My 5 Favorite Podcast

It turns out it’s hard to write a game blog when you haven’t played any games. It’s busy season at work which has meant a lot of overtime and very little free time. It also turns out that taking one day off from writing turns into 4 days off. I’ll have to remember that one. So this Friday I’ll be channeling my inner Buzzfeed to bring you 5 of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been listening to a lot of those lately.

I’m always looking for more to listen to so if you have any suggestions let me know!

5. Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

Each week, Jason Weiser, tell folklre stories from around the world and throughout history. He puts his own spin on the stories and injects a lot of sarcastic humor which I appretiate. Each episode is around 35 minutes and at the end always features a creature of the week. I’ve always wanted to hear weird folk lore stories from around the owrld and learn about mythical creatures s this is the perfect combination.

4. Hello From the Magic Tavern

Hello From The Magic Tavern

This is an entirely improvised show about a man who falls into a portal behind a burger king to the mystical land of Foon. Instead of trying to get out he decides to host a podcast where he interviews new guests each week. He’s joined by two co-hosts, a rather inept wizard and a talking badger. I didn’t realize how much I liked improv until I listened to this. Sometimes the story can get way off tangent and some of the most rediculous things can come up in their banter. It’s a long running show that started in 2015 and is still releasing weekley. It’s perfect if you have a lot of tie and need something to binge. Each episode is about a half hour.

3. Lore


Every 2 weeks, Aaron Mahnke, digs up paranormal stories from history. It’s a little bit like Myths and Legends but with a more historical bent. If you like ghost stories and weird stories from history this is a perfect podcast. It also features great original piano scores. It’s spawned an Amazon Prime show and a few books but this is one of my favorite podcasts.

2. Massively OP Podcast

Massively OP

No surprise here that one of my top podcasts is Massively OP Podcast. I’ve been listening to this since the old Massively that was. It got me through a lot of boring days at my previous jobs. Justin and Bree do a great job about being informative and entertaining about the MMO industry.

1.Mission to Zyxx

Mission To Zyxx

Mission to Zyxx is another improv podcast though it is heavily edited it still manages to feel very improvised. I love the production value on every episode complete with sound effects and voice effects.  It’s a sci fi podcast entered around of a crew of ambassadors in the backwaters of space. The cast is amazing and their guests are always fantastic. There’s not an episode that didn’t have me laughing.

I discovered it one night when looking for something to listen to while playing Elite Dangerous. That night I think I binged half a season. I’ve listened to it a couple ties over while waiting for the next season to come out. Now that we’re on season two, Wednesdays are my new favorite day of the week.

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