Trove: Even More Dragon Taming


My last long term goal in Trove was to get all of the Primordial Dragos. Since I completed that I’ve been looking into what’s next. I’m at a point where I’m working on maxing out 2 classes and don’t have the interest to put time into more right now. My shadow hunter still needs to max out his gems. My dracolyte needs a 3 star empowered water gem with the right stats. Both of them need a full set of crystal level 3 gear. All of these are hard to get excited about and work towards. There’s not much I can do for these except play the waiting game and hope for good luck with drops.

So I’ve been looking at what I can work towards as a medium-term goal. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while is to start crafting dragons that need dragon eggs. I have 6 sitting in my storage taking up valuable slots. I’ve put them on the back burner because the Primordial Dragons required all of my dragon coins for so long. There are 31 Dragons I still need to collect. These are the dragons I’m looking at crafting in the future. I’ve chosen them because I have the eggs and because they have the permanent stat boosts I want.

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment: 10% Max Health, 3% Attack Speed, 500 physical damage, 50 Magic Find
  • Yorin, the Dusk Shadow: 1000 Max Health, 10% Critical Damage, 50 Magic Find
  • Flakbeard, The Relentless: 10% Critical Damage, 1000 Max health, 50 Magic Find
  • Selene the Celestial Storm: 1000 Max Health, 1% Critical Hit, 50 Magic Find
  • Aurym, Keeper of Histories: 7% Attack Speed, 1000 Max Health, 50 Magic Find
  • Erel, The Ironbolt: 1000 Max Health, 1750 Health Regeneration, 50 Magic Find
  • Draccolatl, The Mellower: 5% Health Regeneration, 1000 Max Health, 50 Magic Find

Each of these cost 300 dragon coins and some crafting materials. If I log in every day and complete my daily star bars and 1 hourly challenge I can get up to 168 dragon coins a week plus some extra from weekly tomes. That’s about one new dragon every two weeks. That should keep logging in for a good long while.

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