The Art of Running Around in Circles.

Agility in Old School Runescape is an important skill. It let’s you use agility shortcuts to traverse the map quicker and directly affects your run energy regen. Without it, run energy can take upwards of 12 minutes to regen to full which is a pain when you’re short on Teleports and trying to get somewhere.

Training Agility starts over at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. Each obstacle on the course gives you some XP and completing the course gives you extra XP. So essentially, to train Agility, you run around in circles until you have a high enough level to go to another course to….run around in circles and so on and so on.

After hitting 10 agility in the Gnome Stronghold I headed over to Draynor Village to do the Rooftop Agility course there. The Rooftop Agility Courses differ from regular agility courses as they can spawn Marks of Grace. Marks of Grace are a currency used to buy the Graceful Outfit which is a very important set of equipment.

With a full set of Graceful run energy regens 30% faster and reduces the player’s inventory weight by 25kg. Since run depletion and regen are based on the weight the character is carrying this set let’s you carry more and run farther and more often. This especially comes in handy when collecting materials for skilling or just getting around the map in general. This became my first big goal of my account.

My strategy was to run the each Rooftop course until I was a high enough level for the next one. I was curious to see what level I would end up at when I was done collecting all 255 marks for the full set.

Now, I won’t lie, this sounds like an awful grind, but I found it quite relaxing. One of the things I like about OSRS is that it can be grindy and mindless when I want it to be but it can also be an active experience as well. I was in the mood for mindless and wanted to catch up on some episodes of the No Sleep Podcast and this was a perfect way to do it.

Runelite was also a big help here. The agility addin counts down the laps remaining for each agility level and highlights the Marks of Grace so you don’t miss them. I found myself saying “it’s only 20 more laps until the next level. I have time for that”

One of the nice things about training agility is that there’s no materials involved and no need to bank or store items. I found the levels went by pretty quick until about level 50.

50-60 Agility had me running around the Falador Rooftop Agility course. This course has more clicking than the Canfis agility course for sure. Luckily, my run energy was regening fast enough that by the time I completed the course I was back up to full. Which meant I could stay there from 50-60 and not leave to buy more Graceful pieces.

It was on the Falador Rooftop course at level 58 that I got the Giant Squirell agility pet. At first I was like, cool a pet. Then I took a look at the wiki to see if it did anything. Pet’s are cosmetic with no added abilities or modifiers. However, they’re apparently incredibly rare. On the Falador course at my level I had a 1 in 25,331 chance of getting the pet…should have played the lottery or something that day.

After hitting level 60 I had enough marks to buy 2 more pieces of the Graceful set. It was time to say goodbye to Falador and head over to Seers Village, a place I’d never been before.

The course here does not have unlimited run energy so I did have to walk a few laps every now and then. It also meant that leaving when I got enough marks for a new piece was a good idea. Once I got the Graceful top Seer’s Village almost had me at unlimited run energy.

Finally, at level 66 agility I had enough marks to buy the last Graceful piece and wear a full set. 66 was a nice level to end on because it’s one of the breaks for faster energy regen. The next break is at 71 and I’m not sure when I’ll be motivated to run agility again.

In total it took me about a week of running roof top courses to get all the marks I needed. At my level and with full Graceful I’ve lowered my regen down just over 4 minutes so I’d say it was worth the grind. The only downside of Graceful being such a good set is that I now look like everyone else.

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