucking up every material in sight like a vacuum for these people. . There are a ton of these quests in each zone and the only reward is a little notification about the amount of quests remaining in the zone. That’s good enough I guess.

More often than not these guys are not happy to see me. They do love living in my backpack though.

There’s also a story but I haven’t been progressing it to much yet. A mysterious mist has settled in places around the island and it’s up to me and my spirit friends to dispel it and figure out where it’s coming from. I just have to find the Sprites hidden among the island first. Each mist needs a certain amount of Sprites found to get rid of it. So far I’ve found 7 of these little guys.

Last but not least there is a bunch of things to collect along the way. There are missing cats, treasure chest, clothes, hair styles, fish, crafting recipes and more cats. I was also given a farm not long after my arrival. If I lure animals in to it after feeding them their favorite food I can “adopt” them. And by adopt I mean put them in a pen and have them make trade goods while I’m out and about. I think they can also come on my adventure with me if I so choose. I’ve set up my farm with a large animal house for my Griff, a small animal house for my fox, and a garden for the seeds I’ve been picking up.

I’ll trade you six bundles of sticks, 5 bundles of grass, and a fish for a pickax. Seems fair.

The trade system is based of bartering. Goods have an assigned currency value at the traders but there isn’t any currency. Most raw materials are worth around 1 currency with the crafted goods going for a lot more. Each town has something they need so goods in one town are worth more than another. With all the raw materials I’ve been picking up, I’m usually able to get what I need just trading the grass and sticks I’ve picked up. It’s a good thing my inventory is so large.

There’s a crating system which involves finding the different guilds on the island and asking nicely to join. There isn’t much to it, as long as you have the required materials in inventory you can make the item. So far I have joined the Carpenters Guild and the Tailors Guild. I started out as a novice and was given some basic crafting recipes and a quest to craft enough items to be worth 1000 in value. You might think, like I did, that there would be a couple of the quests to do. Each time increasing your rank, unlocking some more recipes, and having to craft a a greater value of items. But like me, you’d be wrong. As soon as I turned in the quest to the Carpenters Guild I was told I was now a Master Carpenter. I’m assuming the same is true for the rest of the guilds. Though right now I’m having a hard time sourcing materials for the Tailors guild since the trader there seems to only stock one of each item. I’m not sure how often their inventory updates. It’s something I’m still looking in to.

Objective straight ahead!

Yonder is not a challenging game, it’s not a game that you have to use critical thinking skills, it’s a game that literally points out the next objective with a very bright light. It’s a game where boxes are checked, items are discovered, and there is no danger in exploring. It’s a very relaxing game and it’s one that I’m very much in need of right now.