Chasing Goals in Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe for a good month an a half now with no stopping in sight. In fact, it’s the only game I’ve been playing over that time period. I’m still a bit suprised how much it’s grabbed me but I think it’s come down to two things.: My friends are still playing it and I can consistelntly find new goals to work towards.

The former has been a great way to keep my interest since I have people to discuss the game with and maybe even compete a little bit. The later is really what keeps me going though. Warframe is such a big game with so much content that I’ll have goals to work towards for a while.

So far I’ve acomplished:

  1. Finding and upgrading a few weapons I like and can use effectively for the rest of the game
  2. Finding a Warframe I really like to play. Gauss is just so much fun to play. Gotta go fast!
  3. Crafting an Archwing Launcher to I can fly around the open world areas.
  4. Unlocking the Archgun Deployer so I can use a giant gun to shoot things anywhere.
  5. Building a Railjack.
  6. Completing a lot of the story quests.
  7. Achieving Mastery Rank 15.

I’ve managed to do all of this since I’ve been back in the game. Some of them have been easy and some of them, like the Archgun Deployer, involved a 2 week reputation grind to get. But all of it has been enjoyable content to do.

Next up on goals to chase are:

  1. Completing all of Nightwave
  2. Completing the remaining story quests
  3. Chasing down the parts to Octavia Prime
  4. Collecting all of the Plague Star Blueprints before the event ends.

I’m sure I’ll find more to chase after as I continue to play but for now this is my current list of goals in the game. I especially what to catch up on the story quests as the next major story piece comes out in a few months.

I do still wonder how long Warframe will continue to hold my attention. I’m notorious for getting really in to games for a short period and then moving on to something else. I think it will continue to hold my interest as long as I have things to work towards and people to play with!

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