Backlogged: Old Man’s Journey


Time to Finish: 103 minutes

A short post for a short game.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this. I don’t even know how this game ended up in my library. Which probably means it’s from a humble bundle of some kind. From the screenshots, it looks like some sort of point and click adventure game. But when I actually go into the game, it was more of a puzzle game, and one with a surprisingly sad story.


Things I liked:

The Length: This is not a long game and it doesn’t need to be. I found the length to be a huge bonus for the fact that I could finish this in one sitting. I was engrossed the whole time, solving puzzles to lead this man further on his journey and get a few more bits of his life story..

The Artwork: This is a beautiful game and since there are is no dialogue the visuals have to carry the story. When the story starts off everything is bright and colorful. As the story takes darker turns, the world becomes bleak and rainy.

The Sound: The soundtrack was great and each piece fit right into the scenes. I also enjoyed the sound of the sunken ships underwater when you moved them. They were oddly soothing noises.

The Puzzle Difficulty: They might be on the easier side for some but I found them to be just the right difficulty. They weren’t so easy that I solved it quickly every time but they weren’t so hard that I felt like I needed a guide to figure them out.


Things that could have been better:

The Controls: This one’s kind of nit picky but the controls bothered me at times. I know this is available on the App Store and Google Play store and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a mobile game first. Dragging the hills around seemed like it would have been better with touch controls over a mouse. I constantly found myself grabbing the wrong path. But it didn’t hinder the game too much. I’m glad I played this on PC because the colors are amazing on my monitor.


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