Home Sweet Home

Today I’m officially moving into my first house!

We started looking in January, found a house at the beginning of February, and have been going through the long process that is buying real estate. It’s a weird time to move, that’s for sure, but as long as I’m going to stuck at home I won’t mind being stuck inside with more space.

We’ve been living in apartments since we graduated from college 6 years ago. We’ve moved 4 times in those 6 years and I’m sure looking forward to staying in a place for longer than 2 years. We’ve been in our current apartment for about that long and when we were packing this week I kept thinking “Didn’t we just do this?”

It wasn’t until this week when we signed all the paperwork that it hit me that we actually bought a house. The process has taken so long that it didn’t seem real. Now, I’m super excited to get in there, decorate, and not have to worry about neighbors below us! I will admit, it’s a little scary though. Now when things break I’m going to have to fix them instead of calling maintenance. Good thing Youtube exists!

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