I’m Not Squishy: Back in the Saddle


Wow, I didn’t realize until I looked at the date on my last post that I had taken a 3 month break. I really didn’t mean to, suddenly it was the end of May! But fear not, I have returned with a vengeance. Alright, maybe not so much a vengeance, that sounds like a bit much.

I did a lot in over these last few months. Me and my friends tried our hands at Twitch streaming and Youtube shenanigans which has been quite fun. I went on a cruise in March which was quite an experience. Blue Skies, warm weather, water everywhere, it was great. Since March, I’ve been working a ton and always meaning to write a post and never quite getting around to it.

On the other hand I finally built myself a fancy PC so now I can play ALL the games. Seriously its a little overwhelming the amount of choice in games that have opened up to me. But that’s fine because there was only one game I’ve been waiting to play and that’s Guild Wars 2. And after sinking more than a few hours into it this weekend I have to say it’s been well worth the wait.



Now, I do have a level 80 character from before the expansion, so I’ve put some significant time into it already but I never felt like I was getting the full experience at 15 fps on the lowest settings. I’d like to say I don’t care about graphics, but who am I kidding I like pretty things. I made a new Sylvari Ranger and a lot has changed in terms of the new player experience since I’ve been gone. It’s like coming home though everything is a little bit familiar but I’ve forgotten enough that it’s not boring doing things over again.

I’m looking forward to finally be able to play some other games I haven’t been able to run like Wildstar, SWOTOR, even the Secret World (maintenance mode has never bothered me before). It’s always been a little weird for me following the news and development of the genre without actually being able to play the majority of the games I was interested in.

I’m really excited to get back into blogging. I’m going to try my best not to disappear for so long again. I think my little hiatus was necessarily but I miss writing so much and now I have something to write about again.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and you’ll be hearing from me again real soon.


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