A Short Wrap Up of Blaugust 2022

Another Blaugust is in the books. It really flew by this year!

As always, a huge thank you to Belghast for organizing this event year after year and continuing to make it something to look forward to.

I enjoyed the Blaugchievemnents this year. I ended up with 15/19. Way more than I thought I would get at the beginning of the month.

My Blaugust run this year was quite successful. This will be my 26th post this month making this my second best Blaugust showing to date. Leaps and bounds better than Blaugust 2021 where I only posted 3 times. August 2022 accounts for more than half of the posts I’ve written this year.

Per usual, I’m feeling super positive about blogging coming out of this event. I’m looking forward to continuing to post more frequently in the months ahead. It was such a pleasure to see so much varied content this year and a whole lot of new faces. Though it will be nice to see a small slow down in the torrent of posts next month so I can read everything.

Hope to continue seeing everyone around the rest of the year!

2 thoughts on “A Short Wrap Up of Blaugust 2022

  1. Marathal August 31, 2022 / 5:16 pm

    I have to say. Whenever I see

    Many Whelps

    My brain automatically says

    Handle it.


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