This Week in Screenshots: Dragons, Fortresses, and Gnomes

I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while because there are a lot of screenshots that don’t make it into posts or their isn’t a whole lot to be said about them except this turned out pretty cool. Plus it’s Saturday and I don’t normally blog on the weekends.

I’ve always taken a lot of screenshots. Mostly for my own amusement or to share with friends. I find that games look a lot different when their not in motion and sometimes you can get some interesting shots.



Tales of Zestiria

I beat this game this week and these are some of my favorite shots from the end of the game.





7 Days to Die

We wrapped up our second campaign last week my turning on creative mode and turning the umber of zombies per horde to max. The first one is our completed base with lots of blade traps, turrets, and spikes. The second is the aftermath of day 700 horde night. We were not prepared. In fact there was so much lag at the end the game kept crashing every few minutes and I’d have to invite my friend Greg back in.




World of Warcraft

I did my annual tour of the WoW free trial with a Gnome priest. Still debating if I want to invest any more time into it.


One thought on “This Week in Screenshots: Dragons, Fortresses, and Gnomes

  1. atherenlightrunner August 4, 2018 / 11:04 am

    I like the peek into games I’m not familiar with. Screenshots are pretty perfect for giving you a sense of the gameplay.


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