Backlogged: Little Nightmares


Time to Finish: 3 hours

That’s right, 3 in a row finished!

To be fair here, I only had about an hour of Little Nightmares left from my previous attempt to finish the game. I’m not sure why I stopped, I probably got stuck in a room and never went back. I’m horribly impatient with things like challenging puzzles that are not retally apparent…I do give things the ole’ college try but there’s a point where I no longer feel bad for looking something up. That goes double for a game I’ve taken a 4-month break from and straight-up forgot some of the mechanics!


Things I liked:

The Setting: It’s both creepy yet wondrous. It reminds me a lot of the movie Coraline. It also has the same kinds of themes as well, like how growing up can be scary especially when we come across things we don’t understand. But where Coraline is definitely on the more whimsical side, it’s a kids movie after all, Little Nightmares sides with the creepy. And I do love creepy


The Lighting: This goes right along with the setting but I feel it is its own thing.  There’s some really great contrast between light and darkness that creates a fantastic atmosphere for a horror/suspense game. It also leads to some fantastic screenshots.

The Sounds: Little Nightmares not only puts you on edge with its stealth mechanics and chase scenes but also the sounds of the game. Traiser Studios somehow found a way to make the sounds of washing the dishes not only scary but actually revolting. How about this: Do you want to listen to the lovely sounds of people scarfing down food as fast as they can? You can get that here!


Things that could have been better:

The controls: I both loved and hated the control scheme at times. If you’re going to play this on PC I would highly recommend a controller. I have no idea how it plays with a keyboard and mouse but the controls on my PS4 controller felt really good. I especially liked how the right trigger was for grabbing objects and if you needed to hold onto an object you needed to hold down the trigger. It leads to a lot of intense moments of do I hold onto the key and make a run for the door or drop it and climb this pile of books to hide from the monster. But it also leads to times where I was trying to climb under a table and ended up pulling on it and getting captured.

20200224191003_1 - Copy

Things that didn’t fit in a nice category but were also not things I wish I knew sooner:

  • I liked this game but I didn’t love it. I didn’t get to the end and say “Wow I want more of that” So I’m going to be passing on the DLC.
  • I found myself looking up a video after trying everything I could think of. Usually, the solution was something I probably wouldn’t have thought of anyways. I completely forgot you could throw objects which lead to some frustration in a seemingly locked bathroom.
  • I still hear chewing noises when I close my eyes…thanks for that Little Nightmares.



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