OSRS Trailblazer League

The Trailblazer League in Old School Runescape has been going for a week now. This is the first chance I’ve gotten to write about it because I’ve been so busy playing it!

The Trailblazer League is a limited time game mode that takes place on a handful of worlds for the next few months. Why would you want to play a limited time game mode instead of your main account? For cosmetics my friend! Oh and because it’s super fun too.

The premise of the league is every one starts in Misthalin and Karamja Progress through the league is split between unlocking areas and unlocking relics There are a lists of tasks to complete ranging from easy to “elite” to complete. Each completed task awards some league points which are a currency for your main account to buy limited time cosmetics and system that unlocks relics. After you complete a certain amount of tasks you can unlock another area.

What’s a relic? It’s an overpowered buff that’s unlocked on a tier basis that changes the way you play the game. For example, I took the Endless Harvest tier 1 relic that allows me to instanly bank items from woodcutting, fishing, and mining. On top of that I also get 2 times the resourses per action.

Everyone in the league is an ironman account which means there’s no trading between players, there’s no grand exchange to buy items, and you can’t pick up other players drops. Everyone has to be self sufficent and since the areas are locked it may be difficult to find the things you need.

I made some decent progress this week. I’ve unlocked 2 additional areas so far Asgarnia and Kandarin. I’ve also unlocked 4 tiers of relics. I plan on writing later posts all of this but I wanted to get a post out while I was in the writing mood!

Now back to the league….

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