June Goals in Review

Backlog Goals

✔ Complete 5 game 

This one was pretty easy as all of them were 2 hours or shorter. My favorite out of the 5 I played and beat this month was Tengami a point and click puzzle game with a beautiful art style. I still have to write up a post about it.

Diablo 3 Goals

I didn’t actually play Diablo ass much as I thought I would this month. Right at the beggining of the month me and a few friends were streaming it twice a week. We stopped doing that about half way through the month and I lost interest in playing it after I got the Platinum Trophy.

Paragon Level 400

I made it to 384 this month up from 350.

Level 45 Greater Rift

I was able to get to 43 (up from 40) just narrowly on the last day of the month.

✔ Solo Torment Level 9

I can quite comfortably do nephalim rifts on Torment level 9 without dying every 30 seconds.

✔ Platinum the Game

I’m actually still pretty excited that I finally did this. For now it will be my one and nly Platinum Trophy on my PSN account





One thought on “June Goals in Review

  1. Aywren July 1, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    Woo! Congrats on meeting goals and getting close to finishing others!


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