The Hunt is Afoot

Part yUp.jpg

For a while I’ve been craving a hunting game. Not a Cabala’s Big Game hunter sort of game but a Monster hunting sort of game. I’ve really enjoyed the Monster Hunter series on the 3DS for a few years I bought the last 2 installments but when Monster Hunter Generations  came out just a few months ago, I wasn’t all that interested in buying it.

Don’t get me wrong, Monster Hunter is awesome, It was the reason I played the Wii so long and the only game I bought the 3DS for. What other game has you go around killing giant monsters, carving them up wearing their skin, making weapons out of their body parts, and beating up other monsters with them to repeat the cycle. I love the idea behind the games like crafting new and powerful weapons and every fight being a boss fight. But the 3DS just isn’t that great of a device to play a game like this on. The screen is really small, even the 3DS XL feels claustrophobic after a while. For a game that requires you to put in at least 15- 20 minutes per fight, playing on a small screen for a long time can get tire some. So I started looking to see if there were any of these types of games for the PS4.

I turns out that there are actually quite a few of these types of games. Unfortunately most of them are on the PSP or the PS VIta. That’s when I stumbled upon the God Eater Series. I’ve seen God Eater 2 Rage Burst (ah I love JRPG titles) on the PlayStation store for a couple of weeks and decided to watch the trailer out of boredom this weekend. It was exactly what I was looking for, monster hunter-like game on the PS4.

I’m not the type of person to run out of my house and go get a game on a whim without a little research. Apparently if I bought the physical day 1 edition of the game I would get the first game, God Eater Resurrection, as well.t seemed like a really good deal 2 games for $60, so I drove down to the local Gamestop and picked it up. I’m actually glad I got the physical edition the case art looks so cool!

Right now I’m about 3 hours into God Eater Resurrection and loving every minute of it. It’s really scratching that hunting itch. I’ll write more about it once I’m further into the game.


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