Cyberpunk 2077: Quick Impressions

I was on the fence about buying Cyberpunk 2077 after reading some initial reviews. It’s a buggy mess they said, it doesn’t run well, it doesn’t liv up to the hype. But Wednesday morning I found my pressing purchase on Steam. Honestly, I wanted to see the bugs before they got patched out…I’m weird like that sometimes

I wasn’t super hyped for this release, I kept myself in the dark for the most part. I was excited about a AAA cyberpunk setting but other than that I didn’t have a lot of expectations. In a lot of ways, this is the No Man’s Sky launch all over again. Except we don’t have Sean Murray spouting off vague tweets about whether or not there’s multiplayer. But just like No Man’s Sky, the internet is up in arms and I’m sitting over here, 6 hours in, having a grand old time.

I haven’t encountered a ton of bugs so far. The worst one has been getting locked into the scanner in the middle of the tutorial. I had to reload the game but wasn’t set too far back. This happened a second time out in the world and pressing Caps Lock seems to have fixed it. I also found one NPC T-Posing in the first few scenes of the game. Other than that, nothing game breaking, not even that immersion breaking for me.

As far as performance, It runs fine at High on my PC. I’m rocking a 1060 and while I don’t think I’m getting a constant 60fps I’m not noticing significant frame rate drops. I also don’t have a counter going, I won’t be able to get new hardware for a while so why torture myself? Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

A friend suggested turning Cascaded Shadows Range and Cascaded Shadows Resolution to medium to improve performance. After doing this it’s been a smoother experience so far. Also, turning off Film Grain will make everything look sharper. With it on everything looked a bit fuzzy to me.

I’ve been enjoying my time so far. Is it the greatest game ever made? Probably not, but it’s a solid game with a solid story and it’s pretty to look at. I don’t need much more than that!

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