Bunny Day has Arrived


Over the past two weeks, I’ve been slowly working towards crafting all of the Bunny Day recipes for Animal Crossing. Lately, the main bottleneck has been water eggs. I felt like I was getting more eggs than fish during the first few days of the event but I’ve been hard-pressed to find them this week. My wife, on the other hand, has been catching 3 or 4 water eggs in a row. Go figure…

This morning, I went down to the plaza to see Zipper Right out the gate, he tells me that I can trade him three of the same type of egg for one egg that I need. Which means I finally had a use for the 60 or so Leaf Eggs I’ve accumulated and didn’t need to worry about the water eggs. Zipper also mentioned that I don’t need to craft any of the recipes I discovered myself. That would have been nice to know in the beginning so I didn’t throw all my eggs into the eggshell outfits. At least they sold for some bells so it’s not all bad.


I only had 3 more recipes to make including the Bunny Day Arch from Zipper. Unfortunately, Zipper only trades one egg at a time so I spent a good 5 minutes running through the same dialog to get all of the eggs I needed. After crafting everything, Zipper threw in one more recipe, a Wobbling Zipper Toy. It looks just like Zipper, lifeless eyes and all.

After crafting the toy, Zipper gives me a DIY recipe for a Bunny Day wand. After some research, it turns out the Bunny Day wand isn’t any different from the other wands which store 8 outfits and let you quickly swap between them. I would have made one but they require the Wobbling Zipper Toy and I like the toy more than the wand. Could I make another toy after making the wand? Sure but then I’d have to spend even more time trading eggs which I don’t have a desire to.


Earlier, I said that Bunny Day wasn’t a bad event and I still stand by that. I enjoyed tracking down eggs and crafting the recipes over the last two weeks. Most of the recipies were not worth keeping but they sold for a decent chunk of bells. I ended up keeping the Bunny Day Clock, The Bunny Day Rug, and the Bunny Day Backpack. I’m keeping the Wobbling Zipper Toy too. It’s just creepy enough that I think it’s funny to have at my house for a while. I’m a bit disappointed the final reward wasn’t a Bunny Ear hat, or even better, a Zipper hat but I’ll take the toy as a consolation prize.

Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled activities of paying off loans and accumulating a horde of furniture and clothes!

Alone Together in Animal Crossing

For the last 2 weeks, we’ve been playing Animal Crossing every day. Between my wife and our little island is coming along nicely. We’ve just built the tailor shop and a campsite and are currently working on paying for another bridge.

Animal Crossing’s local multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired.  For one, the first character created is the only one who can progress the island. It’s like Tom Nook is too good to talk to anyone but me which is frustrating because at this point my wife plays more than I do. I and she would love if we could both be the Resident Representative. We’ve been taking turns placing buildings and choosing infrastructure to work on but it would be nice if her account could initiate these things instead of waiting for me. What bothers me is the dialog for a lot of these options says all residents can chip in. But by all residents, they mean me because he refuses to talk about it with anyone else…

And then there’s the “two-player” option. It’s there, it’s an option, but it’s not a great option. All the second player can do is collect things that go to a recycling box. They can’t access their pocket, they can’t talk to anyone, they can’t interact with anyone. It’s like when you gave your younger sibling a controller and said: “Look you’re playing now too.” We were playing this way for a while but now we just play on our own because it’s not fun to be the follower. Thankfully, switching the leader is as easy as shaking the controller. We now use this feature to trade DIY recipes we don’t have or materials that Nook needs.

In other news, Leopold moved on to our island. There was no choice in this. Tom Nook demanded it! Neither my wife or I cared for Leopold’s attitude or Nook’s master plan to lure a celebrity to our island by filling it up with residents so we’ve placed Leopold’s house on a ladder accessible area without an incline. We’re hoping we’ve banished him from the town for the time being. Only time will tell if he’s able to get down from there.