Audio Drama Sunday: Space, demons, and a little bit of magic.



Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

I’m trying out a new feature. I’ve been getting into audio dramas and audio fiction a lot over the last few months. I wanted a place to put my thoughts down on the things I’m listening to each week instead of making them separate posts like I had previously tried with Vast Horizon: Adrift. Plus, it’d be nice to have a guaranteed something to post on Sunday for Blaugust. So without further ado welcome to our new Audio Drama Sunday feature.


Vast Horizon: Adrift

S1 E6 – Bear and Bees

Faced with the reality of Poe’s death, Dr. Nolira Eck must now face her own struggle to survive. Without power and alone, she sets off to find a way to recharge her limbs, and attempts to stop herself from descending into darkness.

After last weeks emotional roller coaster of an episode, Vast Horizon returns with more action-packed audio scenes. We got a lot of back story on Norlira this week. At the same time, I was also left with more questions about her past. The last 10 minutes of this episode are absolutely amazing. Norlira finds herself at the bottom of a shaft badly injured. The acting and the sounds made this scene so immersive and heart wrenching all at the same time. I look forward to the next installment.


Calling Darkness

What happens when six women accidentally summon a Demon from the bowels of hell?

The first season of this show has already ended but I just discovered it this week. It’s a comedy horror podcast and it lives up to that. It’s funny and dark and has some fantastic voice acting and writing. In a lot of ways it reminds me of a CW show but in a good way, a bit of drama, a little spooky, and it’s played on some horror tropes in a new way. I knew after the first episode I was in to listen through the rest of the season. And was double sold after hearing David Cummings, of the No Sleep Podcast, is the executive producer of the show.

Mission To Zyxx

Ah, the reason why Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. This week the crew took a break to put the finishing touches on season three’s finally. I can’t believe we are already at the end of the season. This week we got a season 2 mailbag episode where the crew answered questions from listeners. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this to be that fun of a listens but I happily proven wrong. I was a short episode, only 22 minutes, but I wish it were longer. All the questions were answered in character and were just as funny as a normal episode. There’s a few more of these for Maximum Fun supporters, I may have to sign up for that because I want to hear more of that!

The No Sleep Podcast

This is my go-to podcast when I play Trove. I’m working my way through season4 and I’m up to episode 9. I’m glad that the intro has changed this season. The intro for season 3 included a sound clip of someone screaming and after a while, that was getting annoying. The quality of the stories is still amazing. I bought a season pass up until the end of season 5 and will gladly buy the next 3 season passes when I’ve listened thoroughly up to that point. I’ll need to keep a list of some of my favorite stories I come across in a given week if I’m going to continue with this little feature.



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