January 2021 Goals

As far as I’m concerned, January is the actual start of winter. There aren’t any holidays to look forward to, it’s cold, and, at least here in Cleveland, it’s grey skies until May. But at least 2020 is over right? Here’s to hoping for a better year to come!

December Goal 2020 Wrap Up

I played more Trove this month than I was planning and was able to get two additional Dragons. I’m actually surprised I was able to get enough dragon coins for 3 dragons this month. That’s 900 dragon coins…I got real lucky on daily dragon caches to say the least. I crafted A.T.M.O.S – D-R4C which was a new dragon released this month. I also crafted Tannenbomber, The Harbinger of Tidings mostly because the winter event was going on and it’s the only way to get the crafting materials. I figured I ‘d get the materials at least but ended up with the whole dragon!

Complete the Moonwing Dragon: Got the Aura, got the dragon, and that’s the last Dragon Soul Dragon I needed to complete the badges.

Craft Typhandir, the Sundered Sheild: I was a bit worried about this one. Typhandir takes Chaos Cores to craft and so does Charl the Chaos Dragon which was released this month. You can only get Charl’s fragments from Corruxion who’s in the hub every 2 weeks and you can only buy 10 at a time. So I bought the first 10 and then realized I was short for Typhandir. When you’re looking for chaos cores they seem to be in short demand….luckily, through chaos chests I was able to scrounge up the remaining cores and craft this dragon. Now time to save up cores for Charl.

Craft Shaoran, Sage of the Eastern Ranges: This one was easy since he didn’t need any dragon coins. The Sagely Blue Scales are found in the Forbidden Spires biome from world bosses and dungeon bosses. It was a matter of running around normal U-9 worlds and finding the right biomes on to get the rest of the fragments.

Get into Shadowlands: Nope this did not happen. I did get my mage to level 44 but haven’t gotten much further. I’m don’t regret buying Shadowlands. I kind of figured this would happen but it’s there when I have the WoW itch again

Continue playing through The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky: Technically yes, I played more of this than I thought. 4 hours this month so I did continue it but it isn’t my main game. That’s thanks to CyberPunk 2077 coming out this month. I’m still interested in finishing it though.

January 2021 Goals

Complete Cyberpunk 2077: Currently I’m in Act 2 and have about 30 hours in the game. I’ve been splitting my time between this and a few other games recently but I would like to put more of a focus on completing this game this month. I’m not sure how much longer I have and depending on how much side content I want to do this is going to be quite a large goal.

Finish Athena’s Zone in Immortals: Fenyx Rising: I picked this game up in the Epic Store winter sale and have been playing it heavily. I already have about 20 hours into it and just finished up Aphrodite’s zone. I want to pull back from it a bit this month to leave more time for Cyberpunk so I’ll focus on just completing Athena’s zone this month.

Craft Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents: I don’t plan on playing a lot of Trove this month but I do plan on logging in every week and filling up my Dragon Coin Tomes and buying dragon coins with whatever cubits I get doing that. I already have the fragments so as long as I can get the dragon coins I need this will be a pretty low effort goal.

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