Easily Swayed


WoWScrnShot_090719_103411.jpgIt’s that time of year again where I’m seeing lots of talk of World of Warcraft. Every time this comes around I end up logging in and playing through the 20 level trial and it’s usually enough to sate my interest. There was that time last year when I actually subbed to play around on WoW Classic. Which didn’t last very long

But generally, I hear about it, I have this intense desire to play. I play it and then I move on. I never get too deep into it and I never stick with it for very long. But here I am again, thinking about updating the launcher and run through the first 20 levels again.

This isn’t the only game I do this with. It happens all the time, especially with games that I already own but haven’t played in a while. This morning, I was listening to the Massively OP Podcast, and Guild Wars 2 was a big topic of discussion. I uninstalled Guild Wars 2 last year because it was eating up a lot of space and I hadn’t logged in in over a year. But all o a sudden, hearing good things about it made me want to download it and jump back in.

Part of the reason I’m playing Starbound again is that I have a friend who’s super excited about it. Part of the reason I even considered purchasing Hunt: Showdown or GTFO was because the people around me were so excited about it. I started playing Black Desert after talking to a co-worker who was gushing about it for weeks.

I don’t get hyped up from trailers or gameplay videos. I get excited hearing about other people being excited. That’s why I’ll read blogs about games I’ve never played and have no personal interest in playing. It’s why I tend to continue writing the “here’s what happened” blog posts.  It’s why I prefer blogs over all the other gaming media out there.

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