Reintroducing I’m Not Squishy

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This blog is in its 4 years. I use the term year lightly as some “years” I’ve been active here for a month or 2 before disappearing. However, it is Getting to know you week for Blaugust so let’s get to know this blog.


I’m Not Squishy came in to being as the result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative in 2016. This would ultimately be the last NBI event and it would be a year or two before it was rolled into Blaugust. At the time I had been thinking of starting a blog for a long time and was inspired by what I saw in the MMO blogging community and The CRPG Addict. My original thought was to blog about MMOs and have a side project where I played through the games I owned. My backlog seemed quite big back then at 100 or so unplayed games.


If you’ve been wondering what the meaning behind the name is, I’m not sure anymore. I wanted a gaming related title for the blog and this one just came to me while at work. I’ve always played the glass cannon type characters and my friends have always yelled at me for sacrificing survivability for more damage. I thought it was a cool name at the time, these days I’m not as sold on it.


Over the years this hasn’t changed too much. I do find myself playing fewer MMOs than I thought I would. I’ve also gone through fewer games than I thought I would almost 4 years in. I was pretty active in my first year and then other projects and real-life seemed to get in the way of keeping up with the posts.


The state of this blog, as I see it now is more of a gaming blog than an MMO blog. I’ve been waiting for an MMO to grab me for some time now and nothings latched on too much. Well except Trove, but it’s hard to write about Trove on the daily, sometimes even weekly do to the repetitive nature of the game. I’m planning on focusing a little more on my self imposed backlog challenge. I’ll be focusing on my steam library instead of all systems and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to write about it. For now, I still want a place to share my gaming adventures and other interests and this is the perfect place to do it.


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