One More Month of MoviePass


I decided to stick out MoviePass for another month. Last week there was news that, while the service would be only offering 3 movies a month for $10,  they would also be doing away with the surge pricing. There wasn’t any answer either way about the new release restrictions. Originally, MoviePass said any movie opening in more than 1,000 theaters would be unavailable.

GOing from 31 movies a month to 3 seems at first like a downgrade. But I rarely go to more than 4 a month. One of the reasons I kept it this month was to see if the offerings were going to be any better after August 15th, when all the changes are supposed to take place. Lately, I haven’t had any movie listings at my local theaters on the weekends and if I do, it’s one showtime for one or two movies.

It’s a bit of a gamble but I can afford to lose afford to lose $10 in case the service doesn’t get any better. I’m visiting my parents in my hometown this weekend and just checking the app I can either go see Slender Man or the Meg. It’s a good thing I like terrible horror movies, not so great if I wanted to see anything else. I don’t know how they decide which movies are available what days. When I checked yesterday, all the movie listings in the theater were available.

Once August 15th rolls around I’ll see how the new changes are. If all the showtimes and movies are continually available I might continue to pay for the service. It is only $3.33 per movies and there is a discount being offered on tickets after your third movie. My fiance already canceled so the real test will be to see how many movies I’ll actually go to by myself.

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