Now We’re Getting Somewhere


Our adventures in Starbound continue. Most of our last session was spent in a mining facility looking for a special crystal to fix our ship. Much to my surprise, this mining facility looked like a designed level rather than procedurally generation.

It’s a good thing we found a few weapon caches on our first planet with some decent weapons. The enemies in the mining facility were fast and hit hard if you got too close. There was a much higher enemy density too making me wish I had found some more Molotov cocktails along the way.


Much less of a surprise was the boss waiting for us at the bottom. It just felt like the kind of place a boss would be.  The fight involved pulling 4 switches and firing a gun at the bottom while dodging rays of death and spawning enemies. Typical boss things. I was rewarded with a very nice space spear that now two shots enemies on the planet we’re on.


With the ship fixed we can now travel to different planets. I distinctly remember having to fuel my ship to move around the system in Early access. That usually meant cutting down a lot of trees because we all know spaceships are wood burning! It looks like that has since been removed and we are free to move around the system. It doesn’t look like we can leave the system as the FTL drive needs fuel which is found on moons. The problem with moons is they have no atmosphere so we can’t mine them until we craft something that lets us breathe in space.

The next quest is to scan Floran objects until we find enough clues to track down a Floran artifact. What’s a floran? Glad you asked: they’re Plant People! It looks like we have to scan enough objects to trigger the next part of the quest. The problem is finding them. I assume they’re on the only other planet in the system.


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