Double Dipping: Buying games more than once

img_20180805_153750.jpgThis weekend I picked up No Man’s Sky on PC after having a ton of fun with it earlier in the week on PS4. It was on sale for $30 which was just in the right price range for me to justify getting it again. I was put off by how poorly it was running on my original PS4 and by how small the text was on my TV. I’m not sure if it was always like this or if I’ve just been spoiled by PC games now.  I also thought it would play better with a keyboard and mouse; so far it has.

I don’t normally buy games more than once with the rare occasion that I get one in a Humble Bundle. I also don’t really go for the remastered or Game of the Year editions either. Over the years though there have been a handful of titles that I’ve bought on different systems for one reason or another.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Monster Hunter World hits PC this week and I’ve been debating on whether or not I want to get it. So I thought I’d share some games that I have bought multiple times in the past.

Borderlands 2

I own Borderlands 2 on PS3, PS4, and PC. The funny thing is I don’t even like borderlands that much. I bought it for PS3 because it was $10 and me and Greg were suppose to play it together but we never got around to it. Then the Handsome Jack Collection came out for PS4 and we both bought that because it was 2 games in one with all the DLC. We played a lot of it but still haven’t finished it because I got burnt out on it. Finally, I own it on PC because it was part of a Humble Bundle where I wanted some other games in that tier.

Diablo 3

I bought Diablo 3 on whim when I had the itch to play an ARPG and I found out that my college laptop could run it. This was a bit after launch back before Loot 2.0 when drop rates were terrible and there was still the Auction House. I ended up buying the expansion as well when it came out and put a ton of time into it. Sometime between graduating from college and buying a PS4 I had lost my battlenet account credentials that I had bought Diablo 3 with. So I bought Diablo 3 for PS4 and I have to say that I liked it even more on that platform. I also got a couple friends to get it too and we played it heavily for about a year. To this day it’s still the only game I’ve gotten a platinum trophy for on PS4.


Final Fantasy XIV

Yet another game I bought on PS4 because I didn’t have a PC that could handle it. Actually now that I think about it, I bought it on PS3 first before I owned a PS4. I was super excited that there was a full blown MMO on consoles and that it worked well with a controller. At the time there was not as many free to play MMOs on consoles as there are now. Once I got a PS4 I ended up upgrading to the PS4 version and picking up Heavensward. While I beat the original A Realm Reborn content I still haven’t gone into the second expansion. One day I saw that the PC version was on sale with all 3 expansions and jumped on it just to see how it was on PC. I go back to it every once and a while. I really like that the accounts are cross platform so that one day when my friends want to play on PS4 again I can still play with them from my PC.


The Elder Scrolls Online

I picked up a physical copy of ESO for $5 at a Gamestop. I played it for a while and was really enjoying it. So when I wanted to get the DLC’s I found it was cheaper to get a digital bundle that was on sale that included the base game too. I ended up giving my physical copy to a friend so that we could play together. Then I forgot to pause my Humble Bundle subscription one month and ended up getting the base game on PC. This is one of the only games I enjoyed a lot more on PS4 than PC. If I ever get back into it it’ll be on PS4 for sure.

Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning

This is one of my favorite PS3 games. This one game is why I still keep my PS3 in the closet in case I want to play it. I bought it on PC during a sale once because I’ve come to the realization that I’m too lazy to hook up my PS3 again and the PC version came with all the DLC I never played.

Destiny & Battlefield 4

For a couple months Destiny was my main game. I missed the upgrade window by the time I got a PS4 and had to buy it again to continue playing. The same thing happened with Battlefield 4. Luckily, I was able to pick up both disks fairly cheap.


Are there any games that you’ve bought more than once?






4 thoughts on “Double Dipping: Buying games more than once

  1. Rakuno August 6, 2018 / 11:28 am

    I usually don’t double dip. But I do make exceptions from time to time. The only I can remember off the top of my head is Yakuza 0. I bought it for the PS4 months ago then when it was announce for PC I was on the fence for a time if I should buy it or not. In the end I decided to pre-order it for the extra bonuses, like the digital manga, the wallpaper and so on.


  2. Jeromai August 6, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    I tend to end up repeating some games on iPad and PC, or Android and PC, though I try pretty hard to not overlap the Android phone games with the iPad games. Sometimes I find something I like on the PC and want to play it on the go; or I find it as a mobile game and decide it might be worth adding to my PC collection once I see it on Steam sale for 75% off – more the former.

    I’ve repeated Her Story, Legend of Grimrock, some gamebook adventures from Tin Man Games or Inkle, some tower defence games like Kingdom Rush and so on. I do try to wait for a discount on the appropriate platform so that it doesn’t feel like I’m double-paying.


  3. DDOCentral August 6, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    Yes, I have bought ‘Planescape: Torment’ three times! I bought the original game once for a few dollars, then the enhanced version of the game on GOG on sale when it was first published, and finally again on Steam a few months ago during a deep discount sale. I bought the Steam version because I wanted the Steam Achievements which are not available when installed the game from GOG.

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