Back to the Backlog One Game at a Time


I haven’t actually beaten a game in a few months. I think the last game I’ve played all the way through was Tengami in June. Part of the reason is it was a busy summer and the other part is that I can never seem to stick with a game very long. I like plaing he beginning and then somewhere through the middle I walk away from a game intending to return and then never do. By the time I want to play it again I’ve forgotten where I was in the story or how to play and end up starting it again and the cycle continues.

Unepic is one of these games that I really enjoy playing and have gotten a few hours in and walked away coming back almost a year later and having no idea how to play. I picked it back up again this week. There’s something about the art style and the game play that are really hooking me in right now and it has a great sense of humor.

The whole idea of my personal backlog challenge was to play more of the games I own all the way through. Now that things are slowing down in real life I think I’ll get back to playing through my steam library. Though I had a system of playing games from the shortest playtime to the longest I have no interest right now in playing any of my games on deck.

I’ve always been a little envious of people who played single titles for a long time, really getting their money’s worth out of a game. I’m trying my hand at the whole one game at a time thing or as close to it as I can with Final Fantasy 14 in the mix. But I want to avoid the trapping of playing games to play them.Sometimes I get this way with books where it becomes more about finishing it and checking it off the list than actually getting into the story. I want to beat the games in my backlog while actually enjoying what I’m playing and appreciating it.


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