Runelite: The OSRS Client I Didn’t Know I Needed.

I’ve decided to start up and try out Old School Runescape again. I had previously made an effort to play earlier this year and bounced pretty hard off of it. I meant to write a post about it but never got around to it. This time, I was told by a friend that if I was going to play OSRS I really should use the Runelite Client.

Runelite is a third party, open source, client for OSRS that adds a ton of quality of life features to the game. I haven’t had a chance to dig into a lot of them and some of them may not even be relevant for me until later. My favorite so far is the XP Tracker. It’s simple, a bar that shows how far you are in a level and a tracker that displays XP/hr and how many actions are left until the next level. If I’m being honest, this is the thing that’s hooked me back into the game. Watching numbers go up is one of my favorite things in gaming.

There’s also the Skill Calculator which shows you how many actions you would need to perform to achieve a desired level. There’s the Grand Exchange tab where you can search an item and see the average price on the exchange. There’s the World Hopper that will let you sort not only by player number and region but also ping. There’s also a screenshot button to take screenshots easily which will automatically take screen shots of completed quests and levels up too.

Runelite comes with a ton of plugins that add a ton of information to the game as well. Looking through these plugins there is a ton that Runelite’s doing out of the box that’s not in the actual game. Simple things like overlays on fishing spots that tell you what kind of fish are there, adding additional information to the World Map, showing hit points of enemies you’re fighting, showing item stats and prices in your inventory, and labeling items on the ground. There are plenty more and even a plugin hub for player created plugins.

I’ve been playing Old School Runescape pretty much every day this week and I do not feel like I’m bouncing off of it this time. I know part of that is fueled by nostalgia but the QoL improvements Runelite brings to the table help me stay engaged with the game. So if you’re thinking about trying out Old School Runescape I would recommend using Runelite.

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