Dinging 50

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Last Sunday, right as my free time in Final Fantasy 14 was coming to a close, I hit 50 on my white mage. It was a weekend full of running Stone vigil more times than I care to count to hit 49. I wanted to be able to continue and maybe finish the Main Scenario and it’s a long gap between 46 and 49.

I’m actually glad it worked out so well, I didn’t think it would. When I logged back on Thursday my White Mage’s was level 44, a lot lower than I thought I left him. Every time I ran my daily roulette the bonus either leveled me up or nearly leveled me up. Running Stone Vigil so many times showed me the good and the bad of the Duty Finder. I ran into everything from helful chatty groups, to disconnecting tanks, to DPS’s pulling aggro, and of course the bickering between hot headed party members. But it was all good fun. I love healing in this game and didn’t run into too much trouble in the Duty Finder.

After hitting 49 I ran as many of the Main Scenario Quests as I could. The story was just getting good and building up to a climax when I got the dreaded red text saying I couldn’t complete the quest until I was level 50. It was late Sunday night, I was 3/4ths of the way to level 50 and I was tired of running dungeons. So I decided to check out the Yo-Kai Watch event and see how much  experience that would give me. 10 fates and Yo-Kai medals later I dinged 50 and could no longer gain experience.

After this weekend, I see rresubbing and purchasing Heavensward in m near future. I really want to see how the story will end for 2.0. Plus I just discovered the Golden Saucer and that seems like a whole game itself. There’s so much left to see aand do in the game and this weekend reminded me why I played it so much in the first place. But hey, I guess that’s the point of these free even’s right? I

2 thoughts on “Dinging 50

  1. Aywren August 10, 2016 / 10:53 am

    Congrats on your level 50!

    Just a warning (in case no one has told you) about the final two dungeons in the 2.0 series. These two are a part of a roulette, and folks are probably going to rush through it an not give you time to watch the story cutscenes. It’s a bummer.

    Now, you can always watch the cutscenes later in your inn room, but it takes a bit out of the story if you ask me. Or, if you have a Free Company or other folks to help you out, you can ask around and see if anyone will run it with you and let you watch the cutscenes.

    We do these dungeons (unsynced if we have to) with our new level 50 folks in our FC if they ask to see the story. You’ll be rewarding other people with bonus tomes anyhow.

    This really boiled down to bad dungeon design (putting important story in the middle of a farmed dungeon), and FFXIV learned their lesson from it. They’ve never done this since… so this is the only time you’ll have to deal with it. I just like to warn folks before they get to these dungeons, all fired up, only get disappointed because teams leave them behind for watching cutscenes (I had to watch my cutscenes in the inn room, myself).


    • Kluwes August 11, 2016 / 11:56 am

      I’ve ended up watching most of the dungeon cutscene in the inn. Your right it’s just not the same, there’s kind of a disconnect watching after the fact. Some of the times it makes the dungeon make so much more sense like “Oh thats why we’re doing this”.


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