Getting Strange with the Strange Brigade


20190721004632_1.jpgThe Strange Brigade is one of my new favorite multiplayer games. My group has played it a few times over the last month and it has quickly become a group favorite as well. It’s like multiplayer Tomb Raider set in 1930’s Egypt. We haven’t gotten very far, the missions are quite long and usually, we only have time for one or two before one of us has to log off for the night.

Actually, we bought it because we thought it was going to be a lot like Killing Floor 2. I didn’t really like Killing Floor 2 all that much but others in my group have played the game nonstop for years. I liked the look of the setting more in this game. Truth be told we haven’t played the horde mode yet.


As it turns out though it has a fun story. I wouldn’t say it’s a great story so far, big bad gets released and is going to take over the world sort of thing, but it has been super fun to play through. The narrator is absolutely the most stand out aspect of the game full of 1930s-Esque quips. Also puns about the strange brigade, lots of puns.


The core gameplay revolves around solving puzzles and shooting zombie mummies. Ya, I might be tired of zombies by now but these are MUMMY zombies, a whole new breed. Also giant scorpions, but mostly mummies. The puzzles are great because they can be done solo but it’s much better to figure them out as a group. There are secrets to collect, a treasure to unlock, more guns to slay your enemies, and there are also ceramic cats to shoot. The narrator is quick to congratulate you on each cat statue destroyed, he evidently does not enjoy felines.

I’m looking forward to putting more time into this game. It’s been a while since the group had a game all members actually liked. Now if we could all coordinate our schedules better we’d have more time to play!


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