Max Level in New Genesis

Over the weekend, I hit level 20 on my Techer main class. This is currently where the max level stands in New Genesis. Getting there didn’t take all that long, just over 3 weeks of pretty casual play. There were some days where I spent hours killing mobs and doing quests but the majority of my play time has been to log in, do the dailies/weeklies, and then log off. The hardest parts of the whole leveling experience was finding/upgrading gear to hit the required Battle Power to move the story along and unlock new zones.

Now that I’m here at level 20 there isn’t a whole lot I want to do on this character. That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything else I could be doing.

I could get my sub class up to level 20 but I’m not sure how this would benefit my character. Skill points are acquired by doing instanced Cocoons instead of leveling up. I’ve done all the Cocoons already so my main class and my sub class have all the skill points they need. I think hitting 20 on my sub class would boost the damage of my secondary weapon, the Rod. I hardly use the rod since I can cast just find with the wand and still dish out melee damage without having to weapon swap.

I could go out and look for rare weapon and armor drops. The problem with this is that my gear is just fine at the moment. All of the 4 star weapons and armor can be bought off the market for dirt cheap. We’re talking like 1,000 Metesa cheap. The 4 star armor is a bit more expensive but not by much. The rarity comes in the form of Fixa attributes which add additional stats to a weapon or armor. For now, these stats seem pretty minimal and since I’m not much of a min-maxer I’m not too motivated to go out and look for these right now.

I could go and hunt Gigantix but that seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Gigantixs are a special type of boss that spawns in the exploration zones when it rains. To actually do any damage to them you need to be level 20 but the game doesn’t actually tell you that. They also scale off of player proximity so what happens is you have characters of all levels running to these things which jacks up their power and makes them really hard to kill. It’s essentially a public DPS check on a really short timer. From what I’ve seen, people who are actively hunting these things are also not very pleasant….

I was thinking about just switching my main class to Force to try that out but the skill system doesn’t quite let you do that. Switching Force from a sub class to main class doesn’t reset the skill points I already invested in the tree. So skills that were good for the sub class would leave the main class lacking. Of course, I could buy a second skill tree for $5 but I’m not inclined to do that right now. I’d rather make a second character while I have the slots.

And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do next. I’m curious how long it will take this time around to get another character to level 20. Since I can share metesa, gear, and upgrade materials between characters it should be much easier to pass the Battle Power restrictions and open up new zones. This does mean I’ll need to do the cacoons again, get all of the fast travel points again, and do the main quest again but I don’t think that will be too bad.

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